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Title - Don Williams - My Heart to You

Don Williams

Released April 27th, 2004, "My Heart to You" is Don Williams' first new studio album to be released in five years... and well worth the wait!

This album is filled with the real heart of Don Williams. Containing 11 tracks, 7 were written by Don himself... such as "Running in the Fast Lane", "Fly Away" (one of my old favorites), "Oh Misery", "One Like Me", "When I'm With You" and of course, the title track, "My Heart to You". Also melded into the blend of Don's heart-in-hand songs are some you should recognize but may not have expected... Eric Clapton's, "You Look Wonderful Tonight", which Don does great justice, Bette Midler's hit, "The Rose" written by Amanda McBroom, "Get Away" by Don Schultz and Billy Linesay, and "Years From Now" by Roger Cook and Charles Cochran. With a combination of so much talent, "My Heart to You" can only be rated as a hit!

Don Williams, "The Gentle Giant" is one of the music industry's all time balladeers with his rich baritone voice that glides smoother than a trombone and hits your heart more gently than a sad playin' fiddle. He is also intelligent enough to know that a singer's voice belongs in the foreground of the music. You see, Don didn't just lay down tracks of vocals, he was the Executive Producer of this project working with his manager, Robert Pratt who was the Associate Producer. Any producer worth his weight in peanuts knows that any good album should feature the artist's voice, first and foremost.... the music is there to enhance the song, not drown out the singer as so many of the newer productions do these days. The songs were arranged and conducted by Charles Cochran... also no stranger to music and shows his obvious good taste complimenting Don's voice by allowing it to shine.

Don Williams is known by most as a "legendary" country artist... you know.... great in his time but not taking center stage like the younger "stars" anymore. What many don't know is that Don IS a star and taking the center stage all over the world in Asia, Europe and especially Africa! Fans cannonade his shows as though they were attending Woodstock with Don as the headliner of the show. They don't care that he's not signed to a "major label"...  they only care about the man and his music. In addition to a new CD, his enthusiastic supporters will have an added bonus of a recent visually stunning DVD, "Into Africa" to add to their collection.

Webster and Associates who handle the PR for Mr. Williams said, "Into Africa is, in fact, a first on the international level for a country artist. Williams is the first country music performer to bring his music into the heart of the continent of Africa. His influence in fact reached to the highest levels of the national government. During the recent elections, the President of Melawi, in need of support, placed a call to Williams. The singer quietly arranged to give his thoughts in an interview on a local national African radio station. The President was re-elected, should there have been any question of the people power of "The Gentle Giant".

"My Heart to You" from Don Williams will be one heartbeat heard around the world."
Webster and Associates Public Relations


Marlene Slater (Marli)
My Kind of Country

1.  Running In The Fast Lane

2.  Fly Away

3.  I'll Be Faithful To You

4.  Oh Misery

5.  My Heart to You

Don Williams CD - My Heart to You

6.  One Like Me

7.  The Rose

8.  When I'm With You

9.  Get Away

10. Wonderful Tonight

11. Years From Now

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Buy "My Heart to You"

Buy Don's DVD, "Into Africa"

More Don Williams CDs & DVDs Here!


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