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News From Narvel 2017

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L. V. Bryant

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July 29th I did a concert at the Midwest Country Theater in Sandstone, Minnesota. A comfortably full theater of fans and friends welcomed me to the stage. They blessed me with standing ovations after "Reconsider Me" and "Danny Boy" then again at the end of my show. I was backed my Maria Rose, Danny Elswick and the Midwest Country Band. They did a wonderful job!

A long autograph line awaited me. They were from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Arkansas and North Dakota. I wish I'd had more time to visit with my friends Wink and Diane Luitjens, Manley and Wade Olsen and Mile Bleese. I appreciate Kathy Jensen for continuing to book me there since 2003. I appreciate Joe Jensen for continuing to put songs by me in the Midwest Country TV Show. I made the 1,672 mile round trip drive all by myself.

<------- Narvel, Bev Rose, Danny Elswick & wife Maria Rose (2012)
                Photos courtesy of Jerry and Bev Mackey


There's a highway with my name on it...
Hmmm.. there's a song in there somewhere..


June 3rd I played my annual concert at the Rodgers Theater in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. A good crowd welcomed me to the stage. I was introduced by Cousin Carl from KWKZ 106.1 from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The manager of the theater was Brent Davis (whose band The Moon Pies had opened and featured Fincey Watkins, The Rockabilly Kid. Brent brought to the stage from the Missouri House of Representatives, Steve Cookson and from the Missouri Senate, Billy Pat Wright. They each read a law that has been passed naming a portion of business highway 25 through downtown Malden, Missouri - Narvel Felts Highway. What An Honor!!

The audience was receptive during my show. Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. My family members present were: our daughter Stacia and her husband Danny, my sister Ogareeda and husband Walter and niece Lecia and fiancÚ Richard. The long distance travelers were Svein Sorlie and three of his friends all the way from Norway!

A long autograph line awaited. Through it came some of my class mates from Bernie High School.



Tell Me CD
On January 23, 1957 Narvel's first studio recording, "Did You Tell Me" was done while Roy Orbison, Harold Jenkins (later to be known as Conway Twitty)  and Johnny Cash were in the studio

Order "Did You Tell Me" Here


May 20th I headlined the Hemsby Rock 'n Roll Weekender in Hemsby, England. It was a sell out. Gene Gambler and the Shufflers did a great job backing me. The Roommates joined us with their great backing vocals on four of my songs. After my closing song, "Did You Tell Me" the audience blessed me with an encore. A long autograph line awaited; through it came fans from across the UK and from as far away as France, Holland and Greece. It was great seeing friends I hadn't seen in in years.

May 28th I did a concert at the Isle Casino in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. it was a sell out. Cousin Carl from KWKZ Pure Country introduced me on stage. Double Edge did a great job backing me. After my closing song, "An Evening Prayer" the Audience blessed me with a standing ovation and an encore. A long autograph line awaited. Through it came fans and friends from across Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas and Alabama, It was great seeing all of them, Some of them first saw me in the 50s.

In England I mostly did my Rock-a-Billy records from the 50s but sprinkled in some of my country hits from the 70s, In Missouri I mostly did my country hits from the 70s but sprinkled in some of my Rock-a-Billy from the 50s.


Narvel's Newly Released CD, "Now Is The Hour"
Cover Photo by Leonard Fulbright
Songs listed here



I didn't do a show in March nor will I in April though in May I'll be in England for a show at Hemsby on the 20th. On May 28th I'll be in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. June 3rd I'll be in Poplar Bluff, Missouri and July 29th I'll be in Sandstone, Minnesota. I also have shows later in the year. Please check my Show Dates page for details.

April 1st would have been our son, Bub's 53rd birthday. He was 31 when a car accidently took his life. Mine and Loretta's 55th wedding anniversary will be April 30th.
My CD, "Now is the Hour", released in 2016 is available by sending $20 US Dollars to:
Narvel Felts Enterprises, Malden, MO, 63863 USA
I hear songs from it often on quite often on KWKZ 106.1 from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Loretta has now recovered from her terrible fall last August 27th.



Johnny Cash, Narvel Felts and Roy Orbison
hanging out together at the 1957 DJ Convention in Nashville

Many thanks to Trevor Cajiao of "Now Dig This" magazine.
The photo is copyrighted to Getty Country Music Hall of Fame
 and Museum


I hope Christmas was good to you and yours and this New Year 1017 is kind to you. Loretta is much better. We've reached a new normal in our home.

January 23rd was the 60th Anniversary of my first in studio recording session at the Sun Studio in Memphis with my band "The Rockets". Along with Jack Clement and Sam Phillips, others around the studio that day were Conway Twitty, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis. That day we recorded, "Did You Tell Me", "Lonely River", Cry Baby Cry", Foolish Thoughts" and "Lonesome Feeling".

Final Farewell to some who played a part in my music career: Jerry Mercer who gave me my first full time job as a featured singer and musician in his band in 1956 when I was 17. Tommy Allsup who played tic tac bass on my breakthrough country hit, "Drift Away" in 1973. Mentor Williams who wrote "Drift Away". Hoot Hester who played fiddle on my recording "Don't Do It Darling". R.I.P.