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(left to right)  Jeff Lewis -  Steve Strickland -  Barbara Jean
Rich Alcorn -  Dave Swart -  Ken Petersen

Gotham Rose was formed in 1996 and started out as a showcase act, promoting special concerts they'd stage for friends and fans wherever they could; firehalls, the rodeo grounds, even a car lot. The magic was there and before they knew what was happening, there were original songs being written, studio time being booked, and opening act gigs for nationally known entertainers. Among those entertainers were Patty Loveless, the first real break for Gotham Rose, then followed by opening for Trace Adkins, Neal McCoy, Toby Keith, Collin Raye, Diamond Rio, Rhett Akins, and the ol' possum himself, George Jones.

Gotham Rose has a sound that is as dynamic as their name. Their debut CD is self titled, "Gotham Rose" and the music ranges from traditional ballads to modern country rock with some good ol' two-steppin' and bluegrass along the way. There's a lot of talent here and all 10 songs on their debut album are originals penned by Rich Alcorn, their primary songwriter (electric and acoustic guitar and vocals), Steve Strickland (piano/electric keyboards/vocals) and Barbara Jean (bass/vocals). On the sidelines but a major part of this album is Nashville's, John Thompson, who wrote and cowrote several songs, as well as play acoustic guitar on, "The Best Is A Song" AND produced 8 of the 10 songs on the album. Ken Peterson handles the pedal steel guitar, lap steel and banjo with ease and Dave Swart brings it all together on drums and percussion.

That leaves us with Jeff Lewis, the lead singer of Gotham Rose who's voice needs no accompaniment or gimmicks to set it off.   My favorite songs on the CD are, of course, the ballads. "Dam This River" which begins with a soft piano, then Jeff's voice backed by a soft, sad acoustic guitar which gradually grows into the full band. This is such a beautiful song; words, melody, harmonies, instrumentals, everything.. it's just "got it" and it got me. "The Best Is A Song", which is backed by the song's writer, John Thompson with his acoustic guitar, is another heartfelt ballad that just pulls you into it's words and melody as if it were a part of your heart.

For those of you who love the rockin' songs, you'll love "Momma Likes to Shake It", and there's the quick bluegrass style of "Where's There's Smoke There's Fire". All in all, there's not a bad song on the album and there's a little bit of everything to please everyone. "Gotham Rose" is truly an enjoyable album and one I'm pleased to have in my collection. It gets even better... this CD is for sale on Gotham Rose's website for only $8.50 U.S. plus Shipping & Handling.

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Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Dam This River

Easier Said Than Done

The Best Is A Song

Runnin' Through My Mind

1999 Golden Records  All Rights Reserved

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Visit the Gotham Rose Website
for more info and music

Email Gotham Rose Band Members
Rich Alcorn 
Barbara Jean 
Jeff Lewis 
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Dave Swart 
Steve Strickland  

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