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There have been those crowned as the "King of Ballads"; Joe Diffie and Doug Stone.. just to name two. Now we can add Zona Jones to the list and he's right up there on the same level with all the "Lords of Songs".. or at least he should be right up there!

The son of Texas ranchers Gene and Gini Jones, Zona and his sisters were encouraged by their parents to pursue a collidascope of interests while growing up making education the #1 priority. He played football, went to church regularly, and enrolled in Wayco's Baylor University. At that point in time, he had his sites on becoming a football player but his many injuries quieted that idea fairly quickly.

Zona Jones

Being raised in Texas where hardcore country music is more than a style.. it's a way of life, Zona and his college buddies put together a band, "Swing West" and began to play around town, They did very well playing in the area hot spots. After passing the bar (the legal one, that is) he ended up in Beaumont, TX. The secretaries in the law office heard about his great voice and urged him to perform at one a famous clubs called "Cutters" and the gals quickly became the first of his many fans.  Needless to say, he was also following in the boot heels of some of the top Texas country stars such as Mark Chesnutt, Tracy Byrd and Clay Walker. Zona staged his debut at the nearby Armadillo club on July 30, 1993. Soon they were playing the regional hot spots, "Get Down Brown's", "Phaz II", "Bourbon Street" as well as "Cutter's".   After Clay Walker left the Neon Armadillo club, Zona and "Swing West" became the house band.

Within two years of his stage debut, Zona Jones was set to follow his predecessors to Nashville. In 1995 he was signed to a "development deal" by Warner Bro. Records, but after two years of song searches and studio experiments, the label deemed he was "too country" and decided not to add him to the roster. The tale goes on with a lot of interesting twists, all of which led him to work with the famed producer, Byron Gallimore (Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Jo Dee Messina, Phil Vassar and many more). Byron helped Zona to refine his sound during the Warner years. When Zona began work on "Harleys & Horses" in 1999, he recruited the producer to craft its first four tracks.

I could go on and on about Zona's transition from a Texas lawyer to a Nashville recording artists but hey, you can read all about that in his bio... I do believe y'all are here to hear about the music... am I right? :)

It took more than 2 1/2 years to complete "Harleys & Horses"... the 10th anniversary of Zona Jones' stage debut in Beaumont.

The wait was well worth it and hearing the music, you can tell there was blood, sweat, heart and soul poured into this project. The title song, written by Zach Turner and Tim Nichols (of "Turner and Nichols" songwriting/singing duo) sounds like Zona's biography. And for those of you who may think 13 is an unlucky number, think again! Zona's newly released CD, "Harleys & Horses" is filled with 13 traditional country songs reaching every range of your heartbeat... be it love-lorn or honky tonkin', there's a song for everyone, and I can safely bet that everyone will love all thirteen songs! It takes you back to places you'd forgotten, then picks your weary self up with a honky tonkin' boot kickin' tow tappin' rhythm. As a matter of fact, "Two Hearts" is already a wedding favorite in Texas! There's even a song about a "house of ill repute" or as Zona puts it, "House of Negotiable Affection", proving you can take the briefcase away from the lawyer and replace it with a guitar, but he'll remain "politically correct"!

I don't think I have to say a lot to sell you on Zona Jones of his CD, "Harleys & Horses".  His voice is flawless and his choice of songs are perfect for his style. The music's arrangements are built around the man in front... there to complitment his talent, not drown it out. Just play the samples below and I guarantee, if you really love true grit, down to earth, real country music, it just don't get any better than this! My hat's off to you, counselor! The jury is in and you've been found guilty of producing a hit album! I hereby sentence you to make another as soon as possible!!

Marlene Slater (Marli)

Zona Jones CD-Harleys-and-Horses

One Fool On A Stool
Whiskey Kind of Way
Two Of Hearts
Back In Your Arms
Harleys & Horses
I'll Give It To You
All Of Me

Order Harleys & Horses Here!

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Visit the Zona Jones web site for more information and music!

Learn more about Turner Nichols right here on MKOC



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