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1999 Nashville Twister Takes Tecia by Storm

twister1.jpg (19440 bytes)

twister2.jpg (14021 bytes)

Front yard - This Maple tree went down and destroyed a portion of the fence

All of these trees had to be cut down. Tecia lost 9 trees in all on her property.

twister3.jpg (16947 bytes)

twister4.jpg (16203 bytes)

The trees compressed the kitchen wall causing damage to the foundation and the kitchen inside.

This tree knocked down on chimney and broke rafters in the roof creating the "dip". Another was also broken in front and on the other side of the house.

twister5.jpg (14748 bytes)

twister6.jpg (12272 bytes)

The wind picked up the porch and knocked out the support beams under the house. The tree hit the porch and roof creating several holes in the roof. One branch came through the upstairs and "stuck out like a spear."

Another view of the trees which crashed down onto the side of the house creating a hole 6' x 2'.

twister7.jpg (10458 bytes)

twister8.jpg (17372 bytes)

This is a view of the damage right around the corner from Tecia's home/office.

This is a tree that was completely uprooted in the back yard. Some of the trees lost were over 70 years old.


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