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Featuring the owner of News Flash Sounds recording label and songwriter, Everett Adams and country artists, Gary Callahan and Madonna Parsons.

This review is a triple header. Everett Adams of News Flash Sounds contacted me quite some time back asking if I would review two artists who have recorded the songs that Everett wrote on his label, News Flash Sounds. After listening to both albums, I decided the only way to do this properly was to tie it all into one review about three talented people from New Foundland, Canada who live and breathe country music.

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Everett Adams

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Gary Callahan

Madonna.jpg (8458 bytes)
Madonna Parsons

All three artists, Everett, Madonna and Gary were born and raised in New Foundland, Canada, which is not a place we immediately think of for traditional country music... but thanks to Everett and his talent in songwriting, and Gary and Madonna's talents in singing, it all came together under one label, News Flash Sounds. An unlikely group of folks; two men and one woman with different backgrounds and goals, yet one inherent trait in common, a love and talent for country music.

Everett's songwriting is a throwback to days gone by and as the country market is slowly but surely changing to meet the demands of fans, a sound that is welcomed today... classic traditional country. Everett Adams has been writing songs for as long as he can remember, dating back to his teenage years. To date, Everett has written several thousand songs, ranging from country and country Gospel, to novelty and Christmas music. Other genres include, middle of the road and Newfoundland traditional. Approximately one hundred of Everett's songs have been recorded by various artist in Canada and the US, placing some songs high on the independent charts in the US and Europe. With a label to record on, all Everett needed was the deep smooth voice of Gary Callahan and the earthy free-flowing alto of Madonna Parsons to pull it all together.

Gary's album, "After The Rain" was released in 1992. In 1996 Gary recorded another album on the same label, "Death on the Ice", a CD based on a true story of a disaster in the seal hunt off the coast of Newfoundland. Our focus today is on "After the Rain" on which Gary is also the songwriter of two songs; "Colville Jail", pure bluegrass and "Last Call to the Bar", which shows Gary's talents for writing as well as singing.

Madonna Parsons began singing at a very early age, but didn't pursue it as a career preferring to devote her time to her family. With her children now grown, Madonna felt the need to bridge the gap by returning to music. As it happens, she turned to Everett who had several songs to fit her deep and easy voice. You'll not hear one note forced from this gal's throat, they all roll from her heart and through her mouth to your ear with an ease that few possess. She is a natural born singer.. pure and simple and has a very distinct sound all her own.

In both albums, you'll find a combination of folk song story telling music, upbeat two-steppin' music, great country tear at your heartstrings music and more. I could talk about the the stylings and talents of these three fine artists all day, or let you discover what is self evident when you play these albums.. There's talent up yonder in New Foundland!

cd.jpg (18117 bytes)

Just Another Day

15 Years and a Million Tears

What a Fool I Was

Child of Mine

Last Call to the Bar (Rita's Song)

1992 News Flash Sounds   All Rights Reserved

How Long is Forever

I Need Lovin' Too

Diana - Our Queen of Hearts

When You're Ready

This Ring is a Circle

cd.jpg (18223 bytes)

1999 News Flash Sounds   All Rights Reserved

Visit the News Flash Sounds site for more info

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