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DivX : A DVD experience in DivX video

This month is special at DivX HQ because it marks the latest release of DivX Author. DivX Author is an easy-to-use program that lets you create video with DVD-like features to enjoy on your DivX Ultra Certified devices. Now you can:

Check out this short tutorial video for using DivX Author or jump right in with a free 30-day trial!

Download Free 30-day Trial  Buy Now - $39.99

Combine multiple videos into a single DivX video
DivX Author will convert most digital video formats into DivX video. And that's not all. It also supports multiple videos with different frame rates and resolutions, and can import video from digital cameras, camcorders and other recording devices. Well-trained in respecting diversity, DivX Author can take all your unruly digital videos and convert them into one slick DivX video without breaking a sweat.

Edit your DivX video
Edit your DivX videoBefore the arrival of DivX Author, you had to edit your video before converting it into the DivX format. Now you can edit your DivX file by cutting out whole sections of video, inserting other clips, adding features such as music and tweaking your video to perfection - all in DivX video.

Add a DVD menu and more
DVD Menus and ChaptersDivX Author has a ginormous number of options to create a customized menu. For example, you can capture a frame out of the video and set it as the menu background, or select a different loop of video as the entry point into each chapter of your video - just like on a commercial DVD. The possibilities for customization are literally endless. If this all seems too complicated for you, try one of the professionally styled templates or the auto-wizard function to build your menus for you.

Other features include the ability to add captions, subtitles, alternate audio tracks and chapter points into your DivX video.

Create slideshows with photo and video
Photo SubtitlesIf you're like the rest of us digital camera users, you have tons of photos stored in folders on your computer. With DivX Author, they can finally come out of hibernation and be turned into a professional looking slideshow. You can even insert a photo slideshow into your video presentation, and add background music, photo captions and cool transitions in between pictures. The only limitation is your imagination.

Ready to get started?
Download the free 30-day trial of DivX Author now to start creating customized masterpieces in DivX video. Our team of DivX aficionados is ready to help if you run into any trouble while creating your projects. And remember, while DivX Certified devices will play back any DivX video, only DivX Ultra Certified products will support all the DVD-like features.

DivX Author in your language
DivX Author is currently available in English and will soon be released in Japanese, German and French for the global DivX community. Stay posted...

Download Free 30-day Trial  Buy Now - $39.99

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