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Seventeen year old Russ Caldwell is a new country artist to hit the scene and seems to be rising quickly. He has graced the stage as the opening act for such greats as Vince Gill,  Dwight Yokum, David Ball, Larry Stewart, Big House, and Gene Watson.

Russ is a young man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to work hard to get it. Directing and hand picking his own adult band members, planning the music and direction for his own shows, Russ is a very focused, hard working, and dedicated young artist. His attitude and philosophy reflect maturity that one seldom sees in a seasoned artist, let alone one so young; "You just keep on keeping on and work harder toward your goal."

Russ's choice of songs on his album, "Midnight Special" are befitting his style and "Taking A Ride" was written by Russ himself. Two of the 8 songs are standards of John Fogerty; "Midnight Special" and "Proud Mary", done in a country rock fashion. Billy Henderson and Steve Jones are the names most seen on songwriting credits and they did very well by Russ. My favorite picks are "Don't Change Horses", "Guitars Break Hearts" and "Mama's Eyes". All in all, this is quite an accomplishment as a first recording and I'll be eager to hear the next one.

You'll be hearing more from this promising young artist;
there's a new recording deal in the works!

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I'll Get To You

Don't Change Horses

Guitars Break Hearts

Taking A Ride

Mama's Eyes

Russ Caldwell Music Enterprises; other Copyrights belong to their
Respective Owners. All Rights Reserved.

For information on Booking
contact: Linda Parker  Fax: 704-660-0185

Official Russ Caldwell Site

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