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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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August 2, 2006

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Hi All,

Guess who??? Yup.. you're ol' blonde redneck gal pal is finally back with lots of news! I know, took me long enough but there are so many reasons I don't wanna bore y'all to death before you get a chance to read the news.

First big news! MKOC has a full blown sponsor! That's right, HostLand.com contacted me and offered to host MKOC, FREE for LIFE! They liked my search engine rankings.. go figure! LOL The offer came at the precise right time.. my last server was set to expire June, 30th! Needless to say, with my snail connection speed, it took over a week to get everything uploaded to the new server but it was well worth it. I have my own special tech help for any unforeseen problems and more than enough room to continue growing. I won't say it's been easy.. it was a lot of work, but so is anything worth having and I'm very satisfied and honestly honored that they took such interest in MKOC! That speaks volumes of thanks to all of you who have remained faithful to MKOC all these long years so as I see it, it's a celebration of a gift to us all.

Another perk I have with HostLand is that I can host my clients' sites for a very small fee allowing web owners to save money and me to earn a little money. Works out well for everyone involved. So, if you're looking for a new web host server, just give me a holler!

OK.. nuff about me.. let's get on with the news. It's not all being posted tonight as I just couldn't fit it all in but I'll try to post another this weekend to get things up to speed.

MKOC Store
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio - Songs are rotated with each newsletter.
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Narvel Felts

Narvel Felts
New show dates have been added to Narvel's site. Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!

Also new to Narvel's site are new photos from fans PLUS News from Narvel! Be sure to check out all the latest!


Red Johnson

Red JohnsonA brand new CD has been added to Red's site and store called, "Absolutely & Always"! Song files and lyrics are listed as always so be sure to check out Red's latest gift of music! There's also some new reviews posted on his "Reviews" page and new show dates have been added.


More Country  News

Steve Holy

SteveHoly.jpg (5229 bytes)Steve's finally back and as great as ever!

Steve's first released CD had some great chart toppers that if it hadn't been for one song, I couldn't have chosen a favorite but "Good Morning Beautiful" was the one I most cherished and the rest were all favorites following that. I know.. sounds wishy-washy, but such a great collection of songs done by a talent as unique as Steve Holy doesn't leave much room for choosing the best ones... they're all superb! Now Steve has finally gotten a new album released and it's arrival is scheduled for August 8th!!! Yup! Just a few more days! Follow the title links below to hear previews of the 13 tracks on "Brand New Girlfriend" and 12 tracks on "Blue Moon"!

RA Sample of Brand New Girlfriend
Order yours now and it will be shipped that day!

SteveHolyCD-BrandNewGirlfriend.jpg (4532 bytes)

To be released on August 8, 2006.
Pre-order now!

Brand New Girlfriend

SteveHoly-CD-BlueMoon.jpg (3081 bytes)

Blue Moon (Yr. 2000)

Blue Moon

(Contains, "Good Morning Beautiful")

Visit the NEW Steve Holy Official Web Site

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Wade Hayes

WadeHayes1.jpg (3845 bytes)
WOWW!! A Word on Wade's World
July 31, 2006

.... GALLERY - added pages - Norman, OK and Piggott, AR

* REVIEW OF July 22nd at Sundown Downtown in Owensboro

Randy and Wade in an acoustic set - just plain music magic on stage together. Those opening fiddle notes of "Old Enough to Know Better" still give me goose bumps. Their long time relationship as musicians and as friends showed clearly in the performance. Very comfortable, but very professional. Wade in top voice and Randy's fiddling as sweet as ever.

The good, solid crowd was into the music, too. They were singing right along. Wade thanked them for remembering his "old tunes."

We'll forgive Wade for forgetting the words in the middle of "Copperhead Road" because he turned it into a plus so humorously. At the end of the song, he tilted the bill of his cap down over his face and said, "I'm so embarrassed. I can't remember the last time I did that --- (pushed the cap back up, grinned and continued) --- yes, I can."

Opening with "Don't Make Me Come to Tulsa," then "Don't Stop, and "Kentucky Bluebird," Randy and Wade did an hour and a half set of his hits, the standards he does so well, and three of his new ones - "Good Day to Go Crazy, "Every time I Give the Devil a Ride He Wants to Drive," and "The Best Part."

The stage set-up was convenient and comfortable - located at one end of a raised section of the bar. The lighting was interesting. There was a set of syncopated lights that danced in time with the music and a few individual spots. All the lights seem aimed at the mirrors behind the musicians. Wade and Randy were in the dark - not conducive to picture taking. Only negative of the evening.

A comfortable venue plus some of the best country music plus a gung-ho crowd equals a great evening.

~~ Helen N


WOWW!, an e-mail newsletter to Wade Hayes fans, began in December, 1997. Subscribers reside in FIFTY (50) states as well as - Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Iraq, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong.

** Welcome Switzerland **

Send replies, questions, comments, changes of address and requests to be added to the WOWW! list to mailto:WadeHayesNews@comcast.net

Keep us up to date on your address. When you make a change send us the old one (so we can remove it) and the new one so that we can add it. We don't want to lose you.

....... WOWW! News (Helen Neal)
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274

Messages for Wade can be sent to this address:
....... Wade Hayes
....... WOWW! News
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274

For more details on shows, photos and up to the minute news visit the Wade Hayes SIte: http://www.wadehayes-woww.com/

WadeHayesCD-HighwaysHeartaches.jpg (3411 bytes)

Find All of Wade's CDs HERE!

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JoeNichols-face.jpg (4005 bytes)Joe Nichols


July 27, 2006--Joe Nichols' latest single, "I’ll Wait For You," is quite different from the first two singles from his gold-certified CD, III. While the No. 1 "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off" and Top 10 hit "Size Matters (Someday)" show the artist’s more playful side, "I’ll Wait For You" revisits Joe's serious side. more

REVIEW: - I’ll Wait For You - "This ones a killer"
JoeNichols-old_boat.jpg (3121 bytes)
Joe Nichols got a rare opportunity recently when the entertainment editor of Maxim Magazine asked him to pose in a fashion spread for the publication. The deal was sweetened when the artist was told he could also invite his music hero to join him in the photo. Nichols jumped at the chance to meet one of his greatest musical heroes, Gene Watson, and invited the legendary performer to come to Nashville and be a part of the magazine's "Fashion-Country Style" piece. more

opry_new_100.jpg (2402 bytes)

Join Joe on August 1st and 8th when he performs LIVE on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN. Call 1-800-SEE-OPRY or click here to get your tickets now! Joe Nichols fans can get a special discount. more


08/01/06 CMT Hank Jr.'s Guide to the Great Outdoors @ 11:30 PM ET
08/02/06 Wausau, WI @ Wisconsin Valley Fair
08/04/06 Albert Lea, MN @ Freeborn Co. Fair
08/05/06 Altamont, IL @ Effingham Co. Fair
08/08/06 Nashville TN @ Grand Ole Opry
08/11/06 Cleveland, OH @ Blossom Music Center


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Kate Russell

Contact: Steve Levesque, Guy McCain
Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com  or www.luckmedia.com

* * *
KateRussell.jpg (6234 bytes)Russell's Debut Album "Powerful Stuff" Set For Release On October 31st

Singer/songwriter Kate Russell and her label Urunga Records have inked a distribution deal with Nashville based Aspirion Records. Russell’s debut album Powerful Stuff is set for release on October 31st. The first single from the CD, also entitled “Powerful Stuff” has been garnering attention at country radio stations across the country.

According to George Collier, President & COO of Aspirion Records, "Aspirion is proud to be working with Kate Russell and are looking forward to helping her project make an impact at retail. We are very excited at the level of professionalism that she & her team bring to the table."

Russell worked with two producers on the album: Rich Mouser (Oleander, Tears For Fears) and Clyde Brooks (Ronna Reeves, Perfect Stranger). She describes her musical sound as “Keith Urban meets Bonnie Raitt.”

Aspirion Records Group is distributed nationally by Navarre Corporation. The company has developed a record label program specifically designed to increase an artist’s sphere of influence and public awareness.

For more information on KATE RUSSELL contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com, www.luckmedia.com, or www.katerussellonline.com

Brian McComas in Indianapolis!

Steve Stuart and JD Cannon from WFMS hang out backstage with Brian McComas and Chris Borchetta at July 14th show in Indianapolis, Indiana at 8 Seconds just prior to a packed house performance.

Brian McComas in Indianapolis.JPG (9336 bytes)
(L to R): Steve Stuart WMFS, Indianapolis Promotions; Katapult recording artist Brian McComas; JD Cannon, MD WFMS Indianapolis; and Chris Borchetta, Director Nation Promotions.  
Photo: Courtesy of Katapult Records

Ebie McFarland, Publicist
WebsterAssocLogo.jpg (3750 bytes)
Webster & Associates PR
P.O. Box 23015
Nashville , TN 37202

Brian McComas
Album Title: Back Up Again
Release Date: 8/29/06
Current Single: Good, Good Lovin

BrianMcComas-CD2006.jpg (3924 bytes)
This title will be released on August 29, 2006. Pre-order Now!

Find out more about Brian & Hear his music at http://katapultrecords.com/epk

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Man Nabbed For Pirating And Selling Australian Artist's CD

By Cindy Capitani (The Leader)

Lyndhurst, NJ- Aussie singer Leanne Kingwell's debut CD "New Tattoo" is earning her a hot reputation and rave reviews in U.S. publications like the "Village Voice." That's probably why a Ridge Road vendor thought to pirate the indie recording and offer it for sale on eBay.

"The CD isn't for sale anywhere in the U.S.," said Lyndhurst Police Detective Capt. John Valente. "It's available online or with this distributor, CDBaby and its affiliates."

Although Kingwell may not be a household name, John Jabrea, 38, of Little Ferry, apparently knew the CDs would sell. He was allegedly offering them for sale on eBay through his business, E-Store Auctions Service, 35 Ridge Road, Lyndhurst. He was arrested and charged with piracy July 13.

"We got a call from the promotion company on June 5," said Valente. "They said the CD was being offered for sale on eBay, out of a Lyndhurst location."

Paul Loggins of Loggins Promotions in Harbor City, Calif., said it was the artist herself who noticed her CD being offered on eBay.

"She called me and told me about it. Being her promoter here in the U.S., I decided to take the reins and find out how these criminals got hold of it," said Loggins. "Of course it turned out to be piracy, which, on an indie label is like stealing from the poor to give to the rich."

Valente said LPD's computer crime specialist, Officer Mike Lemanowincz, who also works with Bergen County's Computer Crimes Unit, contacted eBay and got a subpoena to discover exactly who was offering the CDs for sale. Lemanowincz and a detective from the unit went to the Ridge Road store to make the arrest.

Jabrea, 38, was released on summonses. There was no answer at his Ridge Road store by press time.

Loggins said he's going to keep a closer eye out now that he's aware things like this are going on. "It's nice to see eBay work hand-in-hand with law enforcement; that's encouraging."

No one is quite sure how the thief obtained Kingwell's CD, or why he even chose her specifically.

"We're in the promotion biz, so we send out a lot of CDs to radio stations," said Loggins.

Radio contact: Loggins Promotion 888-325-2901 or email staff@logginspromotion.com 

Contract info:
Backstage Entertainment
Media - Publicity - Promotion

Musician's Friend

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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Jack-Misty-ovalframes.jpeg (6291 bytes)A review by Dan Michel
DJ and Program Director WPMB and WKRV-FM,Vandalia, Illinois...
Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan take a classic situation...good love, gone bad and give it their trademark treatment...Jack and Misty capture the melancholy feeling in the lyrics with their deliberate but delicate vocals...The vocals float on a beautiful music arrangement that doesn't get in the way of the feeling the song is trying to sell...This one would sound great coming out of the speakers of a car radio...driving down a lonely stretch of highway...RINGS OF GOLD is a mellow mid-tempo winner from Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

On Stardust of Nashville (record label) Compilation #62, track #12
Please click this link to hear the song: Rings of Gold

Music Hospital
A service for professional Recording artists and labels

Release your old records as new CD's sounding like they were recorded today.
Give your new recordings that professionally mastered sound.
We make them sparkle!


When the recording session is done and you have your mixdown,
the final step is to send it to the mastering studio,
to make it perfect for home and radio play.
At MUSIC HOSPITAL we work with professional artists and labels
who want their old recordings restored and remastered for CD release,
or their new sessions to receive the all-important mastering process, before release.


* On new sessions, we don’t use any unnecessary EQ or special effects.
* First, we get rid of any subsonic bass or noise (You can’t hear it anyway, and it takes up space we need for the music).
* We check for any possible clipped peaks, and if there are any, we restore them.
* We check for noise, like tape hiss, rumble, etc., and remove any we find.
* We often see places where the engineer mistakenly moved the level slider, leaving a section lower or higher than the rest, so we fix it without interfering with the dynamics of the music.
* We can de-ess if we get an ess flare.
* We set the timing on so the first note is not lost on start-up.
* We pack as much music onto the track as possible, without clipping, so the client’s track is as hot or hotter than others on the radio, without noticeably changing the original mix.


* First we get rid of all noise above and below the human auditory range, then we go to work on clicks, pops, hiss, 60 cycle hums, etc..
* If the record is mono, we make it stereo.
* We limit the bass, especially on acoustic bass, without effecting the higher frequencies.
* Occasionally we have to splice portions of several damaged vinyl records together to get one good one.
* We re-EQ the overall sound to bring it up to date, using a number of equalizers: Parametric, FFT, Graphic, notch, hi-pass, lo-pass, band-pass, etc...
* We can widen or narrow the stereo field as needed.
* Last, we may add a modern reverb or other effect, and “pack” the music onto the track with as much level as possible, without losing the original feeling.

We work from CD dubs off master tapes, cassettes, and vinyl 45’s and LP’s. The main work is done on computers, and a turntable with a built-in RIAA output, a Tascam cassette deck, and a CD burner.

Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge, Pristine Sounds, Steinberg Cubase, ACXtractor, Sonic Foundry, Cakewalk, and several hundred VST and Direct-X plug-ins. We have an endless choice of reverbs, from the spatial, glassy reverb you hear on FM light Jazz stations, to specialized reverbs, like the one designed to duplicate the interior acoustics of a Steinway grand. We have Mackie Alesis, BBE, and other EQ facilities, and effects such as delays, echoes, room simulators, choruses, phasers, scientific filters, Aphex, electronic brush for fixing trouble spots manually, compressors, limiters, noise gates, and all the other normal studio gear. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Our primary tools are our 35 years of studio production and mixing, good ears, and being a perfectionists.


A few of the artists whose music we've restored and/or mastered... Mayf Nutter Joe Sun Marvin Rainwater Dick Shuey Ernie Ashworth Herman Lammers Meyer Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Hal Willis Pat Garrett Jackie Burns Ken Hurley Joel Mathis Vernon Oxford Marty Martel James Marvell Shirley Frederickson Ray Griff Erin Hay Don Powell Keith Bradford Tony Barge Kenny Roberts

HAL WILLIS about his 30 song project:
"Your great and exceptional God given talents at mastering old vinyl recordings is a very precious gift....almost breathtaking..."
* * *
"Superb in every way!"
* * *
"You may have produced & mixed the Indie Cd Project of the year.

Mail: P.O. Box 470121
Lake Monroe FL 32747
Phone: 407 321 5361.

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


When we were still charting Billboard hits and had a healthy income, I wanted to get a job in a gas station.

My plan was to get out of our usual circle and down with the people. I thought I needed real life input for song inspiration. This was in the seventies, when service station employees still pumped gas.

It wasn’t a workable idea because we were too well known, and I couldn’t just blend in. I got special treatment in those days, no matter how hard I tried to be one of the guys..

Misty and I were racing around every day... going to functions, museums, theaters, clubs, malls, and anywhere there were people and activity. I always kept an eye out for subject matter for my songs. It was one of the worst dry spells I ever had.

I even went to a hypnotist to try and break my writer’s block. Still nothing of real value.

I finally realized that I was trying too hard. I can’t force my art to happen by clenching and grunting. I wrote a lot of phrases and tried to squeeze them into stories or songs, but nothing of any depth came out of all this frenetic activity.

I had countless legal pads scribbled full of junk I got from rhyming dictionaries and other sources.

My left logical brain was working its head off. My right artistic brain was hiding out.

A reporter’s rule is to write down things on the scene while they’re happening. I’m not a reporter, and that doesn't always work for me. I’m a storyteller, an entertainer, a clown, and maybe a philosopher, as most capable writers are. I need to let events distill down to their essence, and age a little, in the back rooms of my memory.

I’m drawing from inside now, where my life looks more like a story, than it did when it was actually happening.

Jack Blanchard 2006.

Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com
Our Funny Critter Page: http://www.blazingsquirrel.com/jm/
Our online CD catalog: http://www.elvinsystems.com/jm/catalog.htm

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."

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Jaci Rae

JaciRae.jpg (8009 bytes)Hi everyone,

A quick note as many have been asking.

I have been asked to sing live on a few national and international shows that can also be heard live on the net with streaming audio.

The first show will be on Jesse Dylan's show, The Good Life (he is Bob Dylans son go figure that I cover his Dad's stuff sometimes!) (Canada, US and some international broadcast or maybe all. I don’t know how Sirrus works)

It will be at 9 AM PST / 11 AM CST / 12 PM EST
To hear on the net, go to: http://www.tglshow.com/
He is also on Sirrus Satellite Radio. I don't know the call letters.

Then on August 11th I will be on WGBB Long Island Dating singing live as well. That is from 3 PM PST / 5 PM CST / 6 PM EST.

You can go to the hosts personal site: www.BonnieTV.com and click on the radio button and she will have it streaming from their station. The station broadcasts on the East Coast and is located in Long Island.

For future stuff, just go too: www.jacirae.com and click on the tour button. But many of you have asked when I will be singing live. I haven't had a chance too, so busy!

We shall see how this goes as I will be singing via a telephone, not even a link up because I am very busy right now, so it has to be over the phone, which I will be holding while trying to get the music through the phone, my one ear covered with the head set and singing through a funky head set LOL! But it's fun.

Hope you come and join me! Also, for my NY friends I will be there as a panelist / speaker for CMJ October 31 - November 4th so I hope to hook up with my NY friends there. Bruce is great and the most wonderful of course LOL! Other things are awesome as well.

I know it's a little early, but you know how much I love Christmas and I had written several Christmas stories and published them in 2000 and have sold them here and there, so it's just my passion.

Five years ago I put up a Christmas site and then took it down the following, but I redid it and put it back up, so check it out and if I missed anything, let me know. Believe it or not, Christmas is only 4 1/2 months away!

(And by the way, I really don't think anything will come of it, but a few years ago, someone approached me about making one of my Christmas books into a special. I can't remember why I didn't follow up on it.

I finally put together a proposal in my spare time of the show I thought would be cool and a major network is looking at it! Can you believe it?! At any rate, again, I don't really think nothing will come of it (not a negative way of thinking, just realistic because of the shows that come and go), but it was sure an honor. They contacted me about it a week ago.

So if you have young family members, or are into Christmas, the site is http://www.christmaswithlove.com   Everything you would ever want to know about Christmas and whole lot more (if I missed anything, please let me know!) Still talking to HSN and QVC about my product, a huge newspaper out here found out about my product yesterday and wants to do a spread on everything, which is amazing and a major television show is pitching me for an appearance, again I don't want to say as well as one of the premiere magazines!

Yikes, it's an honor, I can't imagine those two things coming through, but just to be called (the show has called two times and sent six email), is amazing. Really, it has nothing to do with me and it's all up to God, really! I have been keeping a low profile lately so I am amazed anyone even knows I am around.

I think that is everything, other than the most important of all. Bruce and I are getting our two families together in Ohio, yes sir! I am very excited!

Miss everyone. Love and hugs. Jaci

To a better day in every way - Jaci Rae
www.jacirae.com  www.winningromance.com  or  www.grannysnaturalpopcorn.com

Stardust with Col. Buster Doss

LouNelson.jpg (5075 bytes) <<<--LOU NELSON PROMOTIONS

WizardRecords.jpg (9314 bytes)

Barbara Doss Promotions will continue as the promoter for "Stardust of Nashville" and Thunderhawk Records".


The Adams Files by: Randy Adams


Los Angeles, CA - Billboard and R&R have merged. Most in the industry have heard this was going to happen for some time. Now it has.

And, New Music Weekly is going to become stronger, and much more popular in the music industry because of it. Not that we here at NMW feel that we're not a player now. But we're looking forward to the future, to be sure.

Most who report and subscribe to this trade do so because of the convenience, the price, and the fact that many stations don't qualify for reporting status because of the market they are in. Other reasons include the "big boys" reluctance or flat out refusal to take an add on a song because of lack of a major label support, although they won't really tell you that. Independent promoters and producers, and artists, have some great material out there. You know it because you play it and report it to NMW.

Radio has always been backwards with new music. Major markets won't add a song unless it has charted. Which means small and medium market stations have always "taken chances" on songs that they believed were going to be hits. Small market stations have always been inundated with the independents, because the higher you go, the more important you feel you've become. Many guys who started in small market radio and matriculate to medium to large to major markets forget all about the little guys, because the major labels are too important to them now. Out of sight, out of mind.

Small market radio has been very successful in making the major market stations look like gold. One example is that when the album featuring Natalie and Nat King Cole came out nearly 15 years ago, though they never sang together in the studio, many people thought at the time the single "Unforgettable" would not fit on A/C radio. "Too traditional", many PD's and MD's thought.

Jill McDonald (where is she now) was working the record for small market radio, and I fell in love with the single the minute I heard it. I added it and two weeks later, reporting to Gavin, I had it at #1 on my chart. It was in "up and coming", if you will, for four more weeks at Gavin….and did hit number one, but months after we had it there.

New Music Weekly not only supports the independent artists, there are separate charts for them! And, our charts will always be weeks ahead of R&R and Billboard. I know it's disappointing to me when I travel to a big market and listen to their "currents"….half of which are in recurrent status with us already. I know many of you, like myself, want to keep the music fresh, and yet, not clutter the airwaves with new songs just to play a new song. Music directors without a good "ear" for what's going to sound good for their stations are like a drummer with no band to play with.

So, while R&R/Billboard continues to be weeks behind with new music, new artists, and cutting edge stuff…we'll just plug along here at NMW doing what we believe is the best thing we can do. Report the little guys. Don't be afraid to shake things up a little bit and bow down to the major label. We're still playing their music (although it's hell sometimes getting service) but believe me, in the long run, at the end of the day, when the ballgame is over…..New Music Weekly will reap the benefit of the continued demise- and molding of- cookie cutter radio. Our stations will be the ones sounding fresh!

New Music Weekly, has graced the pages of Billboard, R&R, Gavin, Friday Morning Quarterback, Music Connection, Inside Connection and most recently Soap Digest has found great success with their charting system which includes Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, College, Americana, and Rock radio stations. Most recently with the formation of Backstage Entertainment's newly developed Spins Tracking System (STS) it has already impacted over 450 radio station since the beginning of 2005.

New Music Weekly has also been honored as "Magazine Of the Year" award at the recent Los Angeles Music Awards. The weekly music trade magazine which has fast become the top chart breaking publication for new music and artists scored top honors during the event held in Hollywood, California.

The magazine which is heading towards its sixth year of publication boasts over 500 reporting radio stations in the genres of Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, College, Jazz and Alternative/Rock.

NMW has also found success with its Future Hits compilation CDs. This multi-format music sampler enables recording artists to get their music to the hands of radio station program directors that will support new artists regardless of label affiliation. In addition, New Music Weekly owns and operate the New Music Radio Network which services it's syndicated radio specials to hundreds of Country and Mainstream radio stations .

STS (Spins Tracking System) has revolutionized the way radio and record executives look at charts. A technology used t o deliver the most highly accurate chart information available. STS is the industry leading weekly provider of information that covers music played at commercial and non-commercial radio. STS delivers a wide variety of airplay charts that track releases in Top40, Adult Contemporary, Country, AAA, College, Jazz, World, RPM, Hip Hop, Loud Rock and Alternative genres. STS is a service of Backstage Entertainment.

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New Music Weekly magazine
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Contact: Steve Levesque, Guy McCain
Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. (310) 860-9170
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Midas Records Nashville announces the addition of promotion veteran Shelley Hargis, who will assume the duties of Midwest Region Promotion Manager. Shelley will report to Midas’s newly appointed heads of radio promotion Rob Dalton and Jeff Solima of New Revolution.

Previously Hargis was Co-National Director at Broken Bow Records. She began her career at Epic Nashville where she rose to Regional Promotion Manager, Southwest. At Epic, Hargis reported to Dalton, who was VP Promotion.

States Brad Allen, of Midas Records Nashville, “We are extremely pleased to have Shelley on board at Midas. The fact that she already has a great working relationship with our promotion team is a major plus for our projects. The transition has been seamless and very productive.”

Midas Records Nashville is located at 1105 17th Ave. South, Ph: 615-469-2255 Fax: 615-469-4769

For more information on Midas Records Nashville contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com, www.luckmedia.com, or www.midasrecords.net


* * *
The Label Helmed By Hitmakers Brad Allen and Keith Follese
Will Soon Announce Release Dates For STEVE AZAR’s ‘Indianola’
And Debut Singles From Newcomers LINDSEY GRANT and MICHELLE RENE

The monster heat wave the U.S. has been experiencing all summer will continue into the fall—and that’s very cool news for country music fans, thanks to Midas Records Nashville’s slate of sizzlin’ releases. The label -- launched last year by veteran genre hitmakers Brad Allen and Keith Follese -- is rolling-out its first highly anticipated album, by renowned country band Emerson Drive on September 19th.

Emerson Drive’s Countrified, which was already released in the band’s native Canada July 11, includes the widely popular first single “A Good Man,” whose video reached the top spot on CMT Canada‘s Chevy Top 20 chart as the outlet’s most popular video of the week. The fun-filled performance clip directed by Steve Goldmann knocked Tim McGraw’s “When The Stars Go Blue” out of the top spot to claim the pole position. Countrified was a Napster Top Pick in Canada the day of its release.

The band—whose self titled 2002 Dreamworks debut produced by Richard Marx earned them the distinction of being Billboard’s #1 Top Country Artist of the Year in 2003 -- recently completed a tour of Canada that included stops at the Calgary Stampede and several retail CD signings and performances in Calgary and Edmonton. They then moved on to Peterborough, Ontario, where they performed in front of a crowd of 15,000. Continuing their border crossing tour, Emerson Drive’s August dates include stops in Winnipeg, St. Louis, Portland, Maine and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Emerson Drive’s other industry awards and nominations include ACM Top new Vocal Group/Duo; R&R’s #1 New Artist MVP for 2002; Group of the Year for two consecutive years from the Canadian Country Music Association; the Top Five hits “Fall Into Me” and “I Should Be Sleeping” and top honors at the 2005 CCMA’s.

Additionally, Midas Records Nashville will soon announce the official release date for another highly-anticipated project -- Steve Azar’s “Indianola.” Azar’s deal with Midas Records is in conjunction with his own label, Dang Records. His first album under this deal, Indianola, highlights the extraordinary songwriting talent that he is known for and takes the listener through his life on the Delta. The first single is “You Don’t Know A Thing.”

Midas Records Nashville is also hot to announce the upcoming debut single by newcomer Lindsey Grant -- currently scheduled for an October release. Next up will be a singles and album from Colgate Country Showdown winner Michelle Rene.

Midas Records Nashville is located at 1105 17th Ave. South, Ph: 615-469-2255 Fax: 615-469-4769

For more information on MIDAS RECORDS NASHVILLE contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com, www.luckmedia.com, or www.midasrecords.net

Find the music!

EmersonDrive2006.jpg (3784 bytes)
Emerson Drive
This title will be released on September 19, 2006.
Pre-order now
SteveAzar-CD-WaitinOnJoe.jpg (3028 bytes)
Steve Azar CDs Here!


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"As part of our on-going commitment to indie artists and labels, we will continue to create, develop and deploy exciting new 'smart tools' aimed at helping to educate and empower the professional independent music community. If you are willing to work hard and smart, these resources will truly help to level the playing field for you. We are often asked the question, how can you afford to deliver these great services at no charge?" The answer is simple, AirPlay Direct's revenue comes from advertising, sponsorships and repeat business.
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