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L. V. Bryant

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Drift Away Did You Tell Me The Very Best Of Narvel Felts CD-Radio Rockabillies
Memphis Days CD This Time Hi Records Era 1959-1973 At Rollin Rock

** NEW **
You can now download MP3s of Narvel's Gospel Album,
 On the Wings of Song through Amazon.

 1. On the Wings of Song
 2. Peace in the Valley
 3. He's Coming in the Clouds
 4. Keep Holding On
 5. When the Saints Go Marching In
 6. Free
 7. Spirit in the Sky
 8. My Father's Love
 9. (I'll Inherit Life Eternal) Someday
10. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
11. Go Rest High on that Mountain

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cd-ThruTheYears1.jpg (4280 bytes) Through the Years - Vol 1
Volume One takes you through the first 4 years of Narvel's career in Rockabilly, 1956-1959
Filled with 16 HITS of Legendary Rockabilly!

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Super Songs Narvelized
After more than a yar in the making my new CD, "Super Songs Narvelized" is finally here. The new tracks range from "Baby Let's Make Play House" to "Stranger on the Shore", new songs, "Till Sundown" and "Tally Ho". Remastered songs included "Somebody Hold Me", Pink and Black Days", "Since I Don't Have You" and "On My Word of Honor". Ten (10) new tracks, 9 memories make 19 songs in all!
Cone Records - Producers: Narvel Felts & Joe Keene

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Drift Away

"Drift Away"  "The Best Of Narvel Felts 1973-1979"
28 Tracks & 24  Page Booklet

Bear Family BCD 15690 AH (Germany) Released 1996

This is Narvel's most important career CD. Original recordings from his most successful country hit years. Fourteen of his greatest hits + 14 of his greatest album tracks and B sides that have retained special interest through the years. Includes the 1975 Billboard and Cash Box single of the Year, "Reconsider Me", + his top hits, "Lonely Teardrops", "Drift Away", "Somebody Hold Me (Until She Passes By)", "Funny How Time Slips Away", "Everlasting Love", "When Your Good Love Was Mine", "My Prayer", + 20 others.

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The Very Best Of Narvel Felts

The Very Best Of Narvel Felts"
20 Track

Deluxe DCD-7833 (U.S.A.) Released 1997
Deluxe DLX-7833 Cassette (U.S.A., Canada, Holland) Released 1981

These 20 songs are re-recordings of 19 of Narvel's hits + "Crying". All his biggest hits were included on those marathon sessions recorded in 2 days for a TV marketed album in 1981. Hits included here not available on any of the other CD's or cassettes are "Raindrops", "Runaway", and "Just Keep It Up". Elvis's drummer, D.J. Fontana, played drums on this album.

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Ode To Bud

Ode to Bub
23 Tracks & Booklet

Cone CD-9801 (USA) Released 1998
See the review on Saradon in England

This is a tribute in memory of Narvel's son ,Albert Narvel "Bub" Felts, Jr. , April 1, 1964- September 14, 1995. This is something Narvel knew he had to do soon after Bub's death. But he just couldn't do it until July 1997 when he returned to the recording studio. It had been two and a half years since he'd last recorded. That time in January of 1995 he'd recorded "Bear Family Rock" (included here) looking at Bub in the drum booth. On his '97 return looking at Kelly Keene in the drum booth he recorded six new tracks. They are: "Since I Don't Have You", "Sonny Man", "Go Rest High On That Mountain", "I'm Headin Home", "Ode To Bub", and "Danny Boy". He found seven live recordings by Bub, "Walk Softly On This Heart of Mine", "Mony Mony", "What A Way To Go", "Wipe Out", "Trashy Women", "Light At The End Of The Tunnel", and "Honky Tonk Woman".Bub played drums on the remaining tracks which include the Norwegian Top 10 hit by Narvel and Stephen Ackles from 1992 "Remember", and the previously un-released re-recording from 1992 of Narvel's 1978 Top 40 hit "Blue Darlin". This is possibly the most versatile collection you'll ever hear. Country, pop, rockabilly, gospel, rock and "The Little Drummer Boy". This CD not only mourns Bub's death: it also celebrates his life!

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Did You Tell Me

Did You Tell Me
34 tracks 20  Page Booklet

Bear Family BCD 16220 AH (Germany) Released 1997

With Narvel's recent induction into "The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame" this is a very important CD. It contains all of his first studio tracks from 1957 to 1960 such as his Sun recordings "Did You Tell Me", and "My Babe" 1957. His Mercury recordings "Kiss-a- Me-Baby", and "Foolish Thoughts" 1957. His first chart successes on the Pink label "Three Thousand Miles" 1959 and "Honey Love" 1960 and his MGM recordings, "Come Back Baby" and "Remember Me" 1960. + 26 others.
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Memphis Days CD

Memphis Days
26 Tracks, 12  Page Booklet

Bear Family 15515 (Germany) Released 1990

Produced by former Sun session guitarist, the legendary Roland Janes, from 1962 - 1965. The 26 - track CD would have been a much better 20 tracks CD leaving off some of the one take publishing demos never meant for anyone other than Jack Clement to hear, to see if he liked the song or not! There are some good tracks like "Slippin' And Slidin'" and Narvel's first attempt at "Blue Darlin'" in 1962. His successful 60's recording "Mountain Of Love" from 1963. The great ballad "All That Heaven Sent" and his original recording of probably the greatest song he ever wrote "Four Seasons Of Life" from 1964. You can tell the Beatles were dominating the era when you hear "Sweet Sweet Lovin'" from 1965. Probably the song that has sold this CD more than any other is "Tongue Tied Jill" from 1962. It has become a rockabilly/rock'n'roll classic in Europe.

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Hi Records Era 1959-1973 The Hi Records Era: 1959-73
29 tracks

Digitally remastered collection of recordings from 1959-73 made for Hi Records and often overlooked. Eight of the 29 tracks make their debut on CD here.

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CD-Radio Rockabillies

Narvel Felts and Jerry Mercer: "More Radio Rockabillies"
35 tracks, 7 by Narvel, 12 Page Booklet

Rockstar RSRCD012 (England) Released 1997

Released at the same time as "Did You Tell Me". Both to coincide with Narvel's headline appearance at the International Rock'N'Roll Festival, the "Hemsby Rock'N'Roll Weekender" at Hemsby, England in October 1997. This CD is mastered from the actual tapes of Jerry Mercer's radio show that was aired on KTCB Malden, MO. in 1956. Although Narvel only sings 7 of these 35 tracks they are his first recorded performances when he was only 17 years old. He does slap the bass or play rhythm guitar on many of the other tracks featuring Jerry Mercer, Leon Barnett, J.W. Grubbs, and Jerry Tuttle. When these rare tapes were discovered 30 years later and released on LP in 1988 it was named Album Of The Decade by the UK magazine "Roll Street Journal". Narvel sings "Woman Love", "Mystery Train", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Heartbreak Hotel", "Go Go Go",  "Hound Dog", and "Maybelline".

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This Time

This Time
15 Tracks & Biography

HI HIUKCD 123 (England) Released 1992 

The importance of this CD is that it highlights the years from 1966 into Narvel's '70's hit streak. It features the 1966 Memphis - Mid South top 5 regional pop, country, and easy listening hit "I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows". Though the national charts remained elusive thru these years it shows him finding the niche in "A Little Bit Of Soap"(A #1 Memphis - Mid South Country Record in 1972) which also received national radio play, as did its follow-up "Butterfly". A niche that would pave the way for "Drift Away" and the national and international country hit streak which followed. You also hear he'd perfected his emotional rangy delivery of ballads with his spine tingling falsetto's on "Since I Met You Baby", and "This Time". The style that would become his trademark.

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At Rollin Rock Narvel Felts at Rollin' Rock

Realeased by Goofin' Records of Finland in 1999

CD - 19 songs, 4 page booklet. New 1998 raw Rockabilly and Rockaballad recordings for Rollin' Rock Records, Las Vegas, NV.

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CD-PortraitOfMyLife.jpg (3522 bytes)

Portrait Of My Life
Aaron AR-1031 CD (U.S.A.) Released 1995
Cone - 8901 Cassette (U.S.A.) Released 1989

These 10 tracks recorded in 1989 are Narvel's life story up to that time. It includes his 5 biggest hits "Reconsider Me", "Lonely Teardrops", "Drift Away". "Somebody Hold Me (Until She Passes By)", and "Funny How Time Slips Away". Re-recorded taking time, love and care, four of the other songs were written to tell the story of specific times in his life. Of these "Pink And Black Days" has become somewhat of a rockabilly classic internationally. His best version of "Four Seasons Of Life" is also included. Narvel narrates between the songs weaving the story together. His late son Bub played drums on this album.

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CD-SeasonsGreetings.jpg (3121 bytes)

Season's Greetings
13 tracks of Narvel's favorite Christmas songs now available on CD! 2003

Cone CS-8802 (U.S.A.) Released 1988
Cone LP-8802

This 12 tracks CD Christmas album was recorded in 1988. Recognizable Christmas classics are "Winter Wonder Land", "The Little Drummer Boy", "Pretty Paper", and "O Holy Night". Six great songs first recorded for this album are also included. Bub played drums on it. (10 tracks (Cassette)

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