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"This Ain't No 'Tear in Your Beer' Band"
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The Bottom Dollar Band (B$D) has been the house band at "The County Line Saloon" in Melbourne, Fla. since 1996. Comprised of Clay Rigdon, P.J. Lewis, Duane "Smitty" Smith, and Howard Folcarelli who have been together nearly a decade, "this ain't no 'tear in your beer' band" says it all. Recently joined by Ed Kuntz, a Melbourne native who sports a host of competition awards for his fiddle playing, the B$D is well rounded and ready to take on the world with their rockin' stompin' country sounds.

Their 4 song demo CD entitled, "Pocket Change" has already been receiving airplay on WAVW - Ft. Pierce, FL, WSCP - Syracuse, NY, WPAW - Vero Beach, FL and WWXY - New York City, NY. It seems the B$D fans not only have their favorite songs off this newly compiled fan CD they even have line dances to go with them! Glenda Ortiz and Cindy Wickey have choreographed dances to two of the fan's favorites of the four original songs, "Let Me In" and "Country Girl" which can be found on their official site. "It's quite a compliment to us and our music," says Clay Rigdon who is the lead vocalist and also plays piano, keyboards, and acoustic guitar.

The bottom line is, The Bottom Dollar Band has what you want for rockin' away the workin' man's blues!

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Let Me In

Hello Old Friend

Country Girl

Boogie With Me

1999 The Bottom Dollar Band  All Rights Reserved
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Official Bottom Dollar Band Homepage Not Available

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