Palm Desert, CA

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  Tecia Takes Palm Desert, Ca. by Storm

The Nashville Twister raised a stir on Tecia's home, but it was nothing compared to the whirl she created in Palm Desert!

tecia-stage.jpg (40133 bytes)
Are we havin' fun yet??

tecia-wait.jpg (17686 bytes)
Waiting to perform....

tecia-band.jpg (28293 bytes)
Tecia & the guys: John Wallace, Carter Hawkins, James Hedden, and Rocky Thacker.

tecia-bh-play.jpg (31517 bytes)
Backstage with Tecia and the band, "Beyond Therapy"- the band that's hopeless! J

tecia-fan.jpg (24073 bytes)
Tecia signing autographs for her labor..only love

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