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Early in Lory Lynn's career, she met country star Wynonna. Wynonna wrote a personal note on a
photograph to Lory that read,"Keep on singin".
If my dream can come true, yours can too -
Trust in the Lord & ask 'Why not me'?
Lory did ask "Why not me?". In the summer of 1998, one of Lory's dreams came true when she opened the show for Wynonna at The Salinas Country Music Festival.

"It was a day I'll never forget!" Lory says. The message Wynonna wrote, continues to help motivate Lory to strive to make all of her dreams come true.

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I can only imagine the kind of performance Lory Lynn puts on and from the songs on her album, I'd have to say, "High Energy"! Rockin' country and honky tonkin' abounds on  Lory's debut CD, "The Life I Live", along with some great ballads. You can't lose with a total of 14 original songs which are all delivered with Lory's strong clear vocal stylings.

The song that Lory has seemed to gain the most recognition for is "Jukebox Jenny" which has reached the charts across Europe. Lory says, "I wrote this song from watching ladies in various venues I've performed at. There always seems to be at least one girl that will dance by herself to any song whether it's live music or the jukebox."

Lory either wrote or cowrote every song but 4 of these 14 songs which also demonstrates her talents as a well rounded artist... Songwriter, musician and singer all wrapped up in a lovely package called Lory Lynn. Aside from the 4 songs written by David Sanford (Lory's bass player), there are 2 songs which Lory cowrote with Mike Bailey (Lory's manager) and she also coproduced her album with Mike. It takes a lot of time and energy to devote so much of one's time and talent to a first product, but that's Lory... High Energy... and it comes through in her music.

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cd.jpg (14206 bytes) I Ain't Waistin' My Heart On You

I Cried A River

Jukebox Jenny

Broken Dreams

Pure Gold


Produced by Mike Bailey & Lory Lynn 1999
All rights Reserved
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Visit Lory Lynn's site for more!

Email Lory

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