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I came to know about John Sines Jr. through a benefit concert he appeared in for the Child Alert Foundation (CAF) with headliner, Keith Bryant. I was unable to attend the concert, but my CAF partner, Vince Albers called me during the show to tell me about John because he knows what I like and knew I'd like John.

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Wrong! Sorry Vince, I don't like John Sines Jr.'s music, I LOVE it! This young man is pure country, whether he's rockin', honky tonkin' or balladeering, he's got what it takes to deliver to goods.

The "goods" come in the form of an original 12 song CD, self titled, "John Sines Jr.". All 12 songs are written or co-written by John and delivers something for everyone, starting with the toe tappin', "I'll Keep Lovin' This One". He then goes into "Georgia Rain", another uptempo love song where "nothin' looks better than that woman of mine when she stands in the Georgia rain". From there we rollick into the fun 2-steppin', "She Could Bring a Freight Train to a Halt" then on to "The Horse That They Rode In On" about a woman who catches her man and the woman he's cheatin' with. "Heartache Hardheaded" is another love lost in an uptempo beat and let's not forget, the Tex-Mex blend of "Myria".

The ballads are ones that will tear at your heartstrings such as "All She Left Me (Was Alone)", "I Should've Told Ellen", "Little Girl Blue On The Run" (featured on CAF),   "Faded Blue Dreams", and "If Those Old Walls Could Talk". You can hear John's devotion to his family in his self penned song, "Here Today, Grown Tomorrow" which starts out, "we were young and broke when we brought the baby home, you couldn't tell it from the smile on my face". As the song progresses, he emphasizes, "children are the greatest gift that heaven can send down, you never know how much you miss one, until they're not around."  This song is so special in how John reminds us that we should always take pleasure in our children, as they're "Here Today, Grown Tomorrow".

This album has it all!  All you could want in great writing, a great band and production, and great vocals from John Sines Jr., who wears each song in his heart and delivers it from the very core of his soul. Bottom line.... I'll Keep on Loving this One!

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Heartache Hardheaded

Georgia Rain

I'll Keep on Loving This One

She Could Bring a Freight Train to a Halt

The Horse That They Rode In On

All She Left Me (Was Alone)

I Should've Told Ellen

Faded Blue Dreams

If Those Walls Could Talk

Here Today, Grown Tomorrow

One of my favorite of all songs is "Little Girl Blue on the Run" which is featured on the Child Alert Foundation in full.

1999 A.N.A. Records. All Rights Reserved

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John has a new CD, "Sines of Conviction"
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Note from John: "I have designated 10% of the profit of each CD sold, going to the Child Alert Foundation"
Visit John's web site for sound bytes and to purchase the CD!

More About John Sines, Jr. (pg. 2)

OMAR Records

* P.O. Box 1332
* Lynchburg, Virginia
* 24505
* 434.821.2624

Email John

Sherry Lloyd

* 74 Sharon Drive
* Rustburg, Virginia
* 24588
* (434) 942-6572

James M. Jennings

* P.O. Box 203
* Rustburg, Virginia
* 24588
* 434.420.2444
* 434.332.1874

John Sines, Jr. Offical Website

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