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L. V. Bryant

This section has been added for all of you Narvel Fans who want to share your Narvel News
If you've been to a concert that you want to tell everyone about, or met with Narvel, etc... send it to with Subject: "Narvel News". Let me know if you want your name, email and/or website link posted with your news.  If you have a scanned photo to include with your news feel free to send it with your email.


Sharon and Narvel

(Note from Marli: The man with Narvel was not his manager, Harold Boner. It was Narvel's friend, Huey, P. Long who assists Narvel by selling the photos and CDs in Narvel's autograph line.)


I attended the Country Gold concert on August 18.  The entire concert was awesome.  Narvel was one of the crowd favorites, which usually happens wherever I've seen him perform.  I became a fan when Narvel was inducted into the Missouri Country Music Hall of Fame.  He became one of what I call my "Top 3," along with Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam.  Excellent company to be in!  When it was announced that Narvel would be a part of the Country Gold concert in 2009, I was one of the first in line to buy tickets.  But it was not to be, as there was a dangerous storm the night of the concert.  So - it was a thrill to finally experience the entire Country Gold concert.  I was at the end of very long line waiting to talk to the performers. You could tell they were all exhausted, but Narvel was his usual gracious self.  He always acts as if you are his only fan.  I'm always drawn to the performers who are not only excellent singers and musicians, but who always appear to be genuinely nice people.
I'm attaching a picture which you may use at your discretion.  You can see just a little of the silly $3.00 hat that I purchased just to have something for the performers to sign.  People thought it was weird, but when it was filled with autographs, it looked pretty good!
I have a question.  There was a gentleman with Narvel at the autograph table.  Who was he?  I starting wondering later if that was Harold Boner.
Sharon P.

** Photos and Review of Narvel's Jackson, TN Concert August 2009 **
by Faye Huffman
Review and Photos Here

** Photos and Review on Narvel's Fort Worth, TX, October 19th 2008 Concert **
by Faye Huffman
Review and Photos Here

** Photos and Raves on Narvel's Jackson, TN August 2008 Concert **
from Nuremberg, Germany!
Review and Photos Here

August 10, 2008

Absolutely outstanding!!!  GREAT performance.  It was so good to hear him sing "If Ever Two Were One".  I love all of Narvel's music, but this is one of favorites.  It is always a special a treat to see his show.  The program was running  late (as usual)  and I had to travel a couple of hours to return home,  so I did not get to stay and talk to him after the show.  Looking forward to next time.  (If he cuts a new CD, I hope it includes "If Ever Two Were One".)

Diane Whitt


Dear Marli,

We are Pat and Terry Cross, of Hayward, WI. We found your email address on Narvel's website. We saw Narvel on Dec 1, 2007 at the LCO Casino near Hayward. We were having a blizzard the day of his concert. We kept calling the Casino to see if Narvel was still coming. We found out he arrived there on Friday and the concert was Saturday night and we weren't going to let a snowstorm keep us from going to see Narvel. We have seen him at least 3 times before at the LCO Casino and we think he is a fantastic singer and entertainer. And Narvel was the best we had ever seen him on the night of Dec. 1, 2007! We know that a lot of people didn't make it to the show because of the storm, but they missed a Fantastic show. Narvel gives 120% at his shows. We are looking forward to seeing him here again someday. We will even travel to see him.

That's all we have to say at this time. Take care and may God Bless you. God Bless Narvel and his family also.

Pat and Terry Cross


Narvel Felts in Concert
Kingston, Oklahoma Striper Festival
September 15, 2007
By Faye Huffman and Essie Shell
Review and Photos Here


Narvel's Indy Show 06-23-07

From Greg Limbach

My friend Kim Wagerman and I just attended Narvel’s show on June 23, at the Rockabilly Rebel Weekend in Indianapolis IN. What a performance Narvel put on! Not only did Narvel “wow” the crowd, he also “wowed” the members of the the band backing him up. Early in the show Narvel sang “Crying”. When Narvel’s voice reached for and hit the first of the high notes in the song, I noticed the look on bass player's face. His eyes widened in amazement. He had the look of someone that had just opened the Christmas present that they’ve always wanted.

That was early in the show. Narvel would continue to give many more vocal presents to the fans and the band members during the course of the evening.

Greg Limbach

PS- I'm also attaching a photo taken of Narvel at a show at the Music Ranch USA, in April of 2006.

MusicRanchUSA-April-2006.jpg (11116 bytes)
Narvel at the Music Ranch USA (Kentucky) April 2006


Americana Fest, England  July 2006

AmericanaFest06-Brian Duggan-sm.jpg (5300 bytes)
Narvel with Brian Duggan who is the Stage Manager at the Americana Festival
Click here for a larger view
Hi Marli,

I have attached a of photo of Narvel with my husband Brian Duggan (Stage Manager at Americana) and another of Narvel with Brian and Travis Ledoyt who also appeared at Americana.

I had never seen Narvel perform before and it was one of the highlights of Americana for me, his voice is amazing and what a gentleman he is. I hope it won't be too long before we see him again.

Please pass on Brian's and my love to Narvel and tell him Brian says it is always a pleasure to work with him.

Sue Duggan,

(Aussie who got him the cold water for on stage)

AmericanaFest06-Brian Duggan-Travis Ledoyt-sm.jpg (5613 bytes)
Narvel with Brian & Brian and Travis Ledoyt
Travis also entertained at the Fest
Click here for a larger view

Paw Paw, MI Nov. 2005

From Bob & Tricia Henning of Livonia, MI

Van Buren County Sheriff's Posse sponcered this Narvel show in the new Paw Paw High School performing arts center and let me tell you that this was beautiful. One of the nicest I've seen since I've been traveling to music shows.

I could say that Narvel gets better every time we see him, but that wouldn't be possible. Let's just say he converts new fans where-ever he performs.
(Click pics for larger view)

FriendsReunited-sm.jpg (5469 bytes)
Tricia, Narvel & Bob
WordMan-sm.jpg (4248 bytes)
A Word from the Man
NarvelExplains-sm .jpg (5305 bytes)
Narvel Tells It Like It Is
Tricia-Narvel-Bob-sm.jpg (4670 bytes)
Tricia, Narvel & Bob
Narvel-Bob-sm.jpg (3755 bytes)
Narvel & Bob
MyPrayer-sm.jpg (5317 bytes)
"My Prayer"

Wisconsin April 2005

Tim&Narvel-sm.jpg (4406 bytes)
Narvel with Tim Mercury of:
Egstraat 50
6418 JB Heerlen

Padukah, Kentucky November 13, 2004
Narvel's "Birthday Bash" Show

Narvel Felts and Marlene Slater (Marli) Narvel Felts and Marlene Slater (Marli)
Narvel and Marli (that's me)
Photos courtesy of Larry Kelly, General Manager of
(click on photos for larger view)

Bemidji, Minnesota 2004
from Brian Carlson

Narvel-JeannieSeely-Brian Carlson-sm.jpg (12509 bytes)
(click on photo for larger view)

2004- Narvel and Jeannie Seely with promoter Brian Carlson of the Brian Carlson Talent Agency out of Grand Rapids, Minnesota at a show in Bemidji, Minnesota. Both singers had teamed with Steve Hall and the Shotgun Red Band to play in Coleraine and Bemidji, Minnesota to help raise funds for the Vounteers for the Handicapped Association and the Ours to Serve House of Hospitality for the homeless.

"I remember a tune the two decided at the last minute to do that brought the house down", said Carlson, " I was impressed with their friendliness and down home presence with the audience. It was fun listening to them talk about 'the business' and how they got their start as I drove them to their hotel nearly 3 hours away. They are a precious pair that should be playing together more often! God Bless you both!"


Narvel's Appearance, Brunnsum, The Netherlands
Date:  Wed, 6 Aug 2003
From Mike Austing

It was our great pleasure to attend Narvel's appearance at the NCO Club, AFCENT HQ, Brunnsum, Limburg Province, The Netherlands approximately 26 years ago.

My wife and I, along with my MP partner, had purchased tickets for the Johnny Paycheck show at that club. This was about the time that Johnny's song, "Take This Job And Shove It" became extremely popular. It was said that Johnny "became sick" and couldn't perform (yeah, right!). Narvel and his Drifters filled in at the last moment. They had been on a tour of clubs in Germany and all of them weren't feeling too well.

All I can say is, I'm certainly glad Johnny bowed out! I have never enjoyed a more pleasant experience as I did that night listening to Narvel and his boys!!  Since that night, my wife and I have become lifelong Narvel fans. His tape and I cruise the highways and byways of SE Ohio in my job as a material damage appraiser for Ohio Mutual Insurance Group-he IS what makes a long day short.

Narvel: Thank you! May the grace of God keep you alive and performing a long long time!!

Please consider a show date or two in central or eastern Ohio in the near future!! I'll certainly do my part to fill the venue!

Michael D. Austing
New Philadelphia, OH
Former US Army MP Staff Sergeant

Netherlands1977-1.jpg (2445 bytes) Netherlands1977-Narvel.jpg (5249 bytes) Netherlands1977-2.jpg (3472 bytes)
AFCENT NCO Club, Brunnsum, The Netherlands - Winter of 1977


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