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Articles for the Indie Artist

This section has been added to aid the independant artists with informative articles sent to MKOC by those in the industry who want to help. My thanks to all of you who take the time to contribute your  knowledge to enhance other's lives and careers!

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Ray Price Collaborates to Launch “Texas Records”

Music Licensing By Scooter Johnson

Payola (part 1 of 5) By Bryan Farrish

Payola (part 2 of 5) By Bryan Farrish

Payola (part 3 of 5) By Bryan Farrish

Payola (part 4 of 5) By Bryan Farrish

Payola (part 5 of 5) By Bryan Farrish

Publishing Royalties from Radio By Bryan Farrish

Why Clear Channel is Irrelevant for Indies By Bryan Farrish

To DVD or Not to DVD by Roger Ryan

How Retail and Radio Work Together By Bryan Farrish

Commercial Airplay Myths By Bryan Farrish

Independent Promoter Checklist, Part 1 By Bryan Farrish

Independent Promoter Checklist, Part 2 By Bryan Farrish

Consultants By Bryan Farrish

Radio Station Visits By Bryan Farrish

Tour Distribution Using Radio By Bryan Farrish

Adding Other Artists By Bryan Farrish

Using Videos for Radio By Bryan Farrish


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How to get Your Music Reviewed On

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Sell Your Music, Not Your Soul
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Indie Music Review _Gurateed Reviews for Indie Artists!

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