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Tim released his debut album, "Walking Distance"in 1998 and is already back in the studio for his second album. It doesn't surprise me as Tim's talent is that of a seasoned artist, not a novice. He has that "melt your butter" way with a ballad and his hot honky tonk tunes are there to pull you back to a playful reality.  The songs on "Walking Distance" are made up of the true country style play on words making solid statements which are carried well by Tim's traditional sound.

_square.jpg (8382 bytes)When I was first approached by Tim's management to review him, they wrote, "After reviewing your favorite artists, I truly believe you will love Tim Lamun's music, too." Well, it wasn't hard to peg the type of music I like and Tim fit the bill as promised. I was immediately taken with his deep rich voice, his choice of songs which fit him as easily as a pair of well worn levis and his delivery which is pure and honest coming straight from his heart. Tim Lamun doesn't just sing a song, he feels it. That's a quality that readily sets an artist apart from a singer.

round.jpg (3134 bytes)There's a term used in country music these days to distinguish the "real" artists from the "wanna-be's" and that term is "Hat Act". I dislike the term in itself as  a hat has nothing to do with talent, nor do looks, but in today's realm, it's a term that's tossed around loosely with the insinuation that if one wears a hat, they're only playing at being a country artist. Well, Hank Sr. wore a hat, he wasn't a cowboy and no one ever accused him of being a "hat act". In Tim's case, I'd like to set the record straight right off the bat. Tim isn't a "hat act". The hat is as much a true part of him as his talent. Tim wears his hat with pride and qualification. Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas he was very active in roping, raising and training horses. Tim makes the distinction of his hat that he's not a cowboy but a horseman. "The only cows I herd are the ones I rope." Bottom line, with or without a hat, Tim Lamun is a traditional country artist, true to his roots, deep in talent and fine to look at - with or without a hat.

The first single from "Walking Distance", "Nothing But Love" is already receiving air play throughout the southwest, while two other songs are being considered by top-Hollywood producers to appear on separate movie soundtracks. The upbeat "Dead End Of a Dirt Road" is a favorite among linedancers wherever Tim plays. "Walking Distance" is an album that can be enjoyed by all country fans; New country or Traditional and Tim is pure country gold.

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cd.jpg (10991 bytes) Dead End of a Dirt Road

Nothin' But Love

Walkin' Distance

All the Love in the World

I Would Never Break My Heart

Not As Easy As It Dreams

She's Not Comin' Back

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Get all the details at the

Official Tim Lamun Site

E-Mail Tim

E-Mail THL Productions

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