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John E
John E - CD Back

John has been entertaining for about thirty years. "For the last four years I have been working in the oilfields overseas and while doing that I've had opportunities to perform in bars and clubs all over the world. I guess it took me thirty years to realize that the only thing you have to do to become a professional musician is quit your job. I officially began my music career on August 1, 1997 and spent the next several months cooped up in the recording studio. With the help of Larry Burger, my producer, and Rare Air Records, we released my debut album, John E - Getting By, on December 7, 1997. Be sure to take a minute to check it out. The album contains fourteen songs, all written by me."

"It's true that he has the style of the old cowboys out west, but a more contemporary sound is classically unmistakable. So, if you ever find yourself wanting to venture back into a day of happy trails, John E is the man to take you back in time." - Tammy R. Phillips, Cyberzine

Tammy sumed it up so nicely I couldn't phrase it any better. John's CD is loaded with 14 tunes. There's plenty of ballads as well as two-steppin', a little Texas Swing but all in all I'd have to say John's music reminds me of Burle Ives type of folk/country. "Not Getting Over Just Gettin' By" which is reminisant of the old-time Burle Ives style - "Thinking of Her" a man thinking about a lost love...remembering, wondering and wondering if she ever thinks of him....this one send a reflection of an Andy Williams type of ballad - "Does My Memory Ever Cross Your Heart" a more uptempo type of love song - "None Of The Above" - "Can't Leave Her Behind" is a hoot...but so true of so many. Pay close attention to the lyrics on this one!

There's also a lot of fun and funny songs here such as "Messing With A Bull" good advice for all of us - "Please God Hook Me A Big One Big Fish" starts out sounding like a heartfelt ballad but in flows into the plights of a man wantin' a fish for his dinner plate - "That Tone Of Voice" a hoppin' boogy-woogy tune tellin' tellin' his woman, "don't look at me in that tone of voice".

There's quite a variety of tempos, moods and styles on John's album so he made good use of variety with the 14 cuts and John demonstrates his talents as a songwriter who recognizes the plights, joys and comedy of everyday life for the everyday person.

John E - Getting By
1997 Central Wyoming Publishing (ASCAP)
Thinking Of Her

Not Getting Over Just Getting By

Color Me Gone

To hear all the music and learn more about John visit the
John E. Official Site

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