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For those of you who love real traditional country music as I do, you'll love the songs of Jerry J. Mercer. Jerry's music is reminiscent of days gone by when country was country and lyrics were derived from true and honest  emotions.

"Mercer Country" will take you home again.

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Jerry's love of real country music was formed by a childhood in rural Arkansas, listening to relatives singing songs heard on the Grand Old Opry and handed down from the radio hits of the 30's on.

Jerry's songs take me back to that time when country music needed no definition. It is so familiar of the music I grew up with that I often find myself singing along as though I'd been singing these songs all my life. A real "de ja vous" feeling will settle over you the from the first few notes of "I Fall In Love All Over",  "Here I Am Again" or any of the 11 self composed songs on "Mercer Country".

With the instrumental work, performed by several players from the Opry stage, one hears the unmistakable love of Country Music, the kind most people wish the radio was still playing. That cryin' country fiddle and steel guitar, which are trademarks of traditional country music, are set to lyrics that will carry you away to a time when life was slower, easier and more fun.

I've been a fan of Jerry's for a few years now... ever since he wrote and recorded a song for MKOC's "Country Sings Out For Child Protection", called "Baby Blues", which you can hear by following the link at the end of this page.

Bottom line, If you love Country music like it was before LA sent it's emissaries to Nashville, you'll love "Mercer Country".


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The World In My Corner

I Fall In Love All Over

The More I Drink

Think Of Me

I'd Like to See the Sunrise

Lookin' For A One-Life Stand

1997 Mercer Creative Services & Jerry J. Mercer    All Rights Reserved

From Jerry:
"To let folks have a no-risk taste of the album, anyone who
requests a tape, and sends me $2 to cover postage and packaging, will
receive a cassette tape of the album. If they then want the CD, just
send an additional $10 and it will be sent."

Jerry J. Mercer
P.O. Box 121773
Nashville, TN 37212

Visit Jerry Mercer's Site

Proud Member of MKOC's "Country Sings Out For Child Protection"
Hear "Baby Blues"



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