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Western Justice is a name known to many in the Eastern and Central Oklahoma, Western & Southern Arkansas, North Texas and places in between.

Playing a brand of country music that sports a uniquely modern edge, Western Justice can still pay homage to the tradition that made today's country music possible.

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The band is made up of 6 artists; Michael Lane - Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, Jim Arnold - Drums and Vocals, Brad Bump - Lead Guitar and Vocals, Tom Woods - Pedal Steel Guitar and Vocals, Bruce J. Bennett, Esq. - Bass Guitar and Randall G. Pestall  of Feedback Productions - Live Sound Reinforcement.

Their debut album only contains 3 songs, but it's enough to give you insight into their versatility and talent. The first song, "Regret I Do" , written by the band's lead singer, Michael Lane demonstrates a heart for ballads. Then we move on to a past rock song, "Take It On the Run" which Western Justice does a fine job in countrifying the tune. Last of all is the fun and often used term, "Don't Let the Door Hit You" by Clay Carter. Yes, this CD is limited in songs, but not in talent. I foresee some fine music coming from these gents and let's hope it will be soon.

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Regret I Do

Take It On The Run

Don't Let The Front Door Hit You

2000 Western Justice. All Rights Reserved

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Visit The Official Western Justice site for more!


Hot Horse Entertainment
C/O Butch Gladden
Fax: 501-872-0470

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