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During my stay in Nashville, I had the pleasure of attending   the performance of Jesse Zane at the Western Connection, located in Printer's Alley. It didn't take much to know I was witnessing a man with a great deal of talent and as well as appeal.

Among his many talents, Jesse's' most valuable asset to his musical career is his songwriting. As a songwriter, Jesse has an innate talent for putting words into those clever double entendres that are the trademark of great country music. Where's there's a verse, there's a twist of a phrase to grab your attention.

Jesse's album, "The Way It Is" is chock full of 12 songs all self penned (5 with co-writers) that are pure traditional country....including a gunfighter ballad! I haven't heard one of those since the days of Marty Robbins famous "Gunfighter Ballads" album. The ever popular song 'Gimme Back My Life' where he declares, "She's married me alive" has become Jesse's' trademark and it seems to be a part of every conversation he has encountered since it has become a demanding request among fans.  This is a honky tonk winner that I'd place on a level with "Achy Breaky Heart" in appeal. It's just plain FUN!Another bar stool favorite is "Devil On My Shoulder" where "the little red guy won".  Heart wrenching ballads such as, "Mama In His Eyes" are liable to bring tears to yours. 2-steppin', honky tonkin' and cryin' in your beer, this album has it all!

Jesse is credited not only as the songwriter and artist but as producer as well. This accomplishment places him into an elite group of talent as he is among the few performers who write, produce and perform their own music.  

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Mama In His Eyes

Gimme Back My Life

Devil On My Shoulder

That Summer Night

I Think She Stole My Heart

Produced by Jesse Zane  1994, 1998 Silver z.gif (1003 bytes) Music Group (BMI)
All Rights Reserved

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Jesse Zane on IFCO


More Photos
(Taken at Western Connection)

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