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Mainstream Music

This section contains contacts that are willing to listen to the mainstream genres of music - Pop, Twee, Rock, Rock & Roll, Indie Rock, Acoustic Rock, Light Alternative etc. Many of these reviewers are willing to listen to any style of music.

North America
United States

1/2 Creeper
A simple publication that features music of ALL styles!

181.4 Degrees from the Norm
Dave Reid
The Net's freshest music magazine!

33 rebellions per minute
Brian Block
Detailed, enthusiastic album reviews. Thoughtful, tuneful, eccentric music given preference.

Promotes bands that deserve the exposure. Bands can email us to be put up on the site. The site also includes news, tablature, interviews and much more.

67 Throw STREET High
If you're in a band we want your demo/cd/tape/record for review in the zine and we also would like to interview any bands that would like to be interviewed!!

A Boy and His Pet Heart

A&R Observer

Aaron Poehler's Music Journalism Archives
Huge archive of reviews/articles--writer for Flipside, TailSpins & EYE.

Access to the Music Zone (AMZ)

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
Rod Tijerina
Specializing in Classical Crossover and Acoustic Intrumentals.

Addicted to Noise

Agree to Disagree
Andy Gronberg

Aiding & Abetting
Jon Worley

Alan Haber's Pure Pop

Al's Review Archive
We place an editorial emphasis on indie artists and labels and try to promote their efforts at every chance.

Altar Native
Omar Perez

Alternate Music Press (AMP)
Arabella Clauson

American Feed


The Angry Thoreauan
Reverend Randall Tinear

Anti-Elitist Audio Zine
Review webzine for DIY artists and bands.

Atlanta Journal

Atomic Chaser

Atrophy Zine

Auburn Plainsman

Anthony Henderson

Aumnibus A place for amateur music critics to publish opinions about music they are excited about. Music that might not be mainstream, but deserves recognition and word-of-mouth promotion.
Matt Schild

We review anything, anyone, anywhere, and any place we feel like reviewing. We welcome recordings (and everything else) from major labels and independent labels, as well as individual artists and bands ...but we will actually review just about anything that is sent our way.

Richard Sutcliffe
We try and review every MP3 that we receive.

Mike Stahl
Demos are reviewed for Band of the Week honors.

Bangin' and Screamin'

A bi-monthly, internationally distributed publication devoted primarily to the pop, melodic rock, and roots rock musical genres. Amplifier has become a recognized source of all that's melodic and rocks.

BEEF: the meat

Belladonna Journal
Karen Kopacz

Big Orange Crayon
Nick Karpowicz
An indie pop/rock zine run by a kid named Nick.

Big Takeover
Jack Rabid All of the CDs we review and the artists we interview are chosen because one of our writers or editors had a strong interest in the subject or the person. We approach all of this with a very real passion. We're certainly open to interviewing you about your music.

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