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Country & Gospel Singer, Songwriter
Count Music Productions

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Traditional country and western music with a blend of Bluegrass, Tex-Mex, Cajun and Gospel; Red Johnson covers the realm of real country music.

"If you like old time country and western, and remember what it was like to dance a bouncy little Texas Two Step in a honky tonk, you will really appreciate this CD, "My Collection."  ..... Airmusic.com

Red now owns an 8 track studio and records and publishes his own material, and songs. He has also recorded songs by other accomplished writers. His goal is to write a hit for someone. Red loves to keep in touch with his fans, and will respond to all who take time to write.


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My Kind Of Country (MKOC)
Red Johnson is an Official artist of MKOC

Red Johnson
4850-109th Ave N.
Champlin, MN. 55316
Phone: 763-421-8449

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