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When you're lookin' at Ronny, you're lookin' at country! Hey, I know Loretta said it first, but if the phrase fits, use it.. and it fits Ronny to a tee. Ronny has a new CD, which was released before I had time to complete this review.  In the meantime, we'll concentrate on his '98 release, self titled, "Ronny Miller", which has received tremendous airplay throughout Europe as well as the gulf coast area of the U.S.

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There's a lot more that goes into making a good album than just having the talent to sing, you have to have the foresight to work with the people who can compliment that talent to the limit. A good band to should be one that compliments rather than overshadows the artists.. this album is backed by a great band. While Ronny contributed to cowriting two songs, Rick Holt's name appears as the cowriter of all but one of the ten songs.

On the album credits, Ronny wrote, "Rick Holt, I don't know how you did it, man. You brought me enough hit songs to record two 'albums' and brought the best out in my voice." I'll add my thanks to Rick Holt as well because he was also the producer of Ronny's album and he created a piece of work that allows Ronny's talent to shine through.

Ronny is not only talented, he was intelligent enough to surround himself with those in the "know"; those who used their talents to showcase Ronny's talent. As for Ronny's talent.. he's got it, there's just no gettin' around that at all. True and traditional country to the bone. Whether it's honky tonkin', ballads or rockin' country.. he covers the gambit with style and finesse. His rich voice carries off the story behind each song with a personalization, making it a part of himself. Many can sing well, but to sing with conviction and make the listener believe, that's where the real talent lies and Ronny has real talent.. and is real country.

"RONNY MILLER" won't be an album gathering dust on my shelves, it's going to keep my stereo well oiled. Ronny, I'm anxious to hear your latest CD, "Drive Fast, Turn Left". If it's half as good as this one, you've still got a winner on your hands!

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Kickin' Back

So Many Memories

If I'd Only Been Yours

A House With A Fireplace

Table for Two

1998 R.A.M. Records    All Rights Reserved

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Visit the Ronnie Miller site for more info


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