Terri Lynn

Terri Lynn

Nashville Blues Artist

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Like a cat, Terri Lynn slinks into the stage light, sliding and swaying, purring and growling. She is draped in glitter and sequins, a sexy creature, giving life to the silky, smooth notes produced by her band. Behind the microphone, she commands the presence of a preacher, a poet, a politician, but mainly a star. Al eyes in the audience at The Sutler are locked and intensely focused as Terri Lynn and her band transport the crowd to Harlem in the 1920's, a street corner in New Orleans, or a shack in the muddy Delta of Mississippi.
Terri Lynn, backed by drummer Kevin Kathey, bassist Ted Reynolds, keyboardist Ken Lush, and guitarist Jack Roulier deliver music too complex to be fenced by labels. Their songs are too smart to be blues, and too emotional to be jazz. Terri Lynn describes her work as "cool blues". She relates a history of performance beginning in high school with rock, moving into country rock, then pure country, blue country, blues, and then finally, "cool blues".
Terri Lynn and her band are in the process of tying up an album for release. She closed the set with the albums title track BLUE STORM. Reflecting the band performance throughout the evening, the song was chilling, erotic and passionate. The keyboard thundered like rain drops and hail, as Terri Lynn's voice spiraled from lusty sighs to desperate , gravely howls. Not an eye in the audience dared lose focus as Terri Lynn described an emotional state she hoped nobody has ever seen.
Some of the other songs from the evening included, "Lookin' For A Rainbow In My Tears" , the sexy "Moody Rudy", "Twenty Four Hour Love", and "Caught A Touch Of Your Love". With the attitude of Aretha Franklin, the deeply moody notes of Billie Holiday, and the southern flavor of Patsy Cline, Terri Lynn is a fiery mixture that cannot be ignored. Blue Storm will be an explosive addition to any music catalogue.


Crowe Entertainment has recently signed a Blues Artist by the name of Terri Lynn. Terri Lynn is well known on the Nashville club scene as one of the best blues singers in town and besides gigging, has hosted several writer's and jam nights in area clubs. Terri Lynn has been working on her music career for a number of years and recently has been working on a blues album in Next Exit Studio. Jo Crowe commented on her talent, "She's an exceptional blues singer and can touch your soul with her artistic interpretation of songs."

10-11-2000: Terri has signed with manager, Jay Bass of the Delta Agency.

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Terri in the Tennessean Sunday New - Domestic Violence Center Benefit

Just Plain Folks.Com
Terri is now the Local Coordinator for Just Plain Folks.Com
"They are the greatest buncha folks. Lotsa GOOD connections there.
The most helpful group of people I've met. Everything from Label owners to
venues to songwriters."


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