Spain2 '98

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Tecia Tours Europe 1998

Spain -continued

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The L'Slavia in Borges Blanques, Spain

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The gang at L'Slavia

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After the show, there was always a feast.
Albert, proprietor of L'Slavia (seated behind Tecia) was a wine expert.
On the center of the table is a bottle of wine that was a gift to Tecia, Carter, & Taylor.
A 1938 vintage from Albert's father's reserve - bottled during the Spanish Civil War.

Image15.jpg (17671 bytes)
Carter & Tecia at the Ruins of an old Roman flour mill in Toledo, Spain
An afternoon of sightseeing.

Image2.jpg (10650 bytes)
The best Paella rice dish in the world
at a beachside restaurant north of Barcelona.

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