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Lea Brennan is not what I'd call pure "traditional" country, but then again, her roots began in rock and she's from New England. You can't expect one to have that "country twang" with such a background. On the other hand, Lea has a special quality to her beautiful soprano voice, filled with such heart which can come only when singing from one's soul. While I am still not comfortable with all the new country classifications, I would say Lea is a little country with more of an Americana style. No matter how you classify the style, Lea has got a wonderful voice and a great CD in "The Entrance".

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"The Entrance" was produced by the renowned Scott Turner (Roy Clark, Tammy Sands, Audie Murphey, Tammy Wynette and more. The album was recorded at Bayou Recording Studio in Nashville, TN and included some of the finest musicians in Nashville for the sets. Another accolade to Scott Turner is that he wrote or cowrote many of the songs on the album, including, "Please Mr. Music Man" which he cowrote with the famous Audie Murphey. I won't hold you in suspense, "Please Mr. Music Man" is the ultimate hi-light of "The Entrance". Not just because it was a well written song, but Lea's voice comes through so strongly that you are drawn right into her world while the hairs on your arms stand on end. 

"The Entrance" is a great title for Lea's album as it's her "entrance into country music". "The Entrance" has such a wonderful selection of songs, 12 tracks in all, that I found this to be a thoroughly enjoying album.   Most are true country songs and one that really stood out for me there is, "Waitin' For The Other Shoe To Fall".  There's also the Bluesy torch song, "Stardust Again" which is certainly deserves mention. Another tune that deserves mention is, "Where the Wild Things Run" which was written by Lea Brennan herself. This is a more upbeat pop/country song which isn't my style of listening choice, but well done all the same. My favorites, as always are the ballads and Lea has the voice, heart and strength of voice and conviction to move you with each one. Another song I really enjoyed wasn't just due to Lea's talent, but the gentleman singing harmony in the chorus, Lance Miller. He's a perfect balance for Lea's voice and really brings the song to life as their voices meld to the climatic sectors of the song. Susan Marshall also sang backup vocals for Lea. I'll say it again, a great production, a great choice of songs and a well done album by all involved.

Lea has been compared to many female artists from Stevie Nicks to Dolly Parton. You'll hear tinges of each depending on the song but the voice and style are pure Lea Brennan.. unmistakably fresh and clear.

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Please Mr. Music Man

I'm Not Beautiful

You're So Good At Being You

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Fall

You Made it Happen

Your Star's Still Shining Bright

2000 Lea Brennan    All Rights Reserved
Recorded at Bayou Recording Studio, Nashville, TN

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