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Cerrito has a rich Italian heritage, grew up in New England and was raised on country music. That's quite a combination and Cerrito learned to use it to his greatest advantage to make the music he loves appeal to the fans who have come to love him.

Like many children, Cerrito started at an early age using a mic to sing along with the radio as though here were on stage. By the age of 16 he was on that stage, singing professionally.

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There's a great deal of history between then and now. In the 80's, Cerrito moved to L.A. where he met Dotty West (on tour) and they became fast friends. Just as Dotty had him convinced to go to Nashville, he found that the Spanish born singer, Charo was auditioning acts for her show... the clincher was, they had to speak Spanish. Cerrito said it wasn't a long leap from Italian to Spanish so he worked on it and got the job, which lasted for 3 years in Vegas. From there, Cerrito headlined his own show in San Antonio, TX where he soon became a favorite with both English and Spanish speaking fans. "Great artists such as Freddie Fender, Johnny Rodriquez and more recently, Rick Trevino have successfully touched on the bi-lingual market with a few of their records," notes Cerrito. "I see myself as the first 'bridge artist' consistently dedicated to really bringing both markets together."

While Cerrito is listed as a traditional country singer... and in all fairness, he does sing traditional songs, his sound is more crossover than traditional. That's not always a bad thing... especially when it garners you the attention of the CMA who hired Cerrito to be the flagship artist at the first "Fiesta Nashville" concert staged at Fan Fair in 2001. In 2003, Cerrito was nominated as "Crossover Artist of the Year" by New Music Weekly along with Faith Hill, Creed and LeAnn Rimes.

That brings us up to the here and now...  With that said, I'm happy to present you with Cerrito's first CD, "Love Me Forever Today". Each song is a combination of Tex-Mex and country pours out of him as richly and smoothly as wine into a glass... and just as intoxicating.

There's a great mix of songs from the old standards like Hank William's, "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You") and Eddy Arnold's, "I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms)". Then we wind the clock ahead to "Table For Two" by Vince Gill and Max D. Barnes. Spread it out a little more and you'll find "Conga" written by Carole King, Gerry Gatlin, and Jack Heller. Hold on to your seats... there's so much more! How about a duet with Janie Frickie on "Stranger" written by the great, Kris Kristofferson? It's there! Not to mention two songs co-written by Cerrito; "Johnny's Song with Felipe de La Rosa..   I dare you to hear this song and not shed a tear or at the very least feel the hair rising on your arms from the chills it causes. The other song written with Philip Russell, "Adios Mi Vida, Adios" melds from Spanish into English and back again... simply beautiful! Bottom line, this album is packed with 12 songs sung by a versatile new artist whose name I doubt you'll soon forget... CERRITO... you'll love him "forever today", tomorrow and always.

Marlene Slater (Marli)
My Kind of Country


1.  Love Me Forever Today

2.  Adios Mi Vida, Adios

3.  I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You

4.  Conga (With a Little Bit of Rock and Roll)

5.  I'll Hold You In My Heart Till' I Can Hold You In My Arms

6.  Stranger (w/Janie Frickie)

CD-1.jpg (11731 bytes)
2004 Checo Records
All rights reserved

7.  Say That You Love Me

8.  Let's Be Lonely Together

9.  Johnny's Song (A House That Stays Lonesome Everyday

10.  Table For Two

11. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels/The Wild Side of Life With Sallyann

12. Say That You Love Me (Latin Version)

More news about Cerrito and his album. He has eagerly granted permission to post "Johnny's Song" in full length on the front page of the Child Alert Foundation. Visit CAF and you'll not only hear the song in full, but learn about the all too true and too sad story behind the song.

Cerrito, Muchas gracious for having such a kind heart and for sharing it others. Vaya Con Dios, Mi Amigo, Siempre...
Tu Amiga, Marli

Buy "Love Me Forever Today"

Visit the Official Cerrito Web Site

You'll also find Cerrito on MKOC's
Country Sings Out for Child Protection as a Featured artist!


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