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Country Music Gazette
See Tecia's Cover Story In the Gazette

Tecia In Europe

In Spain: by Lluis Sala

From Geneva, Switzerland

Our "Nashville Unplugged" concert that just took place in MEYRIN-GENEVA, Switzerland on November 14 has been the best "Unplugged" ever. No less than 600 people attended this event, which was at least twice as much as the years before, but is still a good size for an acoustic show.

One could probably book bigger names, but you would probably not get a better show than the one that gave Tecia McKENNA, the recently formed trio CROSBY, STEELE & HERNDON and Melodie CRITTENDEN.

This unforgettable concert started with Tecia McKENNA. She sang her songs with such a deep sensitivity that her performance became a moment of intense emotion. It was just wonderful !
Then CROSBY, STEELE & HERNDON impressed the audience with their incredible harmonies and their great musicianship. The three came back on stage for the third part of this concert to back-up Melodie CRITTENDEN who is one of the best vocalist I got to hear for years. What
a great voice, very emotional !

Because of their performance and the quality of the sound and lighting, this concert was, without any doubt, the best "Unplugged" ever. It was just unbelievable... the magic of music.

Roger Lehmann
Promoter, for the love of country music
Association of Country Music Grand-Saconnex

P.S. There is for sure no exaggeration in what I wrote above. It was the
acoustic concert of my life... and I've seen many in the last ten years.


From Spain

Tecia was here in Spain last week. She played 3 gigs and also appeared on Catalan TV. She was very successful, specially in a club called Cafeteria Slavia, located in western Catalonia, in a rural environment. Attendants to the club were extremely respectful while she was playing,
totally silent like in the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. It was a shocking experience for her, because they didn't want her out of the stage, they wanted more music. She finally sold 20 CDs and had a great time. She also had a great success at the Luz de Gas, in Barcelona, and maybe the
weakest one this time was at the Jambalaya, because there was half the regular crowd (however, she went there a couple of days after and then she sold another bunch of CDs). Next monday and tuesday they'll stop in Girona for a visit when coming back from Germany before catching the
plane back to the States in Madrid. I bet she's also had a great success in Switzerland and Germany!

Lluis Sala

New Release Profiles
By Rick Teverbaugh
The Herald Bulletin
Indiana Online

Artist: Tecia McKenna
Album: "Off The Beaten Path"

Sound: It sounds trite but this really is country music for people who don’t think they like country.

Fact: She is formally educated in music theory, drama and concert choir.

Quote: "I can’t be myself doing anything else. Music is the expression of who I am and what I’m all about." – Tecia McKenna.

I Say: Because of its variety and unusual properties, it might not be your favorite disc the first time through. It might not even tempt you to listen to it again immediately. But given the chance of familiarity, these songs and this performer will take hold of your ears, your mind and your soul and give the listener a unique experience and how many discs can claim to do that. She is an extraordinary writer and singer who deserves some mass exposure.

"We are very proud to be representing you and your music to Europe, the
UK and Scandinavia. The reception has been fantastic and you now have
fans all across Europe. Best wishes from your Arizona label."
- Frank Fara / Patty Parker, Comstock Records

"Sexy and Sassy." - Moose Moore, TomKats, Inc. 

"The best music I've heard all Summer." - Michael Borne - Owner, All Star Audio 

"Where had this girl been?!" - Big Dave - KDF Disc Jockey 

"I haven't been this excited about the music coming out of Nashville in a long time." - Bill Kelly - Opryland 

"The songs are incredible!" - Ned Horton - The Hoton Group 

"Tecia Rocks!" - Mary Sacks - Rising Tide 

"I don't like country but I love this!" - Paula Donner - Pulicist, Capricorn Records 

"You should have been the headliner." - Hugh Bennet - Hugh Bennet Productions 

"Now this is what I want to hear on the radio." - Juana Simmons - Fan in San Benito, TX 

"Come to Switzerland!" - A New Fan

From The Heart

I felt it was most important to share with you this personal note I received from Tecia's manager and friend, Taylor Hill, showing his admiration and dedication to Tecia.

"I can't tell you how much Tecia and I appreciate all the support she has received over the last few months. There is no one who I believe deserves it anymore than her. I wish you had the chance to meet her. (Hopefully that will happen one day) Tecia is one of the most sincere and gracious people I've ever had the pleasure to know and the blessing to work with. She goes the extra mile for people and loves her fans and friends like family. I wish for her the best in her career and think she has a message to give to a world. It's funny, but the message comes through by just knowing her and her songs are very much her. So if you listen her work, you get a glimpse into her heart."

I haven't had the opportunity to meet Tecia in person....yet...but I can wholeheartedly attest to Taylor's sentiments about her music. I have come to know a special lady with a heart full of love and tears, and the strength she has gained from both, through her music.


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