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L. V. Bryant

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My wife Loretta was really sick for two months. Thankfully she is much better now. Her birthday was July 3rd. We celebrated quietly at home.

The 26th I did an on air interview by phone with Dave Norris on his Rockabilly show on BRFM from Kent, England. Before I went on the air my 1957 Sun Recording of, "Cry Baby Cry" was playing. He asked me about "Lonely River" from that same Memphis session and how Roy Orbison came out of the control room with the idea of the vocal backgrounds for that one. I told him how Roy got two or three of my band members together and taught them the parts he had in mind by singing to them. I'm not certain whether or not he stayed and sung with them on the take but he probably did!

My friend Ben Winter who spent his entire Navy career (I believe 20 years) playing lead guitar with the US Navy Band "Country Current" also called me on the 26th telling me he'd been hearing me played on "Willie's Roadhouse" on Sirius-XM Radio a lot during the last couple of months. He'd heard my 70's country hits, "Drift Away", "Reconsider Me" and "Funny How Time Slips Away". He said the DJ said I'm one of the greatest voices in country music! Thanks Dallas Wayne!

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Photo by Leonard Fulbright  ©2017



Narvel at Isle Casino in Cape Girardeau, MO 3-21-15


June 2nd I did my annual concert at the Rodgers Theater in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. This celebrates my 62nd year in the music business. A near full crowd welcomed me to the stage. Cousin Carl from KWKZ 106 in Cape Girardeau, MO introduced Matt from the station who then introduced me. Double Edge from Memphis did their always great job backing me. Some of my high school friends from Bernie were in the audience. My sister Ogareeda, my niece, Lecia and her fiancé Richard were there. Nominated country artist Susan Anderson Bell also from KWKZ along with her husband Arnold were there as was Gill who I bought many cars from in the 70s, 80s and 90s. A couple came all the way from the Wheeling, WV area some 700 miles away. Bill Barnett who backed me many times with his band was there. Our late son, Bub played drums with him. A long autograph line awaited me in the lobby. Our daughter Stacia and husband Danny sold my CDs as my old play Huey was in a nursing home.. he is out now.

Final Farewell: Al Jordan, Al played drums with me off and on from 1965 to 1976. He recorded some great records himself. RIP

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May 27th I was part of "Nashville Boogie" which included several venues and stages. Ninety acts all together! My show was at the Nashville Palace at 7:30pm. I was backed by the Rimshots from Cardiff, Wales. They have backed me on many Rockabilly and country festivals in England for more than 20 years. They did their usual fine job. My friends Ed and Katy Salamon took me to supper, sold my CDs then drove me back to the Opryland Hotel. Deke Dekerson was on stage prior to me. The audience was receptive. Through my autograph line came fans and friends from Nashville, England, Ireland, France, Sweden and Finland. This included Wildfire Willie and the Ramblers from Sweden. Blixten, Head of the American Car Club in Sweden plus a lady who had been in the audience when I did a show on the beach of the French Riviera in Niece, France in 1999.

I got my RFD TV Guide. I'll be on the Porter Wagoner Show, a rerun from 1974 at 3pm Central, Friday July 6. I'll be on Midwest Country, from recent years, 5pm Central, Sunday July 15.

< --- Narvel's look in the 1970s when he was at the height of his fame.


Narvel in 1957 when he recorded for Sun Records


April 20th I did my first show of this my 62nd year in show biz. It was at "Viva Las Vegas" Rockabilly Weekend at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. It was Tom Ingram's dream to get all the of the living, still performing artists that recorded for Sun Records in the 50s together on the same show.

Billed as stars of Sun Rockabilly, the line up was The Pacers, Carl Mann, Narvel Felts, Hayden Thompson, Alton and Johnny Powers, Ruby Grayzell, WS Holland and Jimmy Van Eaton.

I was asked to do four songs, and for them to be songs I recorded for Sun in 1957. You can see the performance and hear the songs on my Video page.

It was good visiting with old friends plus folks who came through my autograph line. They were from Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, Sweden, Germany and Russia. A man from Russia told me his parents remember me from my "Country Hits" being played on the "Voice of America". Also through my line were folks from California and Texas. I was really surprised to see a couple from my old home town, Bernie, Missouri.

Larry Cole who plays Elvis in "The Million Dollar Quartet", his lady and Ronnie McDowell's former piano player helped me from my dressing room to my autograph line then to the van to my hotel. It was good having supper with Marc and Gaby, Editors of the magazine, "Blue Suede News".

April 30th Loretta and I celebrated out 56th wedding anniversary. It was a Monday in 1962 also. April 1st would have been our son Bub's 54th birthday. He was 31 when we lost him.

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Well hello there. Hope all is well with you and yours. On Saturday, Feb. 24th, a tornado hit out home town, Malden, Missouri. My family and I were thankfully spared! The same night a tornado hit my childhood hometown, Keiser, Arkansas. Be sure to check the Show Dates page for the latest listing.




Well hello there. The last show I did was in November. Thank you for my birthday cards and calls November 11th. Loretta and I enjoyed your Christmas cards. I do plan to do shows during my 62nd year in show biz. The first one will be listed on my Show Dates page. In a month I'll get information to you about more.