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"Josh Turner: Live at the Ryman"

Cracker Barrel continues to feed our hungered frenzy for great, traditional country music and in doing so, has conceived another delicious tray of morsels in the form of a new CD by the young and already legendary country music artist, Josh Turner.

This compilation is comprised of hit songs from Josh Turner's first 2 CDs; His first,"Long Black Train", which went platinum and his most recent, "Your Man", which has gone double platinum. With that said, I can't imagine anything less than platinum for Josh's Cracker Barrel production, "Live at the Ryman".

Josh Turner

I fell in love with Josh and that low timbred voice the first time I heard him sing... to this day, nothing he does is a disappointment and his latest album release with Cracker Barrel is living proof that he never will.

I've never really enjoyed recordings of live shows.. until now, that is. My memories of live recordings is filled with background noise from the audiences attending and often a hollow effect. None of that exists on this production... quite the contrary. You hear the audience when you should hear them making you feel as though you're part of the crowd and enjoying the show right along with them. While Josh is singing, all you hear are his rich baritone vocals, the rich harmonies of his background singers and his "Tonkin' Honkies" band's instruments that compliment rather than drown out the songs.

There are three tracks on this CD that you won't find on Josh's previous albums. They are remakes of three of the greatest songs in country history, first of which is my all-time favorite Merle Haggard song, "Silver Wings". Merle also has a recently released CD with Cracker Barrel, which I also reviewed and my only disappointment was the lack of "Silver Wings"...  I choose to believe he saved it for Josh.

The second classic is Hank Williams, Sr.'s, "I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive". As I listened to Josh's rendition, I could picture ol' Hank smilin' down with great pride and appreciation.... as was I. Close your eyes as you listen to this song and no doubt, the image in your mind will be of days gone by... back when country music was always "real" country music.

Last but not at all least, there's George Jones' biggest hit, "He Stopped Loving Her Today", written by Bobby Braddock and Claude Putman, Jr. I have no doubt that "the 'possum" is a fan of Josh's and his portrayal of the song is delivered with the emotion and depth required to do it justice. Even if you already own Josh's first two CDs, this compilation CD is a must just to have these three songs in your collection.

The album ends with the song that made Josh Turner a country household name, "Long Black Train" and that's a fitting end to any CD... however many times it's been played, it's always worth hearing again as is the message it delivers. You only have to listen to the roar of the audience give way at the Ryman as soon as they hear the long low whistle of the train to know it has already become a country standard and will be considered as such long after we're all gone. Josh made history with his first hit release and that's no small feat... but that is going to be the legend of Josh Turner... real country music that will remain "cult favorites" for country fans forever.

As for Josh, I don't think he'll ever have to fear getting on that long black train as his talented writing and vocal styling is worthy of nothing less than a long gold Cadillac... or should I say "pick-up truck"?!

Marlene Slater (Marli)
My Kind of Country

CD-  Josh Turner: Live At the Ryman

1.  Introduction
2.  Way Down South
3.  What It Ain’t
4.  She’ll Go On You
5.  Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy
6.  Silver Wings
7.  Backwoods Boy
8.  Angels Fall Sometimes
9.  Loretta Lynn’s Lincoln
10. I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
11. Band Intro
12. Gravity
13. He Stopped Loving Her Today
14. Long Black Train

This compilation 2007 (P) CB Music, LLC 2007 CBOCS Propertites, Inc. All Masters (p) Josh Turner, Inc. All rights reserved.

Extra Review from Marli's "Ma", Hilda Buyher

Josh Turner is a rarity in county music today. He is pure country. He takes a Hank Williams, George Jones and Merle Haggard song and makes it his own. You can't say enough about his Cracker Barrel endeavor. If you liked his first album and his second, you will love this one.

After all the sound-alikes, it's great to hear someone with a sound of his own. Visit your nearest Cracker Barrel... the price is right. Just sit back and enjoy... you'll feel like you're at the Ryman.

Buy "Josh Turner: Live at the Ryman" at Cracker Barrel Online
or at a nearby Cracker Barrel Restaraunt

Buy More Josh Turner CDs Here

Visit the
Josh Turner Official Web Site
to learn more about John and his music


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