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2010 News

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L. V. Bryant



I'm not doing a show in December so I'll post this picture. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

(Please note November's news below which is newly posted

Christmas Memories

Loretta and Narvel
A Happier, healthier Christmas - 1993
This photo was taken by our son, Bub. He was killed in a car accident Sept. 14, 1995. Sept. 14, 2010 was the 15th anniversary of his death.



November 11th was my 72nd birthday. I spent it at home with Loretta. Thank you for your cards and calls. It was a perfect day.

November 19th I played my 5th annual concert at the Collins Theater in Paragould, ARK. This time we had the biggest crowd the theater has had! Most of my other shows there had been sell outs. This time every seat was full including the balcony. They brought out all of their folding chairs, others stood! Our MC was Terry Wood from 95.9 The Wolf in Jonesboro, ARK, which is north east Arkansas's top classic country station. Terry tells me that I'm their most requested artist  Terry sang a song in the opening set of our show, nailing, "Can't Help Falling in Love" with a high power ending, like I'd never heard on this Elvis classic. Gary Prince and Sugar Creek did their usual great job on their opening show plus backing me. The crowd gave me a rounding reception. They gave me standing ovations on my 70's country hit, "Somebody Hold Me", "My Prayer and "Funny How Time Slips Away". I called Terry Wood back on stage to duet with me on "Johnny B. Goode". A long autograph line awaited me in the lobby as Huey's Record Rack opened. They were mostly from north east ARK, some from St. Louis and some from Hot Springs. They included the former California Representative of my Fan Club, Ruth Burks and her husband, Royce.

Loretta has a balance problem and has had several hard falls this year. I've been taking her to the neurologist in hopes of finding a way to help her. An MRI of her brain reveals that she's had a mild stroke. An x-ray o her spine shows that after 2 back surgeries there's only one disc that hasn't been used. Her terrible case of osteoarthritis has caused her spine to curve to the left then back. The doctors feel a combination of the 3 is causing her balance problems. She hopes her pain will go in remission. Please remember her in your prayers.

As for me, I had a double hernia surgery in Feb. of '09, my right side was operated on again in May of 2010. In August of '10 anther hernia popped out right above it. I've worn a truss to keep it in since. My shows have been close enough together that I won't have time to have another surgery until after I play my FL show on Jan. 15th. I plan n having it done the following week. I'll then take Feb. and March off. That should be enough time for me to heal then get my wind and voice back for April.


Narvel in Concert
Country Gold Fest
Wild Rose Casino
Emmetsburg, Iowa - Oct. 16, 2010
Photo courtesy of Wade Olson

T. G. Sheppard, Narvel, Gladys and Leroy Van Dyke
Emmetsburg, Iowa
Oct. 16, 2010
Photo courtesy of Bev Mackey

(click on photos for larger view)



October 2nd I did a show at the Rock and Roll Highway 67 Music Festival in Pocahontas, ARK. This show was in honor of one of the all time top country songwriters, Bill Rice who was also a part of the show as was Mickey Gilley and J. R. Rogers. Though it was a cold night the crowd gave us a warm reception. Bill Rive introduced me on stage. Double Edge did a great job backing me. I called Bill back on stage to join me on "Drift Away". He had produced my 1973 hit record of it. The crowd blessed me with a standing ovation then a long autograph line at Huey's Record Rack.

Oct. 9th I did my 8th annual concert at the Riverview Amphitheater at the lady Luck Casino in Caruthersville. MO. We had a beautiful afternoon for this outside show overlooking the Mississippi River. Management told me that some 1,300 fans attended. Double Edge did their usual great job backing me. The crowd blessed me with a standing ovation then a some two hour autograph line. Most were from MO, TN and ARK but the long distance travelers were my friends Harold and Martina all the way from Germany! Huey was sick so my daughter, Stacia and her husband, Danny sold my CDs. Other family members there included my sister, Ogareeda and her husband, Walter, my niece, Lecia and her friend, Leland, my nephew, Billy Joe and Lady Sissy plus my cousin, Donald and his wife, Sandra. We'd made the drive to both Pocahontas and Caruthersville in Loretta's white Lincoln Town Car.

Oct. 16, I was one of the artists on Country Gold Fest at the Wild Rose Casino in Emmetsburg, Iowa. The other artists on this show were Leroy Van Dyke and T. G. Sheppard. We did a matinee and a night show. Every now and then what I feel is a magic show happens... this night show was magic! The ballroom was full, the crowd was wonderful, The Auctioneers did a great job backing all three of us. Leroy introduced me and the crowd gave me a standing ovation when I walked on stage then one on each song I did and another as I left the stage! Long autograph lines awaited in the lobby. They were from Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Nebraska. They included long time friends, Wink and Diane, Jerry and Bev, Manley and Benetta plus Wade and many more. Huey and I made the 1380 mile round trip drive in my white Dodge Caravan.

A Post Script: All artists I worked with this month did great shows. I enjoyed my visits with them.

FInal Farewell: George Richey, my cousin, Jack Felts, our nephew, Mervin Plummer, friend since 1953, Sam Maudlin.

Narvel in Concert
Midwest Country Theater
Sandstone, Minnesota
Photo courtesy of Bev Mackey
(click on photo for larger view)

August 7th I did a matinee and a night show at the Midwest Country Theater in Sandstone, Minnesota. Each crowd gave me several standing ovations. Fans from as far away as Dover, Delaware, South Dakota and Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada came through my autograph lines when Huey's Record Rack opened after each show. The Midwest Country Band did a great job backing me. Each show was taped. Some of the songs will be shown on the Midwest Country Show on RFD-TV. Singers on the opening sets were Sharon Lee and Melanie Rosales. Huey and I made the 1,720 mile round trip drive in my Grand Caravan. On the way home we had two flats within 200 miles. Some kind people came to our rescue and helped us with the first one. It was 100 degrees on a black highway when we had to get the spare out from under the van, break the hot lug bolts loose and change the wheel. It was 1977 the last time I had to change a tire on the side of the interstate.

August 18th I was one of the artists on the Country Gold Show at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Missouri. Other artists on this picture perfect show were: Leroy Van Dyke, Moe Bandy. Steve and Rudy Gatlin, Helen Cornelius, David Frizzell, Jimmy Fortune and Gene Watson. We sung our four songs each. The Auctioneers did a great job backing each of us. Missouri Governor and Mrs. Jay Nixon came to our artist waiting room to meet us as did Roy Blunt who is running for the U.S. Senate and State Rep. Billy Pat Wright who was in the National Guard with me in the 1960s. Former Missouri Secretary of State, Judy Moriarty came through my autograph line with one of my CDs and game me some kind compliments. Huey and I made the 693 mile round trip drive in Loretta's Town Car.


Narvel in Concert
Rogers Theater, Poplar Bluff, MO
March 6th, 2010
Photo Courtesy of Leonard Fulbright
(click on photo for larger view)

July 17th I did a concert at the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center in Huntington, TN. This was my first show since my Hernia surgery of May 25th. For some reason I could barely talk when I awoke from the surgery. I've remained hoarse ever since. Thankfully I got through my show and hit all my notes. The near sell out crowd blessed me with a standing ovation. In the audience was my sister, Ogareeda, her husband, Walter, my niece, Lecia and her friend Leland. Long time fan club members Ruth Bryant and Time were there as were the girls from Tupelo. My friend since the 60s, Jimmy Busby who is a fine singer was also there. Double Edge did a great job backing me. A long autograph line awaited me in the lobby at Huey's Record Rack. Kelly Green had introduced me on stage with a great introduction The show had been broadcast live on the radio as the "Fun on the Farm Jamboree. This was a 323 mile round trip drive.

July 24th I did two concerts; an afternoon and night show at the Texas Opry in Weatherford, TX. Huey and I made the 12 hour drive down the day before. I was afraid my voice may not hold up for the rehearsal plus two concerts. Thankfully it did though I could barely talk after the the last autograph line.

International Rock-a-Billy Legend, Mac Curtis was on the first half of each show. The Texas Opry Band did a great job backing me. The crowds at each show gave me standing ovations. Tom McConnel, who had promoted my hit records in the 70s was there for both shows with his lady friend, Carole. We went to supper between shows and had a good visit. Long time fan club member, Faye Huffman was there all the way from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her sister-in-law, June was with her. A lady came through my autograph line and told me she was the long distance traveler to my show, all the way from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The next day Huey and I took a 12 hour Sunday drive back home. This was a 1207 mile round trip.

Final Farewell: Jimmy Dean, Judy Lynn, Fred Carter, Jr., Manuel Hammon

Hi There!
I just wanted to say that I recently saw Narvel in Weatherford, Texas a couple of weeks ago. What a great concert he performed in light of his recent surgery. Narvel is such a genuine person and he can still belt out his famous songs! I wish he could come to Texas more often. I will see him every chance I get. Keep on Trucking Narvel! Your the Best!
Shannon Yarbrough
Dallas, Texas

I've spent the month of June at home recovering from my hernia surgery of May 25th. The first three weeks were pretty rough - I'm better now and must get my voice in shape and my strength back for my July shows. Thanks for your cards and calls. I look forward to being home with Loretta on her Birthday, July 3rd.

Note: I have added more information to my February News which names others who played in my band.


Narvel Felts Homecoming
American Legion
Malden, MO
Dec. 6, 2003

Courtesy of Faye Huffman
(click on photo for larger view)


Narvel & Marty Raybon
Choctaw Event Center
Durant, OK
Oct. 18, 2008
Photo courtesy of Royce & Ruth Burks
Marty was lead singer of Shenandoah who had 26 country hits including the #1 hit, "The Church on Cumberland Road" and four more #1 hits between 1989 and 1994.
(click on photo for larger view)
My plans were to leave May and June open to have hernia surgery. It was scheduled for May 4th but was rescheduled for May 25th. This still gives me 7 1/2 weeks recovery time before my next show.

I was home with Loretta on Mother's Day. We enjoyed the visit from our daughter, Stacia. That same weekend the episode of "Country Family Reunion 2010" with me singing, "Somebody Hold Me" was shown on RFD-TV. All the legendary country artists in the studio plus the band and vocal group gave me a standing ovation. What an HONOR!

The following weekend, Midwest Country was shown on RFD-TV with me singing, "Pink and Black Days", "I'm Gonna Be Strong" and "Kiss-a-Me Baby".

I got word the other day that Terry Wood, who hosts the, All Request Lunch Hour" on "Classic Country 95.9 The Wolf" in Jonesboro, Arkansas had three requests from three different listeners for my records during the first fifteen minutes that the lines were open. They were for, "Somebody Hold Me", "Lonely Teardrops" and "Reconsider Me". I'm told that Terry plays one of my records almost every day.

Many pictures were taken in Spain last month but none have been sent to me so I've included one I could find.

Final farewell: Johnny Maestro, as lead singer of The Crests. He sang "16 Candles" and their other hits.


Narvel in Concert
Rialto Theater
Morrilton, Arkansas
March 27, 2010
Photo: Faye Huffman
Read Faye's Review of the show here
(click on photo for larger view)

Carl Mann, Narvel Felts, J. M. Van Eaton
International Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame
Jackson, TN, April 10, 2010
Photo: Rod Pyke
Courtesy: Essie Shell


Remembering Narvel "Bub" Felts, Jr.

April 1st would have been our son Bub's 46th birthday, but he will forever be 31.

Rockabilly Fest in Jackson, TN

April 10th I was headliner at the Rockabilly Fest 2010 staged by the International Rock-a-Billy Hall of Fame in Jackson, TN. Other artists there were Carl Mann, Little David Wilkins, Eddie Bond, J. M. Van Eaton, Os Rebels (from Brazil) and Wade Jackson. Bands were Double Edge, who did their usual great job backing me plus Red Hot & Blue. The show was outside, the weather was cold but the crowd gave me a warm reception with standing ovations. They were from Tennessee, Missouri, Kentucky and England. An autograph line awaited at Huey's Record Rack.

Valencia, Spain

April 15th I was up early to make the 2.5 hour drive from my home to the Memphis Airport. On my way, I heard on the radio that because of a volcano eruption in Iceland, airports were closed and passengers were stranded from Scandinavia to France. When I checked in at the airport I was told that the flights to London and Paris were cancelled but not those to Madrid. I flew to Dallas, changed planes, flew through the night to Madrid, changed planes, then on to Valencia. I arrived at 1pm on the 16th; my guitar did not! Jackie, who would interpret for me and drive me around met my flight. We had to wait in a long line to find out about my guitar. I'd have to personally return at 5pm and endure another long line to claim it. I was in Spain to headline the "Valencia Hall Party" Saturday the 17th. Among the other artists and bands performing on the festival were Levi Dexter (from the USA), Dimaggio Connection (From Italy), Loveless Cousins and Earth Angels (from Spain) and Small Town (from Portugal). The promoter expected 1,000 to attend but 600 were coming from other countries across Europe whose airports were closed. At the show time 400 fans standing in front of the stage gave me a rousing welcome. Most of them were from Spain. DImaggio Connection did a fine job backing me. I was given an encore. An autograph line awaited. One man had a copy of my Mercury Record, "Cry Baby, Cry" which had been released in Spain in 1958. I had never seen this Spanish Release.

After a late Saturday night Sunday was a day to rest and repack. Seventeen airports had now been closed in Northern Spain plus many more across Europe. Those from Italy had to return by ship. Those from Germany were stranded, as I was afraid I would be.

Monday, the 19th I was up at 5:30am. My flights to Madrid, Dallas and Memphis were scheduled to go... 27 hour later I was back home. My guitar didn't make it till three days later.

Back Home

April 20th my sister, Ogareeda had to have the aortic valve in her heart replaced. She is recovering well.

I was on RDF-TV across North America each week in April. On the 10th I sang three songs on Midwest Country. They were, "Funny How Time Slips Away" "Drift Away" and "One Run for the Roses". I was on Country Family Reunion each Friday. The 23rd I sang, "Drift Away".

My recording, "Before You Have to Go" went to #3 on the Hot Disc Chart across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

I was home with Loretta for our 48th Wedding Anniversary April 30th.





On Saturday March 6th I did a concert at the Rogers Theater in Poplar Bluff, MO. This is some 40 miles from my home. I'd last played this theater in 1957. I told this 2010 crowd, "I hope you don't wait 53 years to have me back... I'll be 124!"

It was full in '57 and on this night in 2010 it was sold out; 1046 people! This show was opened by the Moon Pies who did a great job, as did Ralph Innes as MC and Double Edge who backed me. The crowd blessed me with with standing ovations after "Danny Boy", "My Prayer" and "Funny How Time Slips Away". A some 2 hour autograph line awaited me in the lobby at Huey's Record Rack. Several had been my high school classmates, some had been my National Guard buddies. Most of this crowd was from south east Missouri. Some were from St. Louis, some from Illinois, some from Arkansas.

March 27th I did a concert at the Rialto Theater in Morrilton, Arkansas. Not long before the show time a really bad storm came through with dark clouds, pouring rain and hail. This kept many from that area from attending. Many from far away had bought tickets in advance and had already traveled there. A good crowd awaited as Double Edge opened the show doing their usual great job. After the intermission Bandy introduced me. The crowd gave me a rousing welcome. They blessed me with with standing ovations after "Reconsider Me", "Danny Boy", "My Prayer" and "Funny How Time Slips Away". A long autograph line awaited me at the edge of the stage as Huey's Record Rack opened. Through it came friends and fans from Minnesota, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, Missouri and Arkansas plus a lady from Yugoslavia who said she listens to my music every night.

Final Farewell: Jimmy Minor, who had been my 1957 & '58 publisher. He also recorded for Mercury and United Artists as a singer in the 1950s.


Narvel on Stage
Rogers Theater
Poplar Bluff, MO
March 6, 2010
Courtesy of Leonard Fulbright



Our daughter Stacia's birthday was Feb. 3rd. Our granddaughter Nicole's birthday was Feb. 6th. As I didn't play a show this month, I'll take you back in time 50 Years Ago.

Back in Time - 1960

Though I spent most of 1959 playing the Canadian show club circuit, I would end the year and see the new decade in at Pop Werners in Malden, MO. At the end of '59 my band "The Rockets" went their separate ways. Bass player, J. W. Grubbs, stayed with me. Matt Lucas joined us on the drums.

Other musicians who were in my band and toured with me part of 1960 were: Bob Halley (Piano and Bass), Jerry Ran (Lead Guitar), Jack Adkins (Bass) and Huen Hubbard (Rhythm Guitar).

1960 started with my record, "Honey Love", on Pink Records getting national radio play across the USA and Canada. It would go on to make the "Billboard Pop Chart".  MGM started calling from New York saying, "Look what you're doing on that little label, think what you could do on MGM!." I made the mistake of going to New York and signing with them. They would keep me under contract for two years and never release a record.
I also signed with a top New York manager, Don Seat. He put me on his system with all my earnings being deposited in a New York bank with my name on it. Two of three signatures were required to write a check, with mine being one of them. The others were Don and his accountant. This was where they could pay my bills while I was on the road. I was given $100 per week allowance plus a credit card to pay my road bills. Don felt he could break me through as an actor easier than he could as a singer so he sent me to Betty Cashman Drama Studio for two months.
We'd played two months in Canada prior to this. After four months on the road, we were really looking forward to getting back home to Missouri. Don told me to stop by his office on our way out of town and be sure to wear a tie. He wanted to take me to lunch with the head of Desilu. When I showed up without a tie (which was required to get in the restaurant) it made Don mad. He said, "Forget it!"
We made the 27 hour drive back home in my red '60 Buick convertible. For a couple of months we played dates in Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois. My daddy made the drive to Nashville with me to record a session for MGM. He really enjoyed that session. Don Seat flew down to be there. We were then back on the road for two or three months to Canada and New Jersey. Mama let me know that my car payment and credit card bills were not being made as she was getting notices on them. At the end of the tour I went back to New York, went in Don's office and told him it was over. He said, "You can't leave. You owe a lot of money to the IRS." I paid him enough to settle that. He said, "If you'll stay I promise you a part in a movie. They're casting for it now!" I said no and headed back to Missouri broke.  Uncle Sam would soon beckon.

Back to 2010:

Final Farewell to Dale Hawkins, Rockabilly Legend, "Suzy Q".



Legends and Memories
Leon Everette, Narvel Felts, Ronnie McDowell, Ronnie Dove, Billy Joe Royal
Memorial Auditorium, Spartanburg, SC
Feb, 22, 2009

Happy New Year! Hope this year and this decade will be kind to you and yours. As I review this month, all the months of 2009 are being moved to the archives on this web site. Each month of 2009 can still be found there. It is the best month by month review since my newsletter ended in 2005. I even take you back in time to 1959 and 1979 plus there's a rare 1957 photo.

Now to January 2010: On the 16th I did my 10th annual concert at the Florida Sunshine Opry in Eustis, FL. With Ray Price performing 30 miles away I was afraid I wouldn't have a crowd but I did! People came through my autograph line from Canada, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Minnesota and Florida. When one couple came through, she told me, "I was one of the Teenie Boppers that mobbed you in Flint, Michigan in 1957!" The Sunshine Opry Band did their usual great job backing me. The crowd gave me standing ovations after my 1970's hits, "Reconsider Me", "My Prayer", and "Funny How Time Slips Away". I'd gone through the hassle of of flying from Memphis to Tampa and back on this trip so I could be home two extra nights. Driving to the Memphis Airport Friday I heard Terry Wood on 95.9 "The Wolf" radio play my record, "My Prayer" from Jonesboro, Arkansas. I rented a car in Tampa and drove to Eustis and back. This was the first show of my 54th year of touring.

The 21st I was in Nashville to be one of the artists on the filming of "Country Family Reunion 2010". We filmed the last four shows of a thirteen week segment that will start airing on RFD-TV on March 5th. This show is hosted by Bill Anderson. About 25 gather in one room. Bill asks us questions and each sings a song or two. I was there with country legends Jimmy C. Newman, Jim Ed Brown, Duane Allen, Moe Bandy, T. Graham Brown, Larry Butler, John Conlee, Billy Grammer, Jack Greene, Jan Howard, Johnny Lee, Charlie Louvin, Melba Montgomery, Ray Pillow, Charley Pride, Jean Shepard, Jeannie Seely, Rhonda Vincent, Gene Watson, Stonewall Jackson, Little David Wilkins, The Whites and Shelly West. I sang a song on two of the shows, one was "Drift Away" and the last was "Somebody Hold Me". At the end of it, all the artists, the Carol Lee Singers and the band all gave me a standing ovation! What an honor!

Final farewell, to all those I knew along the way: Willie Mitchell, R & B legend, "Soul Serenade", Carl Smith, Country Legend, "Hey Joe", and Pug Thrasher, friend.



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