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If you're a traditional country music lover like I am, George Day's new album, "Country Feelin's , with 17 tracks of traditional country music should be on your shoppin' list of "have to have".

Country to the core, George Day delivers country music the way it used to be.. the way it still is from real country artists, and the way we should be hearing it on the country airwaves.

"Country Feelin's", recently released on GNJ Records, is filled with steel guitars, fiddles, "honky tonk piano" and great lyrics ... all delivered by the smooth easy voice of George Day.

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George Day has written over 400 traditional country music songs, and has recorded 77 on the GNJ Records label. He is an inductee in The National Library of Poetry Hall of Fame.

George is a 1st Place winner at the Southwest Texas Songwriter's Association Festival, with 'Blue Lonesome Blues', featured on 'Country Feelin's'. He was awarded 1st Place Male Vocalist at the Traditional Country Music Song Championship in Avoca, Iowa.

I would be remiss in this presentation if I neglected to mention Tom Wardle who's songwriting talent is a major contribution to "Country Feelin's". Nine of the 17 songs on this album were written by Tom and the other 8 by George himself. Tom is also George's agent, the executive producer on the CD as well as a country DJ on WDVR-FM 89.7, in Sergeantsville, NJ. Needless to say, "Country Feelin's" receives it's justified airplay there as well as WDIY in Allentown, PA and other stations in the U.S. and abroad. "You Should Know By Now" is currently #22 on "The Music Review" Top 40 Indie Country Charts.

What one word have you seen throughout this article on George Day? "Traditional"! With his style and delivery, along with his long list of accomplishments, George Day has earned his place in country music... it's up to you, the fans to help him attain it.

The only difficulty in creating this review on George Day and his CD, "Country Feelin's" was to decide which of the 17 songs to post here.. Not an easy task, I promise you.. so I tried to give a mixture of some of the different tempos and themes available. Just remember, there's plenty more where these came from..  just get the CD. ;)

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cd.jpg (20628 bytes) You Should Know By Now

All The Old Places

She's Just an Old Time Memory

Beer On the Bar

Someone Like You

I'm So Glad

You Make the Bad Times Feel Good

2000 G.N.J. Records. All Rights Reserved

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Visit George's site for more!
George Day

George Day, 109 Possinger St., Stroudsburg, PA 18360
(570) 629-2372


Tom Wardle
Down Home Country Promotions
659 Haycock Run Road, Kintnersville, PA 18930
(610) 847-8289; FAX (610) 847-6937

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