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Country music is sweeping the world and out of Denmark, comes Peter Borup with his first album, "Goodbye My Son".

"Goodbye My Son" is loaded with 16 songs, most which were written and composed by Peter. While Peter does a fine job on singing, I would have to say his real strong suit is his songwriting and composing. In a time when Nashville continues to pump out "pop" music and call it country,  an artist on the other side of the world comes in with real traditional country music. The composition of these songs, backed up with a madolin and true "country fiddle-playing" make for some great ol' tradional country sounds.....and we had to go to Denmark to get it. Go figure!

Peter's band, "Big Foot", must be applauded for their contribution in creating a great sound. Anders Kristamsen, Denmark - Guitar/Backup vocals
Soren Kristamsen, Denmark - Bass/Backup vocals
Ole Albrechtsen, Denmark - Steel Guitar/Dobro
Dave Glowasky, Canada - Fiddle/Mandolin
Greg White, Canada - Drums

Yes, a Danish accent is sometimes apparent, but Peter's heart is pure country as is his gentle twist on lyrics. "You Struck My Heart" is a perfect example as he invites the one who struck his heart to "join the fall".
All in all, this is an enjoyable album for any lover of traditional country.

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Backup Sweetheart

Seven Lonely Days Without You

Goodbye My Son

You Struck My Heart

Morning Calls

Recorded September, 1998, IBO Studio, Taars, Denmark
Peter Borup All Rights Reserved.


Be sure to visit Peter's homepage which contains his bio and pics.
Peter Borup Homepage
E-Mail Peter

Also Find Peter at:
Danish site:

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