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L. V. Bryant






Hope that Christmas and the New Year are kind to you and yours.

God Bless,


Narvel at the Rialto Theater
March 27, 2010
Photo courtesy of by Shirley Rains




Thanks for all your cards and calls on my birthday, Nov. 11th. Cousin Carl, Doug, Rick, Levon and Shannon called from KWKZ, Cape Girardeau, MO and sang, "Happy Birthday" to me on the air. Dave McGrath from WGTD, Kenosha, Wisconsin called and said, "Associated Press is saying you're 75. Is that right?" I said that is right! Darwin Lee Hill on WHVW, Poughkeepsie, NY played a Narvel Felts set of five songs. They were: "Blue Darlin'", "Drift Away", "Somebody Hold Me", "Reconsider Me" and "Chased by the Dawn". Trudy Burke on WYN, St. Albans, Victoria, Australia played "To Love Somebody".

Nov. 22nd I played my final show of 2013, my 57th year in show biz. It was at the Collins Theater in Paragould, Arkansas. The theater, including the balcony was full. Gary Prince did a great opening set. Sugar Creek did a wonderful job backing me. The crowd blessed me with standing ovations after, "Danny Boy" and "My Prayer". Terry Wood from 95.9 The Wolf Radio was our MC. He joined me for a duet on, "Runaway" and did a great job. He told me I'm still the most requested artist on his show. In the audience was my niece, Lecia and her special friend, Richard plus my cousins, Don and Sandy as well as Benton and Sherry. A long autograph line waited in the lobby. Through it came fans from as far away as St. Louis. Huey and I returned home afterward. Only a 124 mile round trip.


Narvel on Stage
Grantham, England, 1989
Photo courtesy of Millie Bowers


October 12th I did my 11th annual concert at the Lady Luck Casino in Caruthersville, MO. What had always been an outside event at their Riverview Amphitheater was moved inside to their concert facility due to rain. The building seemed full as I took the stage to a standing ovation. More ovations came during my show and at the end of it. Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. The crowd applauded during my hits, "Reconsider Me", "When Your Good Love Was Mine", "Funny How Time Slips Away" and "Somebody Hold Me". As I was leaving the stage I saw a couple coming to me.. it was my Bernie, MO high school principal, Mr. McCoin and his wife! We said a few words then I was whisked away by security through a crowd to my autograph line at Huey's Record Rack in the lobby. I enjoyed visiting with fans, friends and family. Some had traveled from as far away as Dallas, St. Louis, Chicago plus Huntsville, Alabama but the longest distance travelers were Ray and Betty Hilderbrand from Steubenville, OH. The crowd traveled short and long distances to see my show. This was only a 110 mile round trip for me.

October 19th I did two concerts at the Midwest Country Theater in Sandstone, MN. This started with a full rehearsal at noon with the Midwest Country Band plus Maria Rose and Danny Elswick. The 2pm show went really well with the band and vocal background. The theater was nearly full and the audience was receptive. Near the end I was presented a touching plaque from Linda and Doug Emerson. The 7pm show brought a similar crowd but a much more receptive audience. They gave me a standing ovation when I walked on stage and after almost every song! Through the autograph lines came friends from as far away as Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Waterloo, Iowa and Harrison, Arkansas. I had good visits with long time friends Wink and Diane Luitjens, Manly and Benetta Olsen, Wade and Jamey plus Mike Bleess. The following morning Huey and I started our long drive back home. The first 80 or 90 miles it was snowing. We made this 1,678 mile round trip drive in my white Grand Caravan.

Final Farewell:
Cal Smith; He had charted country hits from the 1960s to the 1980s with his signature hit being, Country Bumpkin". Our paths crossed in Nashville, Texas and Michigan.
Roland Janes; He was staff lead guitarist at Sun Records in Memphis in the late '50s. Hit guitar rides can be heard on such legendary hits as, "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" by Jerry Lee Lewis and "Raunchy" by Bill Justis. He was my producer from 1962 through 1965. My most notable record from that era was "Mountain of Love" in 1963. After closing his own Sonics Studio in the 70s he ran Sam Philip's studio the rest of his life.


Narvel on stage 1-1-13
Photo courtesy of Leonard Fulbright


September 14th was the 18th anniversary of our son Bub's death in a car accident near Campbell, MO.

September 28th I was up early for the six hour drive to Sunrise Beach, MO. I was there to do a show for Senator Dan Brown at the Cannon Smoke Saloon. Double Edge did a great hob backing me. The crowd was receptive. Though my autograph line came folks from that area plus Mark from Kansas, who told me he'd attended 14 of my shows.

Harold Boner and Huey Long made this trip with me. The next morning we were up early for the drive back home. We made this 640 mile round trip in Loretta's white Lincoln Town Car.

Final Farewell: Marvin Rainwater, in the USA he is most remembered for his huge 1957 country crossover hit, "Gonna Find Me a Bluebird". In the UK he is most remembered for his #1 hit, "Whole Lotta Woman" from their pop chart in 1958. Marvin and I did many shows together through the years.


Narvel on stage 1-1-13
Photo courtesy of Leonard Fulbright


August 10th I did a concert at the Orange Blossom Opry in Weirsdale, FL. A good crowd welcomed me to the stage. The Orange Blossom Opry Band did a great job on their opening plus backing me on my show. The crowd gave me a standing ovation at the end of my show. I was honored to know that Margo Smith was in the audience with her husband. She had such #1 country hits as "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You" and "It Only Hurts for a Little While" in the 1970s. I did a Michigan tour with her in 1978. We shared the billing in London in 1983.

A long autograph line awaited me as Huey's Record Rack opened. Bobbie Ellis, who was the Virginia Representative of my fan club in the 70s was there with her daughter. Dude Mullins who had the Paradise Club in Cario, Illinois was there with his wife, Jackie. My band, "The Rockets" and I played for him there on Sunday's in 1958. Charles and Virginia Stokes who always bring several from the villages when I'm in the area were also there.

The following day Huey and I started out long drive back home, a 1750 mile round trip.

Final Farewells: Jack Clement; great producer and song writer. As A&R man for Sun Records he auditioned me in Memphis when I was 17 in 1956. He produced my two Sun Sessions in 1957, "My Babe" and "Did You Tell Me" came from them. He was the recording engineer on my sessions for Pink Records in 1959 that brought me, "Genavee", "Darling Sue" and "Honey Love. The latter made the billboard pop chart in 1960.
Tompall Glaser; As Tompall and the Glaser Brothers recorded many great country hits from the 60s to the 80s including in England three times, 1974, 1985 and 1989.
Kevin Whorton; as DJ on WLAY in Muscle Shoals, Alabama he played my records many times. He also was the MC who brought me on stage several times when I did shows in that area.
Wayne McGinnis, Recorded for Meteor Records in 1956. One of the founders of American Studio in Memphis and recorded at this studio.. such comeback hits as, "In the Ghetto". My sister, Ogareeda was a classmate of his at Keiser High School in Ark. They lived about 3 miles from us when I was a boy. He told me last year he could remember out truck passing their house with me standing in the back looking over the cab.



Narvel On Stage


July 20th I was one of the artists on the "Good Ole Boys" concert at the American Music Theater in Lancaster, PA. The other artists were Moe Bandy, Bobby Bare, George Hamilton IV and Razzy Bailey. The Americana Band did a great job backing each of us on both the 2pm and 7pm shows.

Some 1200 attended the 2pm show, 1000 attended the 7pm show. Each audience blessed me with standing ovations. On the first show it was after, "Somebody Hold Me".. on the second it was after, "Funny How Time Slips Away". This one also brought me an encore. Long autograph lines awaited at the end of each show.

We had our meals with Lee and Lori Gilkerson who had made the long drive from Buckeye Lake, OH. Huey and I made the long 1900 mile round trip drive in my white Dodge Grand Caravan.

I received a letter from Faye Huffman telling me that while driving through Tyler, TX on I-20 she heard my record, "Reconsider Me" on 104.1 Country Classics, "The Ranch". I received a play list from Trudy Burke, DJ on 88.9 WYN FM, St. Albans, Victoria, Australia. She recently played my recording, "Convicted". My DJ friend, Levon DeCorley played my record, "Fraulein" this morning, July 31st on Pure Country KWKZ 106.1 from Cape Girardeau, MO. I recently heard Cousin Carl on this station play my recording, "Blue Darlin'". Levon tells me he heard Eddy Stubbs play my record, "Somebody Hold Me" by request on WSM 650 AM from Nashville, TN, Friday, July 26th. Darwin Lee Hill from WHVW 950 AM, Poughkeepsie, NY sent a list of his top 20 most requested artists for the past year, with Hank Williams # 1, Elvis Presley # 14, George Jones # 20. I was honored to be # 18! He recently played, "Drift Away".

Final Farewell: Nick Nixon, I did shows with him. Loretta and I both loved his 1975 top 40 hit, "I'm Too Used To Loving You".


Rogers Theater, Poplar Bluff, MO 6-1-13

Narvel Felts, Rick Sinclair from 106.1 Pure Country, Cape Girardeau, MO
"Rick introduced Narvel on Stage"

Doris DiLeo, Patsy Martin, Narvel, Faye Huffman, Judy Standige
"These four sisters traveled 3,000 miles collectively to see Narvel's show."

Dean Raymer, Narvel, Dodge Raymer
"They first saw Narvel at the Fox Theater in St. Louis, MO in 1957"

Narvel and Stacia
"Narvel and Loretta's Daughter"

Narvel and Linda Brooks
Linda traveled from Austin, TX to see Narvel sing, "When Your Gold Hair Turns to Silver" that her dad wrote for her mom.

Check the PHOTOS page for more pictures of the show taken by our friend, Leonard Fulbright.



I've asked Marli to put Faye Huffman's great review and photos of my June 1st show here.



My sisters Judy, Doris, Patsy and I planned a "Sister's Trip" around seeing our favorite singer, Narvel Felts in concert at the historic Rodgers Theatre in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Judy traveled from Oklahoma, Doris from North Carolina, and Patsy and I from different parts of Louisiana.

The Millstones opened the Saturday night show with easy listening from the '60s and '70s including, "Sweet Caroline" and "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me."

Double Edge opened Narvel's show with, "Sea Cruise" and singer/keyboard player Judy Webb touching our hearts with, "Don't Touch Me."

Deejay Rick Sinclair, KWKZ 106.1 Cape Girardeau, Missouri introduced Narvel who opened with, "Funny How Time Slips Away". He told us that he first performed in the Rodgers Theatre in 1957, over 50 years ago. "Drift Away" followed, both Top 10 hits in the '70s, as well as, "When Your Good Love Was Mine."

Narvel gave a nod to fans, friends and family present at the show including Dean and Dodge Raymer, St. Louis, Missouri, who first saw him in 1957, we girls, former Police Chief Bob McDonald from his hometown of Malden, Missouri, high school friends, his niece, Lecia as well as his daughter, Stacia and husband Danny.

Next we were treated to, "Blue Darlin'" and taken back to 1956-57 with, "Pink and Black Days", a 1976 Top 10, "Somebody Hold Me" and "Mountain of Love" from 1963.

Linda Brooks, Austin, Texas, had traveled to Narvel's show after corresponding with Narvel and sharing with him several songs written by her father, Johnny Brooks, who passed away a year ago. Narvel sang, "When The Gold In Your Hair Turns To Silver" a love song by Linda's Dad to her mother, Jessie. It was a touching moment and will always be cherished by Linda.

After winning his Bernie High School's talent show 57 years ago, Narvel got a job working in Jerry Mercer's band, opened for Roy Orbison and Eddie Bond and at his first Sun Records recording session Harold Jenkins (soon to be Conway Twitty) pulled up a chair, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis were there, Narvel told us, as he broke into, "Great Balls Of Fire."

"Kiss-A-Me Baby" brought back the story of performing in Flint, Michigan when it was No. 12 in 1957 and in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, at the Jewel Theatre when it was No. 7 and in both places the girls mobbed him and tore his clothes off, a thrill, he admitted, for an 18 year old who had been chopping and picking cotton only the year before.

No show would be complete without the Country Music Awards Single of 1975 on both Billboard and Cashbox, "Reconsider Me."

We were taken back to the late fifties with, "My Babe" and told that original Rockabilly fans of the late '50s and early '60s have led to a new generation of fans in Europe. Narvel told us that he traveled to Wembley, England earlier this year and performed in a Rockabilly Festival and performed at a Country Show there with Reba McEntire last year.

In memory of Bub, Narvel and Loretta's only son who died in a car accident September 14, 1995, Narvel sang a beautiful rendition of "Since I Don't Have You."

"All In The Name Of Love" came next. Then someone hollered for "One Run For The Roses." Narvel explained that it wasn't in the script, but thanked the fan for remembering that 1978 hit.

A Top 5 classic "Lonely Teardrops" followed by the beautiful "My Prayer" which commanded a standing ovation and closing the show with "Funny How Time Slips Away."


I wanted to remind my fans that Loretta's birthday is on July 3rd. She loves the cards and letters from our friends and fans.

Final Farewell: Roy Combs who was the president of my fan club from the late 90s to 2005.
Slim Whitman, I had the honor of doing his farewell Tour with him in 2002. We did 20 shows in 30 days across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Eddie Bond, My first package show was with him and Roy Orbison in 1956. Eddy and I would do many more over the next 50 years.

Thanks to Faye for the wonderful review and to all my fans and friends for your support.

God Bless,

The photos are courtesy of Faye Huffman. Click on pics for larger views,
The photo above is Narvel on Stage.


Patsy Russell, Barb Harlow - Narvel - Betty Matthews - Joyce Matthews - Jo Ann Gentry

All 3 Photos courtesy of Barb Harlow
Show: Paris, TN
May 4, 2013



May 4th I was up early for my drive to Paris, TN. Huey Long made the drive with me. Harold Boner, my manager made the trip with me for the first time in five years. He is in failing health.

I was in Paris to do a concert that afternoon at the Paris Convention Center at Hampton Inn. A very receptive audience welcomed me to the stage. They blessed me with five standing ovations during my show. Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. Two ladies all the way from Milwaukee, WI were there. One said she'd been a fan for many years and had never seen me. The girls from Tupelo were there as were fans from Connecticut, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee. A long autograph line awaited at Huey's Record Rack.

After supper we made the drive back home, a 301 mile round trip.

                   Huey Long of Huey's Record Rack                                   Harold Boner, Narvel's Manager



News from Marli


View the "Now Dig This" Feature on Narvel HERE (listed under "Reviews" on this site)




April 1st would have been our son Bub's 49th birthday. We lost him at age 31.

April 30th will be Loretta's and my 51st wedding anniversary.

Marli will be including some photos from the British Rock 'n' Roll magazine, "Now Dig This" with my photo on the cover. This is their January 2013 issue. Their focus is on the 1950s.

<-- Photo: Narvel with fan, Joan Dawes at the International Festival of Country Music" at Wembley Arena
Feb. 26, 2012
Courtesy of Joan Dawes
Refresh your memories of the concert on Narvel's News 2012


Narvel Sings, "Funny How Time Slips Away"
Midwest Country Theater
Sandstone, Minnesota, 9-8-2012
Photo Courtesy of Larry and Karen Hynes


March 2nd I headlined Rockabilly Boogie Fest at the ASU Armory in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Others on the show were Sonny Burgess & the legendary Pacers, Stan Perkins, Stunning Cunning plus Double Edge who did a great job backing me. Terry Wood from classic Country 95.9 The Wolf did a great job as MC. He tells me I'm still the most requested artist on his noon request show.

My show was an even mix of my Rockabilly recordings and my country hits. My biggest response was from my 1976 country top 10 hit, "Somebody Hold Me". Around 650 attended the show.

A long autograph line awaited at Huey's Record Rack. Most remembered The Narvel Felts Show on KAIT-TV in 1964 & 1965. The long distance travelers were my friends, Steve and Corrine Melberg who drove 1500 miles from Battleview, North Dakota. A couple drove from Linden, Texas plus the girls from Tupelo, Mississippi were there. Many long time friends were there including one from my boyhood home, Shady Bend, Arkansas. Some had seen me on Midwest Country on RFD-TV in February. My niece Lecia and special friend Richard were there plus cousins, Benton and Sherry as well as Nell and John Allen.

Sunday morning Huey and I made our short drive back home, a 186 mile round trip.



Narvel at Autograph Line
Midwest Country Theater
Sandstone, Minnesota 9-8-2012
Photo courtesy of Larry & Karen Hynes


Happy February Birthdays to our daughter, Stacia on the 3rd and our granddaughter, Nicole on the 6th.

The 7th I did an on air phone interview with Sonny Burgess and June Taylor on KASU Radio in Jonesboro, ARK. They played the following recordings by me during the interview; "Honey Love", Go, Go, Go", "My Prayer" and "Loretta".

The 9th I was on National TV across the USA and Canada. The show was Midwest Country on RFD-TV. The performances shown by me were, Reconsider Me", "My Babe" and "Blue Darlin'". My talk between songs was also included. These were from my concert in Sandstone, Minnesota September 8, 2012.

The 12th I did an on air phone interview with Cousin Carl on KWKZ Radio in Cape Girardeau, MO. When the interview ended he played, "Blue Darlin'" by me, including our late son, Bub's count on the intro. Later in the show he played my recordings, "Funny How Time Slips Away" and "I Need Somebody Bad". The 14th we heard him play my recording, "Moments to Remember Medley". I spent that day home with my Valentine, Loretta. She really enjoyed her roses.

(See more photos of Narvel at Midwest Country on the Photos page)


Narvel on Stage
Hoor, Sweden


On January 19th I did the first show of my 57th year in show biz. I was headliner of the 30th Annual Rockers Reunion at Rivermead Leisure Complex in Reading, England. Others on the show were Crazy Caravan and the Rhythm Rockers, Bill Fadden and the Rhythm Busters, Furious, Fireball UK  and The Coy Dogs.

It had been quite a trick getting there. I was to fly out or Memphis but an ice storm there forced me to change my departure to St. Louis. I had to drive through the snow to get there. When I boarded my London-bound flight in Chicago it was cancelled just before take off! I had to rush to get the last sear on the next flight. When I arrived in London more than three hours late, Ian and Carol met my flight and drove me to my hotel in Reading. The following day I watched it snow from my window.

The snow storm on Friday had cost us two or three hundred ticket sales for our Saturday show, a thousand fans stood in front of the stage and gave me a rousing reception through my show as the Rhythm Busters did a great job backing me. After my encore with, "I'm Headin' Home" a long autograph line awaited me at Varick's Record Rack. Through it came fans and friends from across the UK. Plus from Paris, France, Belgium and Barcelona, Spain. I'm told folks from Finland were also there.

Monday I was driven to London, flew to Chicago then on to St. Louis where I spent the night. Tuesday I drove home to Loretta. Glad to be home.. this had taken a week.




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