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August 17, 2006
Dedicated to my dearly departed friend, Col. Buster Doss

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Hi All,

I know I promise y'all I'd try to get another newsletter out for last weekend.. well, I did try.. I didn't succeed. Sorry 'bout that. There's many reasons and I won't bore y'all with details.. but, I'm once again trying to get some news out to y'all. This is a "short" report as there's a lot more news.. more than I'm able to get into print for you all at once but I figured this way, you'd get at least part of it. God willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll get more out to you very soon. Thanks for hangin' in there!

I need y'all to help me with the MKOC site. When I moved the site to the new server, as always, some things come up changed and missing... guess it's part of the hassle of having a site so big.. no transfer has ever gone smoothly and it's no one's fault, mine if any.. just a fact of the weirdness of cyberspace where big things cause little problems. ANY-hooo.. if you notice anything at all missing or it seems out of kilter, bad links, etc... please write me at marli@1st.net and let me know about it so I can fix it. I realized as I was working on this newsletter that one of my favorite artists and my good friend, Clay Rigdon's review page was missing online! Yikes! I hurred to get that fixed right away. So artists.. if you know you have a page on MKOC, check it to make sure it's still there. I don't want anyone to be left hangin' out in cyberspace!

MKOC Store
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Narvel Felts


Ed Salamon - CRB President unvailed The Narvel Felts Life Size Oil Partrait Saturday night at the 2006 Int'l Rock-a-Billy Fest in Jackson, Tennessee during a standing ovation Narvel Felts performance.

See the full article and photo at "Narvel's News"

(Narvel and I would like to personally thank Mr. Ed Salamon for his generosity and contributions to present you with the news! Thanks, Ed! You're Tops!)

Rise and shine
This year's Rock-A-Billy Festival features Johnny Cash's tour bus; a rendition of
'Blue Suede Shoes' in German and even more rockin' fun

cov-B_Rockabilly_0805_JV.jpg (7619 bytes)Think you can sing the lyrics to Carl Perkins' 'Blue Suede Shoes' without a pause? Try it in German.
That is what West Tennesseans will hear when Hannes Strauss, who toured with Carl Perkins in Europe, performs at Rock-A-Billy Fest 2006. Singing 'Blue Suede Shoes' in both English and German, the Berlin native will put a different sound to the song that is as familiar to most Jacksonians as fried catfish and cotton fields.
'It's definitely something different and unusual,' said Henry Harrison, organizer of the event. 'Hannes Strauss and Carl Perkins were good friends and toured Europe together, so we are very excited to have him as a part of Rock-A-Billy Fest this year.'
This year's International Rock-A-Billy Fest lineup includes Peter Myles from Montreal as well as

Norvel Felts
cov-NarvelFelts.jpg (3407 bytes)Narvel Felts, Jack Scott, Carl Mann, The Tennessee Three and Jason Williams. The three-day event will also include the induction of Jack Scott, Bob Wooten and Larry Cole into the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame. There will be an unveiling of three life-size portraits of famous rockabilly stars. The tour bus used by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash during most of their years on the road will be open to the public at no extra charge.
'It's going to be a fabulous festival,' Harrison said. 'We have 17 current and history-making rockabilly
stars coming to Jackson. The Tennessee Three, who are currently one of the hottest touring groups in the world, have just finished a tour in Canada and the northern United States and will be here.'
In addition to unveiling three new life-size portraits of rockabilly greats, the stage at the Carl Perkins Civic Center will also showcase previously unveiled paintings. The oil portraits, done by local artist Lendon Noe, include Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Sam Phillips, WS Holland, Johnny Cash and Brenda Lee.
Noe, an art professor at Lambuth University for 24 years, was very excited when Harrison first approached her with his idea of painting portraits of the great names in rockabilly history.

cov-C_Rockabilly_0805_JV.jpg (5091 bytes)'I said I'd love to do it,' said Noe, who began the project four years ago. 'Who wouldn't want to paint some of the greatest artists of all time? It has been a whole lot of fun but a lot of work, too.'
Noe begins a painting by looking at photographs of the artist and deciding which likeness would best represent him or her. She also decides what background to include in the portrait. If the painting goes well and she is able to capture the likeness easily, she can complete the painting in a week. But most of them take much longer.
'It just depends on a lot of factors,' Noe said. 'WS Holland was probably the most difficult for me because I tried so hard to get it right. I am good friends with him and taught his children, so I wanted it to be really good.'
'These amazing life-size portraits make an unusual background for the performers,' Harrison said.

Larry Cole
cov-LarryCole.jpg (3461 bytes)'Lendon Noe is one of the most respected artists in the South, and her work has been displayed all around the region.'
In addition to coordinating events for the upcoming festival, Harrison is also squelching rumors that the event might be moving out of Jackson. Although the organizers had discussed moving it to either the Casey Jones Village or Pringles Park to help keep costs down, Harrison said moving Rockabilly Fest out of Jackson was never even considered.
'Carl Perkins is the founder and father of rockabilly music,' Harrison said. 'And Jackson is where he lived and performed most of his adult life. He loved it here.'
'We might move the venue, but we will always stay in Madison County,' Harrison added. 'There is only one place where Rock-A-Billy Fest can be and that is in Jackson, where Carl Perkins made his home.'
Visit Larry Cole's Official Web Site
Visit Larry Cole on MKOC


Joe Tinoco

Joe-Tam-Amanda.jpg (5798 bytes)From Tinoco's Fan Club
1. New Shows
2. Christmas Show
3. Talya Nicole On Show
4. New Video by GAC Affiliates (Made for TV)
5.Christmas Tour Info
6. New Cd's
7. IFCO (Loretta)
8. Joe 'Tennis'
9. Branson Critic .. Vote For Joe

Just returned from Branson checking out the new show!
This is going to be extra special!
First half of nothing but country music and can Joe pull the Johnny Cash act off. :) He and Tamra do a special Johnny Cash and June Carter duet and it is too cool. Then of course there is Joe and Tamra doing the George and Tammy act! Can't tell you to much, have to leave you surprised. Oh yes, the Dolly and Kenny act is too cool also.

Got to get to Branson and check it all out! They are now working on the the new 2nd half and the Christmas show. All new.
TAYLA-JoeSing.jpg (10407 bytes)
Talya Nicole Tinoco can not wait to take that stage and we belive it will not be long before she is right up there doing her stuff.
She is on the show each night with the song ... Just for her "Little Things" and she is how singing along with Dad when her he comes down and pick up for her intro.
It is the highlight of the show.


Christmas Tour Info
Rick has a new tour coming up, a Christmas Tour and the bus is sure filling up! The New Branson Landing will be a real highlight for our shoppers! Sign up now. Just e-mail back and we will forward to Rick if interested. Love to have you join the fans. Ride the bus with us if you do not actually sign up for the whole event. Going to the Christmas lights too! Talya, Joe & Tamra will join us on Bus. Fun after the show and dinner on Friday night. Cruise on the Show Boat and dinner and show there too. Fun!!

Order Joe's new CD .. Just out ..picframebeat.jpg (9088 bytes)
Order Tamra's very first CD (just released)
e-mail us or Joe at joetam1@aol.com

Donations for Medical expenses for Loretta Johnson (Cancer survivor) continuing expensive medical cost to keep up serious treatment. All (small or large) contribrutioins Greatly appreciated Loretta is a brave lady and been through so much and bravely hangig in there ..
These (sisters) have spent there lives supporting country music new artist and have been there for Joe many times. We hope you will consider a small donation.
You can visit there COUNTRY music site at http://www.ifco.org/
Thanks Tons guys. There e-mail address is ifco@ifco.org
Please be sure and let them know you support Joe and Tamra ..

Did you know
Joe is a long time Devout Tennis Player in Branson ... Lot's of the Entertainers participate in Branson in this sport ....
His peers are calling him the Tennis Champion of Branson. Yes it was 10:30PM after the show and about 100 degrees out and he excitedly  Heads out to play ...Now that is loyal !!

We need your input to the Branson Critic.
Joe and Tamra are both nominees but need your vote.
Thanks tons.
If you have seen the show, please let the Branson Critic know how much you enjoyed the experience.
Site address is WWW.bransoncritic.com

Fans For Joe & Tamra & Talya
Don't Forget to check the Photos from Joe's Performance at The Ryman 2006 .. Click

Joe Tinoco on MKOC

Joe's Show Business          Tamra Holden         The White House Show


Please Sign The Guest Book To Be Entered Into The Guest Contest ... 5 Winners Will Be Announced

Click Here To Listen To Joe's Gospel Recordings

Weekly Updates

Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

More Country  News
NashvilleStar-logo.gif (6541 bytes) HOW TO AUDITION FOR NASHVILLE STAR SEASON 5

Nashville Star is returning for a fifth season in January 2007! If you think you've got what it takes to become the next Chris Young, then click here to learn where and how to audition at any of the 13 Nashville Star Open Calls throughout the USA. Auditions are right around the corner so get your application ready today!                         Visit the Nashville Star Web Site

Sara Evens
Sara Evans Competing On ABC-TV's ''Dancing With The Stars''

SaraEvans.jpg (5166 bytes)
Multi-platinum country superstar Sara Evans will join ABC’s hit show Dancing With The Stars as the first country artist to participate in the dance competition when it resumes this fall. Premiering Tuesday, September 12 (8-10PM, ET) on ABC, the show will feature Evans performing live choreographed Latin and traditional ballroom dance routines to popular live music with her dance partner, Tony Dovolani. Dovolani partnered with Stacey Keibler last season.

“I love to dance,” explains Evans. “I'm always up for a challenge and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Each week, Evans and Dovolani, along with 10 other couples, will be judged by an expert panel including former ballroom dancer Len Goodman, dancer/choreographers Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba. The viewing public also gets to weigh in by voting via phone or online for their favorite performers. The judges and public’s votes are combined and the outcome will be announced during a results show every Wednesday.

For more information about Sara Evans and Dancing with the Stars, check out www.saraevans.com.
also on
"All About Country": http://www.allaboutcountry.com/cfm/news.cfm#32370
And on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars":

Joe Nichols

JoeNichols-old_boat.jpg (3121 bytes)LADIES NIGHT AT THE OPRY
Well not officially but there were plenty of ladies at the Grand Ole Opry August 8th when Joe took the stage! Among those in the audience was a bachlorette party that had chosen Joe's show to kick off their night! To their delight Joe had a chance to perform his new single "I'll Wait For You". Joe also had a chance to meet fans backstage! Take a look! Check out more picture in the fan club section! more

Joe Nichols loves his Canadian fans and he proved that just last week when he took 12 flights in just 3 days to get there and back.. On the way, Joe and the band had to clear customs, clear security, change airlines and re-check 32 pieces of luggage in just one hour's time. Proving he's just one of the guys, Joe grabbed the luggage carts and sprinted to the gate. They made the flight in time to get Joe onstage with minutes to spare. more

Joe will keep rocking out stadiums country style this year with Toby Keith on the Hookin' Up & Hangin' Out Tour...but don't miss your chance to see him at the Fair! Joe performs at the the Shenandoah County Fair on August 30th...just to name a few! Check out more on Joe's Tour page! more

08/11/06 Cleveland, OH @ Blossom Music Center
08/12/06 Scranton, PA @ Toyota Pavillion
08/13/06 Holmdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center
08/17/06 Louisville, KY @ KY State Fair
08/18/06 Darien Lakes, NY @ Darien Lakes PAC
08/19/06 Boston, MA @ Tweeter Center

JoeNichols3-CD.jpg (5531 bytes)
           Joe Nichols III


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* * *
Renowned Country Band Is Up For CMT Video Of The Year
And Group Or Duo Of The Year
* * *
The 2006 CCMA Awards Are Scheduled For Harbour Station In Saint John, NB
On September 11, Eight Days Before The U.S. Release Of Emerson Drive’s
Midas Records Nashville Debut ‘Countrified’

Eagerly anticipating the quickly approaching U.S. release date for Countrified, Emerson Drive’s debut on Midas Records Nashville, the label is pleased to announce that the renowned country band—one of Midas’ flagship artists—received nominations in two key categories by the Canadian Country Music Association on August 2.

The group is nominated for CMT Video Of The Year (for “A Good Man”) and Group Or Duo Of The Year.

Earlier this summer, the video reached the top spot on CMT Canada’s Chevy Top 20 chart as the outlet’s most popular video of the week. The fun-filled performance clip directed by Steve Goldmann knocked Tim McGraw’s “When The Stars Go Blue” out of the top spot to claim the pole position.

The CCMA Awards will take place at Harbour Station in Saint John, NB on Monday, September 11, just over a week before Countrified’s September 19th rollout date. To anchor the night, the 2006 Awards Show producers are breaking tradition with a unique “no host” format.

Countrified, which was already released in the band’s native Canada July 11, includes the widely popular first single “A Good Man”; the album was a Napster Top Pick in Canada the day of its release.

The band—whose self titled 2002 Dreamworks debut produced by Richard Marx earned them the distinction of being Billboard’s #1 Top Country Artist of the Year in 2003 -- recently completed a tour of Canada that included stops at the Calgary Stampede and several retail CD signings and performances in Calgary and Edmonton. They then moved on to Peterborough, Ontario, where they performed in front of a crowd of 15,000. Continuing their border crossing tour, Emerson Drive’s August dates include stops in Winnipeg, St. Louis, Portland, Maine and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Emerson Drive’s other industry awards and nominations include ACM Top new Vocal Group/Duo; R&R’s #1 New Artist MVP for 2002; Group of the Year for two consecutive years from the Canadian Country Music Association; the Top Five hits “Fall Into Me” and “I Should Be Sleeping” and top honors at the 2005 CCMA’s.

For more information on EMERSON DRIVE or MIDAS RECORDS NASHVILLE contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com, www.luckmedia.com, www.emersondrive.com or www.midasrecords.net

Midas Records Nashville: Steve Levesque, Guy McCain, Luck Media & Marketing, Inc.
(310) 860-9170 info@luckmedia, www.luckmedia.com
Emerson Drive: Vanessa Davis, Splash Public Relations
(615) 321-1383, vanessa@splashpublicity.com

EmersonDrive2006.jpg (3784 bytes)
Contrified To be released on September 19, 2006. Pre-order now & Save!

Country Radio Broadcasters

gregg_swedberg.jpg (2973 bytes)August 4, 2006
Help Choose CRB's 2007
Artist Humanitarian Honoree

By Gregg Swedberg
Regional VP/Programming
Clear Channel Radio
Program Director
K102 - KEEY-FM

The contributions made by the Artists in Country Music are unparalelled by any other format of music. Our artists donate countless hours of their time, substantial finacial and ceremonial support, and in many cases, their special talents to help a myriad of worthy causes. The Country Radio Broadcasters leads the industry in recognizing the humanitarian achievements of Country artists. In 1990 the CRB instituted an Artist Humanitarian Award, which was first presented during the 21st Country Radio Seminar.

I am pleased to be Chairman of the Committee that recommends the recipient to the CRB Board. This year’s honoree was Neal McCoy. Other artists who have been honored include Diamond Rio, Brad Paisley, Lonestar, Brooks and Dunn, Garth Brooks and Alabama. (For the complete list of honorees, visit www.crb.org , click on the “Awards” tab and then click on “Humanitarian”).

joel_burke.jpg (3162 bytes)August 10, 2006
3D Process to Success
By Joel Burke
Progam Director
KYGO Radio
Denver, Colorado

The most consistent and successful people are not those that have all the answers! They are actually people that ask the right questions! This characteristic shows they respect input from others and are more willing to be a listener first and a talker second. I also believe that to be consistently successful you don't have to be the most intelligent or the most talented. However, you must be willing to go extra mile. In fact, it’s much easier to move faster and be successful when you go the extra mile since there isn’t nearly as much traffic on the road to success! Another way to describe the extra mile is the "freedom" mile. You are able to move beyond what you have to do everyday and do what you want to do! Now, that’s freedom to succeed!

Legendary Basketball Coach John Wooden’s definition of success is "peace of mind which is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming." In order to put that definition into action, there are three steps that must be in place.


Used with permission. Copyright 2006 Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc., all rights reserved. Visit www.crb.org

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SandraPiller-CD.jpg (5335 bytes)NO MORE WAITING FOR ‘A LONG TIME COMING’:
* * *
Produced by Pedal Steel Guitar Master Marty Rifkin (Jewel, Bruce Springsteen),
The Singer-Songwriter’s First Collection, Due Along With Its First Single "My Last Romance"
August 28, Features Songs She Co-wrote with 25-year Nashville Hitmaker Jane Bach
And Clever Reworkings of Classics By The Doors, Leon Russell, and Peter & Gordon
* * *
As a Songwriter, Piller Scored Her First Publishing Deal With Legendary Sun Records Icon
And Country Music Producer Cowboy Jack Clement

For most country artists, picking the right title for their debut albums is a breeze—just find the snappiest, most clever song on the disc, preferably a potential hit single. For her swinging, upbeat first collection, due to be released August 28, Sandra Piller had a lot of great potential choices, from the heartfelt first single “My Last Romance” to “She Knows Better,” the two tracks she co-wrote with 25 year Nashville songwriting veteran Jane Bach (Reba McEntire, Collin Raye, JoDee Messina).

The singer, a newcomer to Nashville with the deep vocal talent and hearty, rough and tumble life experiences of a veteran, also adds her own snappy twists to three songs from the classic rock era, “Love Me Two Times” by The Doors (given a fresh acoustic bluegrass reworking), Leon Russell’s “Tightrope” and the heartbreaking, Del Shannon composed mid-60s hit “I Go To Pieces” by Peter & Gordon. There’s also “Don’t Write, Don’t Call” about the tough love Piller has had to show old friends whose burdens had become too much.

Emotionally compelling as those tunes are, they don’t capture the overall vibe of A Long Time Coming, a title that perfectly reflects the powerful joys and pains that inspired the album’s 11 songs and the intensity of Piller’s performances. Although her name is new on the scene and her debut is launching an exciting new indie label (Shady Hill Records), she hands the production reins on A Long Time Coming to a true rock and country legend Marty Rifkin. Long acknowledged as a master of the pedal steel guitar, dobro and mandolin, his credits include sessions and/or tours with Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakum, Jewel, Bruce Springsteen and Buddy Jewell.

“The cover of the CD shows me in the midst of a labyrinth, a maze that represents the long, twisting journey of life, the happiness and heartache that I want to share with people,” says Piller, who in recent years lost her eldest daughter and second husband, Michael Piller, a well known television producer. “You never really get over certain losses, but surviving them somehow deepens your appreciation for life and the rest of your loved ones. It also fuels your compassion for others who have experienced similar tragedies.

“The good news is, despite or maybe because of all that, this album is happy and up-tempo for the most part,” she adds. “It swings in spots, and it shows me committed to life and love and fresh starts, which we all need. With songs everyone can relate to, I’m singing to show people out there that we’re all on the same path together, and that many of our experiences, light or dark, are shared ones. I’m excited about getting my music out there at last, and about the opportunity to connect with listeners on a musical and personal level. I think they’ll see a lot of themselves in me."

Thanks to Piller Squared Productions, her late husband’s TV production company that is currently run by her son Shawn, Sandra’s songs have been heard over the years on shows like "The Dead Zone" on the USA Network.

With Piller’s music quickly expanding beyond that realm, fans from the country music world and beyond will be able to experience her in many exciting ways. In addition to making her debut available on all the major online download sites, CD Baby and her own website, she is taking up residency, so to speak, in Nashville in October. She will do a live performance at 12th & Porter (one of the city’s hotspots) that will be broadcast on Billy Block’s radio show The Western Beat on WSIX Nashville and many other stations. Numerous other live performance bookings are in the works.

It seemed that no matter how the responsibilities of motherhood tugged Piller away from her lifelong dream of being a professional singer, showbiz always pulled her back. Perhaps it’s genetic, as she grew up the daughter of Sandra Giles, a popular stage, screen and stage actress who currently gives weekly swing dance nights in Los Angeles.

Piller was a successful songwriter long before she decided to sing; she scored her first Nashville publishing deal with legendary Sun Records icon and country music producer Cowboy Jack Clement. She was always a fan of pop country stars like Crystal Gayle, Patsy Kline and Kenny Rogers, but it was the music of The Judds that really inspired her to eventually pursue a singing career in Nashville.

“I think the success of any song in this genre is the ability of people to relate to it,” she says. “I very much identified with The Judds’ music and their song ‘Grandpa’ particularly moved me at a time when my own kids weren’t seeing my first husband. I love the way certain songs can apply to so many situations. People who have heard my song ‘She Knows Better’ about a teenage girl think it’s about my daughter Brent and me, but I really wrote it for my eldest daughter who passed away.”

Matthew Dickey, VP of Production for Shady Hill Records, is excited about launching the new label with Piller as its flagship artist. “I’ve known Sandra a long time and it is wonderful to be a part of this labor of love project,” he says. “We’re sort of taking what we call a ‘Willie Nelson’ approach to marketing her, focusing on the energy and liveliness of her live performance, and the uniqueness of her voice as well as her songwriting. Her music is real and from the heart, about a life lived and one she’s still living whose story needs to be told. What she does best is open up and has fun with the music. Audiences share an instant energy and connection with her.”

Dickey adds that Shady Hill Records will develop into a label for country music artists and performers from other genres who, he says, “share our vision and ideals. Sandra is the perfect artist to get us started on that mission.”

For more information on SANDRA PILLER, contact:
Steve Levesque or Guy McCain at Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. at (310) 860-9170
info@luckmedia.com, www.luckmedia.com, or www.shadyhillrecords.com or www.sandrapiller.com


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PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)

Now over 40,000 readers.


Today we received the shocking news that our friend Col. Marvin "Buster" Doss has passed away. We haven't accepted it yet as fact...because Buster is family. I'll miss our phone conversations, emails, exchanges of ideas... his creative mind, his soft-spoken laid-back style. I already miss knowing he's there if I want to call. Friends should be forever.

I won't tackle Buster's biography here. His remarkable adventures and successes are already documented much better than I could do... especially on a day like this, when focus is hard to achieve. He was bigger than life.

His rich story ranges from western movies, through being an award winning magician, to music shows and theater ownership, to songwriter, singer, producer, and mentor to many. He was ahead of the "outlaw" curve in Country Music, managing Cooder Brown, and his dedicated work ethic kept him busy for long hours every day. He never lost his edge.

Just a few years ago Misty and I were isolated here in Florida. Our biggest adventures were behind us, and our friends left over from the golden days were just a few phone numbers fading in an old address book.
We never got used to being out of the limelight, and were not really happy with the situation, and we didn't know what to do about it. But we had friends we hadn't counted on.

In 1999 Mike Miller, our bandleader in the 1980's, took us to Nashville to appear on a big indie show, and to receive a "Legendary Entertainers" award. > Chuck Dixon, promoter and owner of Song 1 records, was in the audience. He proposed to release our "Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain" on his Song 1 label. We'd met Chuck only once or twice many years before. The single got good airplay, but we didn't know how to start climbing again. We were sad to hear of Chuck's death shortly after that. He was a controversial figure, but he was good to us.

For our anniversary in 2000, Wayne Kelley, another old acquaintance not often seen, bought us our first computer. The one I'm still using as I write this. We found a new world called the internet, and a new way of finding and nurturing new friendships. That's the year our paths crossed with Col. Buster Doss.
So far we've had about 40 singles on Buster's excellent Stardust label, but that's just part of it. Buster became a real friend via telephone, email, music, and deeds. It's funny how people we've had little or no actual face-to-face time with become such a big part of our life.

My grandmother exchanged beautiful letters with an old friend. For many years she carefully wrote on her best linen stationery. Her penmanship looked almost like calligraphy.
These letters were important to her... a lifeline between old friends. Today we do it with high speed electronics, but the feeling is the same.

Now we have friends in California, Minnesota, Tennessee, Canada, Norway, England, Australia, and other places too far to walk to. We've been on the comeback trail, with a little help from our friends.

Today's column is for Col. Marvin "Buster" Doss. Thank you, Buster.

Right now I need to go get lost in the music.
Jack Blanchard

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."

Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com
Jack and Misty on MKOC

Musician's Friend

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Clay Rigdon

ClayRigdon.jpg (4547 bytes)You KNOW you've been meaning to come out!
NOW's the Time!

Friday night, August 17
Chase's Sports Bar & Grill
(Conference Drive, Goodlettsville)
from 9:00 p.m. - 1:30 a.m.
Great Music, Great Food, Tons of Pool Tables, Free Parking!
What more could you ask for???
Hope to see you there and, as always,
thank you for your continued encouragement and support!

Don't forget to check out the CHARLIEbration pictures!

Hope to see you there and, as always,
thank you for your continued encouragement and support!

Future Dates:
* Every Saturday @ Lucky's w/The Parks
09/08/06 - Lucky's Pub
09/15/06 - Lucky's Pub
10/20/06 - Lucky's Pub
10/27/06 - COSTUME PARTY/CONTEST @ Lucky's Pub

LUCKY'S is located at 1182 Long Hollow Pike towards Gallatin (click for map), roughly 8 miles east of New Shackle Island Road, at Cambridge Center. Plenty of free parking availableand a great menu (the WORLD'S GREATEST PIZZA!)


Clay on MKOC

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Pat James

Hi everybody !

PatJames.jpg (10182 bytes)

Just a quick update on Pat's position on the charts : for his 9th month of presence on the Top 100 Trax Chart, he has moved up from #29 in June to #11 in July.
The Top 100 Trax Chart is America's only "Real Country" Music Airplay Chart compiled from play lists submitted exclusively by radio stations in the United States.
And as a follow-up of July's TcmRadio Top 20, "Bud's Pearl" moved up from #19 in July to #15 in August.

Circle Cross Music

CD-icon.jpg (2186 bytes)
Buy Some Like It Country
PatJamesCD-ItsMyLife.jpg (1918 bytes)
Buy It's My Life

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Jaci Rae

Jaci Rae co-Hosts new show on Sirius Satellite Radio

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to wish Jaci Rae a warm kudos' and congratulations and to let all of her friends, family, and constituents know that, after singing live on the flagship show of Concerts in the Sky, hosted by award winning broadcaster Jesse Dylan on Wednesday and a flood of email and calls came in, she has been asked to co-host the show.

Jaci's first show on Sirius Satellite Radio will be August 25th at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST. Be sure to catch it live on Sirius or live via web simulcast.

The show will premier up and coming musicians as well as legends in the music industry. Chart toppers and Top indie artists who will be performing live.

Jaci will be performing again in case you missed her performance live in studio when she is in New York the first week of November. To find out who will be on when, just click on www.jacirae.com and then the tour button or radio show button and it will tell you.

Kudos' Jaci Rae - You deserve it!

Marcie Hammer


You Can't Push A River But You Can own it!

Jaci Rae's smash hit, "Can't Push A River," has touched the hearts and musical souls of people around the world.  Be sure to get your copy today!  This is what just ONE Grand Ole' Opry Star has to say about Jaci:  "This is a great CD!  The first 2 songs are Terrific.  All in all its a great CD and it should do well for her."  Ernie Ashworth, Grand Ole Opry Star and Country Hall of Fame Inductee

Purchase "You Can't Push A River"

Brandie Frampton
August 02, 2006


Brandie Frampton's "Day By Day" One Step Closer To #1

Hollywood, CA August 02, 2006 - Another week gone by and Brandie Frampton's debut single "Day By Day" continues to see great success on New Music Weekly's Charts. Right now all eyes are focused in on the NMW AC/Hot AC Top 30 Indie Chart. As of this writing, "Day By Day" is at #2 on the chart. And how does Brandie Frampton feel about her debut single closing in on the top spot?

"I am so excited! I never dreamed this could happen, especially with my first single," commented Brandie this past week. She continues, "It's just so fun each week to see that Day by Day keeps climbing! Plus it's exciting to see how many spins it's had!"

Brandie Frampton's success story continues as "Day By Day" jumps onto the NMW Top College Chart at #11. Brandie commented on her single getting airplay on multiple genres of music, "I love it! I'm so glad that so many people like it, no matter what kind of music people listen to they can relate to "Day by Day".

And what does Brandie Frampton think about what's happened so far this year?

"I've just had so much fun this year! I was able to write a couple of songs with one of Nashville 's best, Noah Gordon. I was able to go to Nashville to finish my album and in September I'm heading to Belgium where my album will be released. It's exactly what I want to be doing, I love it!

Interview requests can be arranged through Loggins Promotions. Invite your listeners to visit her website at www.brandieframpton.com where they can see video footage of Brandie.

Contact: Loggins, Loggins & Associates

Media - Publicity - Promotion - Marketing
Work: 310.325.2800
Fax: 310.427.7333

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