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There couldn't be a more fitting title for this album.  Anyone who wants to make it "big" in country music must be a patient man (or woman). You can have all the talent in the world and be the hardest worker around but without patience and a lot of luck you may as well pack it up and go back home. Brad had all three on his side; he had the talent and was patient as he worked hard to sing others demos until his finally luck came to him in the form of the reality TV show, "Nashville Star". The luck took many years to manifest itself, but that's where the patience came in. Brad stated on his album credits, "Thanks to all the musicians and all the songwriters in town (Nashville)... (especially those who kept me fed singing their demos!)

Brad-chair.jpg (11360 bytes)

Every week, millions of fans watched Nashville Star and voted for their favorites. I have to admit I was biased from the beginning having been a George Canyon fan since I had reviewed his first album in 1996. As it came down to the wire, it looked to me that the final two standing would be Brad and George... low and behold, for once in my life I was right. I have to admit, it was tough for me to watch as each man was so extremely talented and just downright "likeable"!

I think (and I use that term loosely) what really threw it over the top for Brad was one song, "I Miss Me". When I heard that song I literally had chills all over and SO identified with the lyrics that I fell instantly in love with the song, and the singer. I also saw the awe and wonder in the eyes of the judges on the panel who were literally blown away as Brad played his keyboard and sang, "I Miss Me". When he was done singing, one of the Warren Brothers (recording artists and panel judges) told him flat out to stay behind that keyboard and don't pick up another guitar because it was his best performance yet! After that, I watched Brad's stage presence grow more and more relaxed and confident which certainly enhanced his performances... but it was his choice of songs and the way he sang them... right from the heart where they took root that won me over.

Brad also has a very distinct sound and style. You won't confuse his songs with another singer or ask, "who's singing that?" when his songs come across the airwaves into your radio. He has a sound and style all his own that separates him from the herd, so to speak... and it's that separation that will carry him on in his career. Most artists' styles come from a combination of their musical influences and heroes. Brad was pretty eclectic in his tastes... Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Percy Sledge, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard... put that all together, add a dash of humble pie and a die-hard attitude and you've got the makings of country's latest super star, Brad Cotter.

The selection of songs on "Patient Man" make this an all around great country album. My hat is off to Sony/Epic for allowing Brad to "be himself" and use a lot of the songs that he wrote and co-wrote with Steve Bogard and Rick Giles (who also co-produced the CD), which of course includes, "I Miss Me", "I Meant To" and many more. The selection of songs also demonstrates Brad's vocal range, which wasn't readily apparent to me on Nashville Star. The song, "I Came Here To Live" is a perfect example of that range as well as being a song that smacks you right between the eyes... it's a wake up call and as the song progresses it tells it's own story and moral... and Brad's voice goes to a deep baritone that brands it into your very soul.

All in all, I believe the one thing that will make this album a hit is that the songs "fit" Brad, therefore his singing is from the heart; be it a heartachin' song or a rockin' good time song, you feel his personality influencing his voice and your emotions. He's lived it and he makes you feel it. That's what country music is about and this country boy has poured his heart into a hit album by being, a "Patient Man".

Marlene Slater (Marli)
My Kind of Country

1.  I Meant To

2.  Can't Tell Me Nothin'

3.  Patient Man

4.  I Miss Me

5.  High On Love

PatientManCD-sm.jpg (6350 bytes)

6.  Rock and Roll in the Way

7.  Hard to Be A Rock

8.  I Came Here to Live

9.  Blue Collar Night

10.  I've Got Time

Copyright 2004 Sony BMG Music Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Stories Behind the Songs as quoted by Brad Cotter:

"I Miss Me": - “I wrote the song with Steve Bogard and Rick Giles after ending a two year relationship. After we called it quits, I kept allowing her back in my life because I thought I still missed her, when in all actuality, I missed what I use to be before things became so complicated…I missed me! I just hope everyone can relate to this song because we’ve all been there, and if you haven’t, then you haven’t lived!”

"I Meant To" - "I walked into Rick Giles' office (late as usual), to write. The first words out of my mouth were 'I meant to call you and tell you I'd be late, but as you know, I don't carry a cell phone and I forgot before I left my house. Hell, I meant to do a lot of things.' Steve and Rick said, 'That's what we're writing about.'"

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