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Released: August 26th, 2003


A legend in his own time, Lee Greenwood has made 24 albums... the latest release being, "Stronger Than Time"

I've always been a major fan of Lee's, owning 11 (now 12) of those 24 CDs and a few still on cassette tape. There are so many reasons that I love Lee Greenwood's music... his style and voice so highly unique an unparalleled by any... his choice of songs have always been   lyrically deep with emotions that speak to me... often (it feels)... personally.

LeeGreenwood.jpg (8902 bytes)

Lee's latest triumph, "Stronger Than Time" is as rich in content as any of his past award-winning, chart-topping hits and will wake the yearnings of all "Greenwood fans". He has served up a bevy of new material from top songwriters... Songwriters who I'm sure can only feel honored that a talent such as Lee Greenwood is pouring those songs into the hearts of of millions.

Lee's voice is as strong and moving as it was 20 years ago, if not more so. Father time has only been a friend to Lee's talents. On this new production, worked with some of the best musicians and vocalists in the buisness, who allow Lee to shine through the forefront of their backup, making the entire album a gem and one (I feel) that will climb the charts with not one, but many hit songs. Lee credits his longtime friend and producer, Jerry Crutchfield with not only collecting most of the song material but with re-uniting the two of them in the Curb Recording studio for the creation of "Stronger Than Time".

In  a recent interview, Lee stated, "If you're smart, you learn pretty quickly that life in the music industry is a journey that never really has an arrival time. I've loved the ride - the ups and even the downs - and only thanks to God and a lot of good people around me I've stayed somehow pretty steady no matter how hard the ground around me shook. The new album and the new opportunities accorded to me by Curb Records are the latest reminders that I can look back down the road from this vantage point and see that I've been blessed."

Lee is probably best known by all for his hit song, "God Bless the USA" and a few weeks before the release of "Stronger Than Time", Lee had the great honor of seeing "God Bless the USA" named as the most recognizable patriotic song in America by online polls, which were constructed around the 4th of July, 2003. This honor landmarked the 20th anniversary of the song's original 1983 release. The song is also included as the 12th track on "Stronger Than Time"... recorded anew featuring backup vocals from the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

With such honors and the a stunning new album, it simply proves my opening comment that Lee Greenwood is a legend in his own time. Lee and his music are like the mighty Redwoods...  "Stronger Than Time".

Marlene Slater (Marli)
My Kind of Country

1. Love is Stronger Than Time

2. It Almost Makes Me Glad

3. Rocks That You Can't Move

4. Invisibly Shaken

5. One Life to Love

6. I Will Not Go Quietly

LeeGreenwoodCD.jpg (8300 bytes)

7. Cornfield Cadillac

8. Beautiful Lies

9. 'Round Here

10. When A Woman's In Love

11. Love Me Like You've Never Been Hurt

12. God Bless The USA

2003 Curb Records    All Rights Reserved

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Lee Greenwood Web Site
to learn more about the man and his music


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