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2001-02 News

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L. V. Bryant

News From Narvel

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Narvel at Lincoln Center, NYC - 2002

Narve's Summation 0f 2000

In 2002 I played 63 dates, 43 of these were in the USA from Las Vegas to New York and from Georgia to South Dakota. Some of these shows were with such fellow hit makers as: The Coasters, Charlie Gracie, Cal Smith, Dale Hawkins, Gene Watson, Bill Haley's Comets, Wanda Jackson, Jack Scott, Rocky Burnette, Billy Burnette, Big Al Downing, Barbara Fairchild, Sanford Clark and Moe Bandy.

20 of these dates were in the UK. In May I headlined the Rock 'N' Roll Festival at Hemsby, England. Other hit-makers at that festival were Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs plus Matt Lucas. In October I returned to the UK for a 19 city country concert tour with the legendary Slim Whitman for his "Farewell Tour" of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


October, 2002

Narvel's UK Tour with Slim Whitman

Photos of Narvel in Jackson, taken by Kim Wagerman


September 2, 2002 - "Super Songs Narvelized" Released

After more than a year in the making my new CD, "Super Songs Narvelized" is finally here. The new tracks range from "Baby Let's Play House" to "Stranger on the Shore", new songs, "Till Sundown" and "Tally Ho". Remastered songs included "Somebody Hold Me", "Pink and Black Days", "Since I Don't Have You" and "On My Word of Honor". Ten (10) new tracks, 9 memories make 19 songs in all!
Super Songs Narvelized

Rockabilly? It's Alive and Kicking, Daddy-O
Article from New York Times 8-13-02

July 2002

From July 7th to the 13th, the Oneida Casino near Green Bay Wisconsin stage the biggest Rockabilly Festival the world has ever known. Thousands of fans from 22 countries around the world came to see the 130 acts who appeared. A huge crowd stood in front of the stage and gave me a rousing reception at my show on Tuesday, the 9th. They blessed me with encores after "My Prayer" and "Since I Don't Have You", which I dedicated to the memory of my son, Bub and Eddie Bond, Jr. (Eddie Jr. had died 2 weeks earlier). Another encore came at the end of my show. The Fly Rite Boys did a great job backing me. A 3 1/2 hour autograph line awaited me in the lobby.

On Saturday the 20th, I did two country concerts with Gene Watson at the Ozarka College in Melbourne, Arkansas. An almost full theater welcomed us to each show. David Grimes and the All Star Band did a great job backing me. The receptive audiences gave me three standing ovations on each show. An autograph line more than an hour long each, formed in the lobby after each of my shows. We sold out of CDs and cassettes with many still waiting in line.

Alex Ward in Memphis has a new Oldie Rock 'n' Roll show on the XM Band. He phoned for my permission to use my song and record "Pink and Black Days" as his theme and as the title for his show! I am honored to grant permission. Sam Phillips introduces the show, my record then follows.

I finally finished the CD I started in August of 2001. It goes to press this week and is expected the third week of August. The title, "Super Songs Narvelized". 10 new recordings. A varied range of songs from "Stranger on the Shore" to "Great Balls of Fire" to "Don't Do it Darlin'". Nine are remastered. Memories are also included, such as "Somebody Hold Me" and "Pink and Black Days".

As always, my CDs are available through mail order.
Send $20 plus #4 shipping for CD to:
Norma Williams
247 Abelia Drive
Parma, MD 63870  USA
Phone: (537) 396-5816

Till we meet again,


June 2002

June 1st we had a sell-out at the Eagles Club at Wappapello, Missouri. Terry and the Parakeets were the band.

The 8th, a big crowd welcomed me to the stage at Farmfest in Wynne, Arkansas with the legendary Pacers backing me. For the show finale I called Sonny Burgess and Stan Perkins back on stage to join me for a jam.

The 21st at the airport center in Manila, Arkansas my smallest crowd of the month was also the most receptive. They blessed  me with three encores. Long autograph lines awaited after each show. The band backing me was

My understanding sympathy to the family of Eddie Bond, Jr. who died June 26th at the age of 33. My first package show in 1956 when I was 17 had been with his dad, Eddie Bond and Roy Orbison. It's ironic that Roy, me and now Eddie have had to feel the hurt of losing our sons!

- May Magic - 2002

The dates I played in May were both career highlights. Friday the 3rd, played a concert at the Grand Conference Center in Essexville, Michigan. It was more than a sell out, extra chairs had to be brought in. Karen and Tommy Miller did a great opening show. The J. R. Band did a magnificent job backing them and me. My one hour show became and hour and twenty minutes with encores. An autograph line an hour and a half long then awaited.

The following weekend at Hemsby, England the billing for the weekend festival was Narvel Felts, Lew Williams, Teddy Redell, Sonny West, Alvis Wayne, Matt Lucas, Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs, Nick Willett plus top Rockin' European Bands & DJs. My show there in 1997and the audience reception to it had been a career changing event. When the news spread across Europe, I wound up being booked at top country and Rock 'n' Roll festivals in Austria, France and England.

My return in 1999 went over as well, if not better. It led to festivals and shows in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, back to France and even to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nevada earlier in 2002. With all of this in mind, I thought, "Chances are this can't happen again", but it did!

I walked on stage Saturday the 11th to a rousing reception. The Rimshots did a marvelous job backing me. What was to be a 45 minute show became 78 minutes with requests and encores. I called Matt Lucas on stage to play drums on my first encore (He'd played with me in the early 1960's. Matt had called me on stage during his show the night before to play guitar on, "I'm Movin' On". I'd played on his 1963 hit of it). Ladies were yelling, "I love you, Narvel!" After the encores I went back to the dressing room.. the audience was stomping and chanting, "We want more!" I went back on stage for one more.

I then went to my autograph table. I stood till Ham While fans from all over Europe came through the line. This has to be one of my most receptive audiences of all time! 3500 bought tickets to this event.

May 22, 2001
Last Saturday, March 16th, a nearly full theater welcomed me to Music Ranch, USA in West Point, KY. The audience blessed me with standing ovations, an encore and a long autograph line. The Country Classics did a great job on backing me up.

Next, I'm off to Las Vegas, Nevada to be the Saturday night headliner at the "Viva Las Vegas" Rockabilly Festival. This will be Saturday, March 3oth at the Gold Coast Hotel. I'm told that more than 3,000 tickets have already been sold to fans around the world.

October 2, 2001
On August 25th I did a Country/Bluegrass Festival at Wheel Inn Campground near Leslie, Michigan. Michael Twitty with his "Memories of Conway" show was on just before me. The Twitty Bird Band then backed me. I've known Michael since he was about 5 years old. It was good visiting with him again. The audience gave us a great reception.

My newsletter is now at the printer. It will be to fan club members around the world in the next weeks or so. It covers the past 6 months in-depth. It then takes you back in time to 1966, 1986, 1976, 1966 and 1956. If you're not a member you can join by sending $10 to Roy Combs, 286 Primrose Lane, Clarksville, IN 47129 USA.

On Tuesday, September 11 our lives changed forever with the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington D. C. God Help Us All!

Friday, September 14th was the 6th anniversary of our son, Narvel "Bub" Felts, Jr.'s death in a car accident. He was 31. That day after breakfast with Loretta, I drove the 600 miles to Corsicana, Texas.

Till we meet again,

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June 19, 2001
June 9th, I played the Pink Tomato Festival in Warren, AR with Ace Cannon plus Sonny Burgess and the Pacers. After riding in the morning parade (before that night's show) we attended a luncheon which Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckobee spoke at. When I introduced myself to him he said, "I'm honored to meet you. I used to play your records when I was a Disc Jockey!" That was an honor for me to hear.

June 14th, I was on the Legends Show at Music Fest during Fan Fair in Nashville. I sang three songs and got a standing ovation after each one. A fourth one came after I repeated the ending of "Lonely Teardrops". The other songs I sang were, "Reconsider Me" and "Somebody Hold Me".

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April 19, 2001
This past weekend I did a show in France. It turned great. We had a full house at thee Centre Culturel in Mehum-Sur-Yeure  (near Bowges) on April 14th. The Sureshots did a great job backing me. When I did, "Since I Don't Have You" in memory of Bub, the crowd kept applauding until I repeated the last verse of the song again. They then kept applauding until I started the next song. This was  quite touching to  me.

I also did "Be Bop A Lula" in memory of Paul Peek, who had made his final performance on stage with me two weeks earlier in Atlanta. This was on March 31st.  Paul died April 3rd at the age of 63. In thee 50's he had been one of Gene Vincent's Blue Caps. We had done "Be Bop A Lula" together in Atlanta that night.

Two encores more awaited me at the end of my French show, then a two hour autograph  line. Crazy Careon & the Rhythm Rockers plus the Wild Goners were also in the French show.

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