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It's hard to even know where to start with a talent as dynamic as Joanne Myrol. I first want to point out that this ain't no "Hat Act". I never liked hearing artists labeled with that 'tag' since so many real country artists wore hats before they ever had a singing career. Joanne's hat and her music reflect her way of life. The songs she writes stem from her roots and her performance from her soul.  

Her words are rich and meaningful, her voice strong and true.Joanne lives the western life and ranches in Northern Alberta with her husband, Canadian Professional Rodeo Bullriding Champion/National Finals Rodeo Finalist, .Dan Lowry and her partner in song, daughter, Haley. As a family they raise cattle, and build a home for all of the critters that Joanne brings home.

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That's Joanne the woman. When you listen to her music, you feel the truth and depth of her words as they rise from her heart. I don't think I've ever described another artist as being comparable to Trisha Yearwood or Anne Murray in vocal talent or presentation but Joanne certainly is. She is star material and equal to the best of them.

I'm especially drawn to her ballads .... her voice carrying the words that she pens telling a story, reaching into your heart to say, "I've been there, too"... especially in "Time and a Bottle of Wine". Joanne draws you into her life and her feelings until you don't know where hers leave off and yours begin.  Whatever Joanne sings it, you live it.

The entire album, "Dance the Rodeo Round" is filled with music that you'll play again and again, even years from now. Along with the beautiful ballads are some great two-steppin' songs that are fun and urge your feet to dance. The title song, "Dance the Rodeo Round" gives you a little taste of bluegrass with a mandolin. Other songs hint of blues/jazz blends which enhances the country soul that is inherent in Joanne Myrol. Wonderful compositions such as "Can't Keep Your Secrets" start out as country blues, then a sax folds in and is sweetly followed by a country fiddle.... Dynamic and a style that spells Joanne Myrol all the way. This album is timeless, entertaining, warm and becomes a part of you... much like a favorite pair of slippers or lucky shirt, you'll keep playing this album until it's worn out, and still keep on playing it.

"Dance the Rodeo Round" contains 11 songs, 9 of which were written or co-writen by Joanne. She also produced 9 out of the 11 songs which leaves me to wonder if there's any end to her talents. The sound quality is equal to anything that's coming from major labels today. Backed by top musicians, the  music is just the right blend behind Joanne's voice, not in front of it. It's so acute that you can hear fingers slide on the acoustic guitar as though you were sitting right in front of the band. This in no manner takes away from the song, it adds realism to it without the plasticity of being over mixed and dubbed. Professional and real, that's Joanne and that's "Dance the Rodeo Round".

Joanne Myrol is one of the best female country artists out there, hands down. I have a feeling that miracle should be spelled "Myrol-cle". Seem a little "over the top"? Maybe so, but that's how big a fan I've become of Joanne. You can see that she's beautiful and you can hear that she's talented. To be honest, I'd be jealous if she just weren't so darn likeable, too.... so, add personable to the essence that is Joanne Myrol and her music.

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Rodeo Home

Can't Keep Your Secret

Break My Heart Tonight

Dance the Rodeo Round

The One You Used to Love

Time and a Bottle of Wine

I Take It Back

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Visit Joanne's Website where you can purchase her CD and learn more!

E-Mail Joanne Myrol

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