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November 11th was my 73rd birthday. I spent it at home with Loretta. Thank you for your cards and calls. I enjoyed talking with you.
November `8th I did my 6th annual concert at the Collins Theater in Paragould, ARK. A full house welcomed me to the stage when I was introduced by Terry Wood from "Classic Country 95.9 The Wolf" from Jonesboro, ARK. This crowd blessed me with standing ovations after, "Danny Boy" and "My Prayer". Gary Prince and Sugar Creek did their usual great job backing me. Terry Wood returned to the stage and did a duet with me on, "Runaway". A long autograph line awaited me in the lobby.
Terry told me that "Classic Country the Wolf" is the #1 station in their market and that I'm the stations most requested artist! That's quite an honor to me. He says that many of his listeners remember my TV show on KAIT channel 8 from Jonesboro in 1964 &1965 and they're proud I had all those country hits in the 70s.
Visiting with me in the dressing room before the show was: Clyde Brown, who played bass with me on a 5 week tour I did with Dolly Parton in 1975. Also visiting was my niece, Lecia and her friend, Richard plus my cousin, Don and his wife, Sandy.
Bill Crutchfield made the drive to Paragould with Huey and me. We were all classmates at Bernie, MO High School in the 50s.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,




October 8th I played my 9th annual concert at the Riverview Amphitheater at the Lady Luck Casino on the bank of the Mississippi River in Caruthersville, MO. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon for this outside show. At show time I was driven to the stage in a red and white '55 Chevy two-door Belair. More than 900 fans and friends welcomed me. Double Edge did a great job backing me. The crowd gave me standing ovations after, "Danny Boy" and my 1976 country hit, "My Prayer". A two hour autograph line awaited me at the end of my show. My sister, Ogareeda and her husband, Walter were there as was my niece, Lecia. The long distance travelers of the day were Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hildebrand from Steubenville, OH. They made the 1,400 mile round trip drive to catch the show and come through the autograph line. This was only a 106 mile round trip drive for me. Our daughter, Stacia and son-in-law, Danny were also there. They took good care of me.

October 15th I was up early to pick up Huey and make the some 4 hour drive to Lebanon, MO in time for rehearsal. I was there to do a concert at Ozark Hills Theater at 7pm. I'd never played Lebanon before. A good crowd welcomed me to the stage. The Ozark Hills Band were prepared and did a fine job backing me. Steve Wilkerson played Steel and some guitar. He played on my last five albums and is one of the greatest musicians I've ever known. Two of mine and Huey's class mates were there; Bill Crutchfield and Wilburn Mausey. It was great visiting with them. I told the audience I'd been stationed near there at Fort Leonard Wood 50 years ago for six months in 1961. I was in the Missouri Army National Guard from 1961 to 1967. An autograph line awaited. The next day Huey and I made our Sunday drive home, a 472 mile round trip.



September 14th was the anniversary
of our son Bub's death.



August 31st I was up at 4:30am, drove to Memphis and caught my flight to Newark, NJ. I changed planes and flew through the night arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark early in the morning of Sept. 1st. Blisten met my flight and we caught a train on to Hoor, Sweden. By the time I went to bed that night I had been up 36 hours. I was there to headline the Twin Lake Run, which is a Rock-a-Billy Music and Classic American Car Festival. I took the stage Saturday night the 3rd to a rousing reception. 1,100 fans stood as close to the stage as they could get. Wildfire Willie's  Ramblers did a great job backing me. the Metrotones came on stage and sang vocal backgrounds on 7 of my songs. I closed my show with my most popular Rock-a-Billy song in Europe, "Did You Tell Me". When the crowd wanted an encore we returned to the stage and did, "Shake It Up". A long autograph line awaited. Monday morning I was up at 4am for my trip back home. When I got back to Newark, NJ my flight on to Memphis had been cancelled. I spent the night in a hotel near the airport. I flew on to Memphis Tuesday morning then drove home to Loretta arriving that afternoon.

Thankfully Loretta didn't fall while I was gone to Sweden but she's fallen twice since I've been home, both times with Injuries! I worry about her so.

September 24th Huey and I made the 12 hour drive to Fort Worth, TX. I was there to be one of the artists on a Classic Country Package Show the 25th at the Will Rogers Memorial Center with such hit makers as Moe Bandy, George Hamilton IV, David Frizzell, Roy Head, Leona Williams, Kenny Dale, Tony Booth and Buddy Alan. The staff band did a great job backing all of us. We did 5 songs each. I did my biggest hits: "Funny How Time Slips Away", "Drift Away", "Reconsider Me", "Lonely Teardrops" and "Somebody Hold Me". the ladies were screaming while I was on. the crowd gave me a standing ovation at the end of my show. An autograph line awaited all of us in the lobby. The wife of the late Hand Thompson introduced herself to me and told me she's a big fan of my voice... Thanks, Ann! Huey and I drove home the next day in my white Dodge Grand Caravan, an 1153 mile round trip.


This photo was taken in Hemsby, England by Bernie Durso on May 15, 2011. It appears on the back cover of, "Now Dig This" magazine, issue #340 July 2011.

Many thanks to Danny Stone for sending it for our publication. Click pic for larger view)


Saturday, August 6th I did a show at the 12th Annual Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, TN. The festival had been scheduled to be outside but due to the extremely hot weather was moved inside the small Hall of Fame. Those who got there early were fortunate enough to get seats After that it was standing room only. I was introduced by Nashville DJ, K9 KOHL from WRFN 107.1 FM I took the stage to a standing ovation... others came after, "Funny How Time Slips Away", "If Ever Two Were One", "Somebody Hold Me" and "Danny Boy". All Ballads! Now who said Rockabilly fans don't like ballads? Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. The only ones I know of who have been at all 12 of these are Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harrison (who started and also run the Hall of Fame), the girls from Tupelo (who are loyal fans) and me. The building was so crowded that Huey's Record Rack had to be set up on the sidewalk outside. After the autographing we drove home in Loretta's white Lincoln, a 256 mile round trip.

Saturday August 20th Huey and I drove to Batesville, ARK, a 3 1/2 hour drive. I was there to do a concert at The Landers Theater. A sell-out crowd awaited me. They blessed me with standing ovations on "Great Balls of Fire", Danny Boy", "My Prayer" and "Funny How Time Slips Away". David Grimes and the All Star Band did a great job backing me. This was my first time to play Batesville. This crowd remembered "The Narvel Felts Show" on KAIT-TV Channel 8 from Jonesboro, ARK in 1964 and 1965. During the long autograph line that waited one couple told me he'd been president of his class and had hired me to play a show at their high school auditorium in Strawberry, ARK in 1964. He said he remembered two things about me; One was my red '64 Buick Convertible, the other was that I'd treated him like he was an executive with RCA Records! She said she used to watch my TV show before she went out with him on a date. A little 6 year old girl named Kylie had made a poster for me. Her mom said Kylie had fallen in love with me watching me on RFD-TV. A couple from Loveland, CO, Mike Elijah and his wife were there. They said they came to Weatherford, TX to see me last year, to the Florida State Fair in Tampa to see me a couple of years before that and they'd met me in Fort Collins, CO in the 70s. Some of my cousins that I hadn't seen in years were there, Doyle Nichols and his wife plus Betty Catt and two of her daughters. I'd heard the advertisement for my show on 106.1 Fairfield Bay while driving into town. They played my 1976 top 5 hit, "Lonely Teardrops" behind it. Of the songs that brought standing ovations in August, the following were big country hits for me: "Funny How Time Slips Away" (#6, 1975), "Somebody Hold Me" (#6, 1976) and "My Prayer" (#12, 1976). The following day Huey and I made our Sunday drive home in my white Grand Caravan.

August 26th I was on a Porter Wagoner rerun on RFD-TV, which can be seen all over North America. On this 1974 show I did, "When Your Good Love Was Mine", which was a top 10 hit for me in 1974 and "Drift Away", which was a top 5 hit for me in 1973.

Loretta has had more hard falls in August.


Narvel on stage at the Americana International Festival
Newark, England
Photo courtesy of Rod Pike

See the special Americana Photo page for many more pics from Rod Pike and Moragh Carter


July 3rd I was glad to be home with my wife, Loretta on her birthday.

Wednesday, July 6th I was up early. I drove to Memphis and caught my flight to Newark, NJ. I changed planes then flew through the night, arriving in London, England early Thursday morning. Tom met my flight and drove me to my hotel in Newark, England. We arrived mid-afternoon. I phoned Loretta letting her know I had arrived safely. I told her that while driving to Memphis I'd heard Terry Wood play my record, "Somebody Hold Me" by request on 95.9 The Wolf from Jonesboro, ARK. She said she'd just heard Susan Anderson Bell play, "Somebody Hold Me" on Pure Country from Cape Girardeau, MO. The following day Bernie Durso, who lives on the Isle of Man (which is in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland) told me she'd heard my record, "Drift Away" that week on Isle of Man radio. That day I had supper with Dell Richardson who has a radio show, "Good Rockin' Tonight" on radio Caroline from London. He said he'd recently played, "Rockin' Little Angel" on his show. It makes me feel so good to hear that I'm still getting radio play on both sides of the Atlantic.

This time I was in England as a country headliner on the main stage at the Americana International Festival. My show was on Saturday afternoon July 9th. The audience was receptive. They blessed me with standing ovations after, "Danny Boy" and  "Funny How Time Slips Away". Lazy Dog Plus Two did a great job backing me. A long autograph line awaited me. Fans and friends from England, Scotland, Ireland and Holland came through it.

Sunday, July 10th Chris drove me back to London. I stayed at the hotel near the airport that night. Monday July 11th I was up at 6 AM (Sunday midnight back home). Twenty three hours later I was back home with Loretta. 


Photos courtesy of Leonard Fulbright
See more on Photo page


June 4th I did a concert at the Rodgers Theater in Poplar Bluff, MO. I feel this show was one of the best I've ever done. Some 800 people attended. The audience included our daughter, Stacia and son-in-law, Danny, my sister, Ogareeda and brother-in-law, Walter plus my niece, Lecia. Some of my Bernie High School classmates were there as were some of my National Guard buddies. The Mayor of my home town, Malden, Ray Santie and his wife, Jackie was there plus our former chief of police, Bob McDonald. Double Edge did a perfect job backing me. The crowd gave me a standing ovation when I walked on to the stage and another one came after "Danny Boy" which I did in memory of our son, Bub.

At one point, a lady shouted from the audience, "Do you remember Oscar and Betty James, the Chez Paris Club in Malden?" I said I remember when it was Townley House, my buddy J. W. Grubbs and I would hitch-hike there on Sunday afternoons when I was 16 (in 1955) to hear Slim Thornton's Hillbilly Band. When they would take an intermission and turn the jukebox on, "You Are My Love" by Pop Princess, Joni James would always play.

Back to my show...
Another standing ovation came after "My Prayer" and "Funny How Time Slips Away". A long autograph line awaited me at Huey's Record Rack in the lobby. This was a short 86 mile round trip.

June 25th I did an outdoor concert at the Band Shell in Rolla, MO. This was a free show courtesy of Senator Dan Brown. The audience was receptive and blessed me with standing ovations after "Danny Boy" and "My Prayer". Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. An autograph line awaited at Huey's Record Rack. During my show Senator Brown came on stage. He presented me with a plaque from the Missouri Senate. It states that the Senate paused to recognize my career and my accomplishments. This was quite touching to me. This was a 445 round trip drive.

Top - Narvel on stage of the Rodgers Theater
Bottom - Senator Dan Brown presents Narvel with a plaque from the Missouri Senate in recognition of his career achievements. More pics posted on the photo page!



May 11th I was up early. I made the 141 mile drive from Missouri to the Memphis Airport. I boarded my flight to Charlotte where I changed plains and flew through he night arriving in London, England the next morning, May 12th. Cart net my flight and drove me the four hour drive to my hotel in Great Yarmouth, arriving mid afternoon. Friday the 13th, radio Disc Jockey, Shawn Greene phoned my hotel room from Ireland and did an on-air interview with me. He played my records; "Drift Away", "Reconsider Me", and "Honey Love". I then went downstairs to attend our press conference. I was in England to headline the 46th Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekender Saturday, May 14th. Two thousand tickets had been sold. Among the other artists on this festival (which is staged by Willie and Varick Jeffery) were: Clyde Stacy, John D. Levan, Si Cranstoun, Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers plus the Crystalairs. The Rhythm Busters did a fine job backing me. Much applause followed my 1976 hit, "My Prayer". My last scheduled song was my 1957 Sun Record recording, "Did You Tell Me". The crowd wanted an encore. I came back to the stage and did one I'd written in 1957, "I'm Heading Home" and the crowd raised the roof on that one. I encored again with, "Shake it Up". A long autograph line awaited me. Friends and fans were there from England ,Wales, Swede, France and Germany.

Sunday, May 15th I was driven back to where I stayed in a hotel next to the airport. Monday, May 16th I was up early for the long trip home. Twenty three hours later I was back home with Loretta.


Narvel Autographing in Lobby
Rialto Theater, Morrilton, ARK, April 9th, 2011
Photo courtesy of Shirley Rains- More pics Here

April  1st would have been out son, Bub's 47th birthday but he will forever be 31.

April 9th I did a concert at the Rialto Theater in Morrilton, ARK. Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. The crowd was receptive and blessed me with standing ovations after, "Danny Boy", "My Prayer", and "Funny How Time Slips Away". A long autograph line awaited me in the lobby after my show. Fans were there from as far away as Chicago and Oklahoma City. Huey and I made the 497 mile round trip in Loretta's  white Lincoln.

Loretta had another hard fall in April. We enjoyed spending our 49th wedding anniversary together April 30th.



March 10th we were blessed with the arrival of a new great granddaughter. Her name is Koda. She is the daughter of our grandson, Dakota and his wife Colliena.


From the webmaster:

I am currently unable to scan any photos that Narvel sends so if you have a photo you'd like to share from one of his shows, please send me a scanned pic at Be sure to include your name, the show place and date and names of any others who may be in the pic. Thanks so much!!


My hernia surgery of January 21st (my fourth) was in vain. Nine days later it was back! I still must go through the eight weeks of not lifting. My doctor tells me that the area is weak. That's why the surgeries are not holding. I'm to wear a truss and after the eight weeks, get myself  back in shape and go on with my shows. I look forward to seeing you at one of my shows this year. Please keep a check on my Show Dates page on this web site. There is a new booking posted for June.

My wife, Loretta is doing better but she did have another fall in February.


Old Friends Visit
Narvel Felts and Matt Lucas
Florida, January 15, 2011
Photo courtesy of Barbara Lucas
See Matt on CD Baby

I saw the new year in at home with my wife, Loretta. I hope 2011 will be kind to you and yours.

January 14th I made the 2 1/2 hour drive to Memphis. I then flew to Tampa, rented a car and made the 2 hour drive on to Eustis, FL. I was there to play a concert at the Florida Sunshine Opry on Saturday , the 15th. Saturday afternoon my friend since 1956, Matt Lucas and his wife, Barb stopped by my motel for a visit. Matt had played drums with me in the early 60s. He had a hit record, "I'm Movin' On" in 1963. I then played guitar with him for awhile. With the great Ray Price about 30 miles away at another theater, I still had a good crowd at the Sunshine Opry. They blessed me with a standing ovation at the end of my show. The Sunshine Opry Band did a good job backing me. A long autograph line awaited me in the lobby. Through it came fans as far away as Ireland, Iowa, Maine, West Virginia, Virginia, Canada, North Carolina and Texas. I had good visits with Charles and Virginia Stokes who'd brought a crowd with them. Dude Mullins and his wife, Jackie were there. Dude has been my friend since 1958 when I played his Paradise Club in Cario, Illinois. Sunday the 16th I drove my rental car to Tampa, flew to Memphis, got my van out of the parking lot and drove home.

Friday the 21st my buddy, Huey picked me up at 5:30am along with my daughter, Stacia and son-in-law, Danny. It had snowed the day before but the roads were clear. Huey drove us to Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau, MO. It was 2 below zero morning. There I had a hernia surgery (my fourth time). I'm now home and doing good. I've taken February and March off to heal and get myself back in shape. My next show is at the Rialto Theater in Morrilton, Arkansas, April 9th.



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