Terri Lynn

Terri Lynn

Nashville Blues Artist

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Terri Lynn, affectionately known as the "Velvet Blue," was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  Her influences include such stars as Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, Robert Johnson, Jimmie Rodgers, Joan Baez, and even the Moody Blues.

Velvet BlueTerri Lynn spends her time performing her own original blues show and spearheading/hosting many local writer's nights and celebrity pro jams which include such local talent as Robert Thames, John Richards, Jesse Wilson, Mike Dunbar, Tom Cerone, Miranda Louise, Juliet Pfeiffer Nightengale and Mike Holloway.

Terri Lynn is currently honing her craft as a songwriter. The song, "With You" that she co-wrote with Lynn Lanich is on her CD, "Terri Lynn In Tears".

At the tender young age of 12, Terri Lynn began performing in elementary school plays and continued performing later at high school dances and then in several rock bands.   At the age of 22, she began performing at many of Nashville's hot spots such as Muhlenbrinks, Fannies, Red Dog Saloon, Tootsie's, Mississippi Whiskers, Sixteenth Avenue Cafe, and the Ramada Inn Showcase Bar and Grill.

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In 1996 Terri Lynn began touring with Nashville-based country and blues band, Huuda Thunkit, featuring seasoned bass man/vocalist, Lynn Lanich; Ronnie Thompson on lead guitar; Holly Rang on keyboards and flute; and drummer, Jay Scott.


Terri Lynn Fact Sheet

Birthplace: Nashville,Tennessee
Birth Date:  December 16th
Height:  5'5"
Hair/Eyes:  Brown/Blue
Hometown:  Nashville, Tennessee
Hobbies:  Reading, hikes, oceanside walks
Early influences:  Beatles, Janis Joplin, Kay Starr,
Etta James, Billie Holiday, Jim Croce, Ricky Nelson
Current influences: Emmy Lou Harris, Jewel
Earliest Ambition: To sing on stage
Earliest bands:  Huuda Thunkit
Favorite Color:  Blue
Favorite Foods:  Pizza, Fish, Coke
Favorite Places:  Tampa and Destin, FL
Favorite Movie:  American Pop
Favorite Actor:  Malcolm McDowell
Favorite Actress:  Katherine Hepburn
Favorite Television:  Stargate, SGI, X-Files
Favorite Song:  Time In A Bottle


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