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The Rockabilly Days

At the age of 17, Narvel Felts won his high school talent contest in Bernie, Missourri and became one of the first among the great Rockabilly stars. The songs on this page are an introduction into Narvel's beginning years and that wonderful era of Rockabilly.

Tell Me CD Did You Tell Me (You Don't Care)

On January 23, 1957 Narvel's first studio recording, "Did You Tell Me" was done while Roy Orbison, Harold Jenkins (later to be known as Conway Twitty), and Johnny Cash were in the studio. This was the only the start of a long road of success for Narvel. It's been a winding road, but he's not nearly at the end of it. There are miles yet to be paved and traveled.

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Kiss-A-Me Baby

First record to be released in 1957


1959 - "Genavee" was the first recorded falcetto which became Narvel's "trademark" 16 years later in 1975.

RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, Tn.
Scott City, Mo. 1958

Three Thousand Miles

1959 - Turned down by Mercury Records, Hi Records felt Three Thousand Miles would be a smash. It became Narvel's first charted hit reaching #90 on the charts. After it made the charts, Mercury Records sent Narvel a magazine with "Three Thousand Miles" circled in the chart saying, "Narvel, we obviously missed on this one."

Honey Love

"Honey Love" followed "Three Thousand Miles" and was the most successful record of this era (1959/1960)

St. Louis, Mo Feb. 1957

Darlin' Sue

This song had the feel of Narvel's music in 1975

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Memphis Days CD        Hi Records Era 1959-1973

CD-Radio Rockabillies        At Rollin Rock


Rockabilly HOF Certificate

Narvel was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame October of 1997. RHOF gives you the full story, as told by Narvel himself, of his beginning years.

The next phase of Narvel's career led him back to his roots, country music. Follow the links below as the saga of a legend continues.

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