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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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August 15, 2007
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Hi All,

I've got another jam-packed newsletter for y'all. For those of you with slower connections, my apologies. I try to break it down into separate pages for faster loading but my time doesn't allow for me to make more than that. Since I live in the sticks and have recently been able to get on a low-end broadband service I'm fairly sure that the majority of folks online have faster connections than I do, but I still feel badly for anyone who has to deal with a dial-up connection as I did for so many years. The WebPages get bigger or slower to load as time goes on and I wasn't able to keep up for a long time. I do know how it feels.

Error in Last Week's News Report

I made a big mistake in last week's news and want to clear it up and give my apologies for the mix-up. I'm referring to the DivX program invitation where I made the program available for free trial downloads and the first 5 users to send me a write-up about how they used the program and what they think of it would get the code key to enter into the trial program and be able to keep it for free. That part is completely correct and the offer still stands. The error I made was in the name of the program, which will make a big difference to those of you who like to create/post videos online.

The program offered is the DivX which compresses video files making them faster to upload and faster to stream. It also maintains a high video quality and makes it possible for you to store larger amounts of videos on a disc... even on CDs (and of course, on DVD discs).

The product I wrote about last week was the DivX Author, which is also a great tool for creating your videos but is not a part of this offer, and quite frankly, isn't the tool you need to post your videos online.

Not only does DivX allow you to compress and enhance your videos, you can upload them freely on Stage 6 which is a part of the DivX company. That's right, you can use their server space and bandwidth at no cost to showcase your videos! You can post them on your own website, blogs or any other area you which to use.

The following is the program to get and again let me stress... all you have to do is be one of the 5 users to send me a write-up about how you used the program or how you like it and I will send you the free code which allows you to turn the trial version into the full blown program that you keep for FREE! There's no gimmicks here.. just a chance for you to have a great program for FREE! Click the download link below and get started!

FYI... I have the program and I love it! The sales manager at DivX was so pleased that he is the one who gave me the codes to give away. I chose to use them in this manner to make it fair to everyone. For those of you who are interested in the DivX Author, you can still refer to the link on the left side of the page to find out the details and cost, and it's also available for a free trial.. but remember, I don't have the codes to unlock that one. If you like it and want to keep that one,DUH.jpg (2161 bytes) you'll have to buy it. Again, I'm very sorry for the confusion. Chalk it up to my being a blond redneck gal.. I had 2 strikes against me from the get-go!

Combining performance and compression, DivX for Windows helps you shrink large video files into lean, high-quality DivX videos.- Download Now

MKOC Store
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tommy Riddle
Tommy Riddle
No Right to Cry
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Joe Tinoco

JoeVideo.jpg (4406 bytes)Find Joe showcased on (of all places) "Showcase Your Music", which is a great site for artists to do just as it says, showcase their music and videos. You'll find both here from Joe... songs and a special video dedicated to his daughter.

Visit Joe's Showcase


Joe on MKOC


Narvel-wave.jpg (2479 bytes)Narvel Felts

New pic posted on Narvel's Photos page where his portrait was unveiled at the 2006 Rockabilly Fest in Jackson, TN.

Narvel's news has been updated with his personal report from July of this year.

New show dates added! Be sure to check the schedule to find a show near you!




More Country  News
JohnBerry-GreatestHits.jpg (5549 bytes)

John Berry Reviewed on MKOC

I can't believe I totally forgot to put this in last week's newsletter but as you can now tell, I did indeed forget. Please take a few moments of your time to check out my review on John's newest CD, "HITS"  produced on his own label, "Clear Sky Records" where you'll also find clips of every song on the CD!

John Berry on MKOC


Allison Moorer

HI All,

AllisonMoorer2.jpg (4909 bytes)It has been a busy month for Allison with the completion of the her new record "Mockingbird" The final track listing is below! Stay tuned for more info on release date, single and touring.

"Mockingbird" Track Listing

1. Mockingbird (ALLISON MOORER)
3. Dancing Barefoot (PATTI SMITH/IVAN KRALL)
4. I want a Little Sugar in My Bowl (NINA SIMONE)
7. Both Sides Now (JONI MITCHELL)
8. Daddy Goodbye Blues (MA RAINEY)
9. She Knows Where She Goes (SHELBY LYNNE/BILLBOTRELL)
10. Orphan Train (JULIE MILLER)
11. Where is My Love (CAT POWER)
12. I'm Looking for Blue Eyes (JESSIE COLTER)

Check the website for a new journal entry just posted by Allison discussing the new record, the process of recording it and working with Buddy Miller.

Allison will be playing The Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle in September as well as the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco in October.

Keep checking the site for info on a full US and Europe tour after the first of the year!


Get Allison Moorer CDs and DVDs Here

Hall of Fame exhibit pays tribute to versatile Marty Robbins
Monday, 08/13/07

Staff Writer of The Tennessean
Country Music Hall of Famer Marty Robbins sang all kinds of material: gunfighter ballads, rockabilly, gospel, Hawaiian love songs, crooner pop. He also wrote a novel, was a successful entrepreneur and starred on TV and in movies.

Robbins, who died of a heart attack in 1982 and whose biggest hits included "El Paso" and "Singing the Blues," even raced against Richard Petty and Bobby Allison on the NASCAR circuit.

His multifaceted life and career, including the eye-popping duds he designed with feted rodeo tailor Nudie Cohn, are writ large in Marty Robbins: Among My Souvenirs, the dazzling new exhibition celebrating his legacy at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

MartyRobbins.jpg (5074 bytes)
Marty Robbins waves to the audience after being named Male Artist of the Year during the Music City News awards presentations. (6/9/1980) (SAM PARRISH / UPI)

Robbins remains revered

"I can't think of anyone in country music whose interests and music range more widely," said Mick Buck, curator of the exhibition, which opened last week and runs through June. "He certainly crammed a lot of life into his 57 years."

Many of the items that form the backbone of the retrospective, which is sponsored by the Great American Country television network, are on loan from Robbins' son Ronny.

The exposition abounds with subtle touches, from a handwritten page from the manuscript of Robbins' paperback novel, The Small Man, to silent home movies containing footage of him racing at the old Nashville Speedway. It's the show's pair of video montages, though — clips of him crooning and cutting up onstage culled from TV appearances that span three decades — that reveal why Robbins remains one of the most revered figures in country music.

"He was a supreme ballad singer and entertainer," Buck said of those bravura performances. "This year is the 25th anniversary of his death and induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. We thought it was a good time to take stock of his rich legacy and career."

Marty Robbins CDs and DVDs

Gary Allan


Gary Allan's BRAND NEW street team is up and running!

When you join, you can help Gary by requesting his latest singles & videos, spread the word, vote for contests, and many more activities. You get to help one of your favorite artists and win prizes! What could be better? Join now until Monday at NOON EST and you will receive 1,000 bonus points! All members need to re-join.


Read more!


It was quite a zoo backstage at last week's Columbus, Ohio tour stop for Gary Allan. Gary's bus driver, Fred Reed, is a longtime friend of Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus, Ohio zoo and arranged for the zoo to deliver several wildlife species backstage as a surprise for Gary and his band mates.

Gary was especially charmed by the miniature Chilean Pink Flamingo. This breed is most comfortable in a flock and was quite at home in the crowded green room backstage. Another band favorite was the 7 week old Cloud leopard which favors climbing trees (pictured with Gary).

Read more!

Tour Dates
Sedalia, MO @ Missouri State Fair Grandstand
Athens, TX @ Henderson County Coliseum
Thackerville, OK @WinStar Casino
Louisville, KY @ Kentucky State Fair
Bethel, NY @ Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Meadville, PA @ Crawford County Fair

Don't miss Gary on the road! Click here to for the most current tour information.


Elvis and the International Country Music Day

One Elvis song will be designated Official Song of the International Country Music Day 2007.

ElvisPresley.jpg (6991 bytes)2007 marks the 30th anniversary of Elvis' passing, and therefore, the country music associations and websites that celebrate the International Country Music Day would like to honor the legend of the King.

By his own admission, Elvis was not strictly a country artist, but he always showed a great deal of respect for the genre and went on to record countless country numbers, giving country music his own special touch. That is why we have decided to honor Elvis and his musical legacy by designating one of his songs as the Official Song of the International Country Music Day 2007, next 17th september.

The winning song will come out of votes cast in Argentina, Spain, the United States, France, Greece, Uruguay, and the rest of the world. The songs entering the poll have been selected among Elvis’ best country releases according to their quality, chart position, and success of Elvis’ performance. They are the following: Blue Moon of Kentucky (1954), I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (1955), I Forgot to Remember to Forget (1955), (Now and Then) There's a Fool Such as I (1958), There's Always Me (1961), Guitar Man (1967), I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago (1970), Little Cabin on the Hill (1970), Always On My Mind (1972), I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (1973) and Moody Blue (1977).

Everyone is welcome to vote: http://internationalcountrymusicday.blogspot.com/

FYI from Marli... Several of Elvis's movies have just been released this month on DVD! Get all your favorites from the link below. Also, if you read this in time, TCM is showing Elvis movies all day as this is Elvis's birthday. There's also a special about Elvis on the Larry King Show on CNN at 9pm Eastern time! The show is being done live from Graceland!
Click here to find Elvis CDs and DVDs!

Elvis Collectibles from Collectibles Today

International Country Music Day Keeps Growing

The International Country Music Day was created in 2003 by the Country Music Association of Spain -CMA-Spain- in order to bring together all artists, musicians, and country music fans all over the world, as well as to promote our music worldwide. Since then, many associations have embraced the event, including the Country Music Association of Uruguay –AMCU-, country2.com –Argentina-, Country CD –France- (fomerly FACM), the Country Music Association of Greece –CMA-Greece-, and several artists, groups, radio stations such as Dímelo Country –DCWR-., websites, and fans throughout the world.

In 2007, the United States Hispanic Country Music Association has been added to the long list of associations embracing this event.

President Maritza Baca talks about her own experience with country music: “I do not believe that Country music has borders. I have seen Latinos born in the U.S. and Latinos from Mexico, Central and South America embrace Country music. My mother who was born in Guatemala and immigrated to Los Angeles in 1969, is a Country music fan. My father, who is Mexican-American and from New Mexico exposed her to Alan Jackson, George Strait and others. She became hooked and loves to line dance!”

Baca believes country music is a universal musical language: “I have been to Mexico and have seen people there listen to Country music in English and Spanish. I believe Country music can be played in both English and Spanish and garner fans, depending on your language preference and where you live. Look at Billy Ray Cyrus's hit "Achy Breaky Heart." I have seen more people line dancing to that song in Spanish at weddings and quinceaneras than anywhere else. I believe Country music is very universal.”

Hispanic Country Music Grows too

The president of this new association based in Los Angeles, California, explained why she got involved in the founding of a new hispanic association: “I started the U.S. Hispanic Country Music Association because I have met many Hispanics who perform Country music and who have gone un-noticed and with little support. These are Mexican-Americans who live in many cities accross the U.S. from California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Florida and Tennessee to name a few. I am very passionate about creating a voice for Hispanic artists in Country music because I haven't seen the Country music industry nurture or develop another superstar artist like Freddy Fender.”

Finally, she had some very positive words to say about the International Country Music Day: “I salute the International Country Music Day for it's efforts in extending Country music to fans worldwide. The CMA Spain, Uruguay CMA and the international organizations are doing great work to spread Country music in their Countries and develop their local artists. I hope to continue to provide opportunities to Latino Country artists from all over Latin America and to also help spread Country music internationally with tours and events. Que viva la música Country!”

Adam Harvey, 2007 CMA (Country Music Association, America) Global Country Artist Award supports the International Country Music Day

The International Country Music Day is held on September 17 every year, commemorating the birth of Hank Williams, one of the foremost legends of country music.

Australian country singer Adam Harvey, winner of the 2007 CMA (Country Music Association, America) Global Country Artist Award, expressed his feelings about this celebration: “Having it on Hank Williams' birthday is a nice touch but more so it is great to see lots of people around the world recognizing and enjoying country music”.

Come celebrate with us and enjoy country music!

For any further information:
Andoni Urkiaga
International Country Music Day
url: http://internationalcountrymusicday.blogspot.com/

Trisha Yearwood


Trisha is making her return to the Opry Stage this week, and you don't want to miss it! Enter for your chance to win two VIP tickets to the Grand Ole Opry® and an Opry Hatch Print poster autographed by Trisha Yearwood! Click here to enter!

Come out to the Grand Ole Opry on Saturday, August 18 and catch Trisha live on stage, along with special guests Clint Black, Cole Deggs & The Lonesome, Cherryholmes, Lorrie Morgan, and more! Shows begin at 6:30 PM and 9:30 PM Central. Click here to purchase tickets online! more!


Trisha Yearwood’s new single “Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love” will be available for purchase digitally beginning September 11th. now!


“Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love” is proving to be one of the hit-maker’s fastest-rising singles to date, and as she recently told XM Highway 16, her first project on Big Machine has been very rewarding: “It’s so exciting to be back with new music,” exclaims Trisha. “The difference for me, this time, is getting to work with a team that is really, really focused. This whole process has been a real collaborative effort so far, from the first note we recorded. more!


If you missed Trisha's interview on CMT Insider...don't worry! CMT Mobile provides video, audio and gaming content to various wireless carriers through their subscription-based services available to cellular device users. Currently CMT Mobile is providing weekly content for Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T Wireless and Amp'd mobile services. If the interview isn't available thru your phone service use Window Media Player to watch it now!


Trisha Yearwood is scheduled to perform August 18th on one of Country Music's most celebrated stages...The Grand Ole Opry. Call 1-800-SEE-OPRY or click here to get your tickets now! Trisha's fans can use coupon code "webFAN" OR click here to print a coupon to present to any Grand Ole Opry box office to receive $3.00 off of your ticket purchase. more!


Tickets are still available to see Trisha LIVE in concert this summer! Check Trisha's Tour page to see when she is coming to a town near you!  more!


I-squad members! Log in for new activities as we begin to promote Trisha's new single! Find out how you can put a countdown to Trisha's new song on your website or myspace page. Not a member yet? Why miss out on all the fun! Join Now! 



Program & Time



CMT Giants @ 7:00 PM ET



CMT Giants @ 11:00 PM ET



Soundstage @ 9:00 AM ET



Soundstage @ 1:00 AM ET



Opry Live @ 8:00 PM ET


Click here for more Trisha on TV.






Nashville, TN

The Grand Ole Opry


Fayetteville, AR

Walton Arts Center


Meridian, MS

Riley Ctr for the Perf Arts


Fort Worth, TX

Bass Performance Hall


Albuquerque, NM

Sandia Casino Amphitheater


Park City, UT

Eccles Ctr for the Perf Arts


Reno, NV

Grand Sierra Casino


Santa Rosa, CA

Wells Fargo Center of the Arts


Bakersfield, CA

Fox Theater

Click here for more of Trisha's Tour Dates!

Joe Nichols


Country crooner, Joe Nichols returns with Real Things, his 4th album featuring "Another Side Of You." Listen to Clear Channel's exclusive Sneak Peek, and hear the entire new CD before it arrives in stores!

You won’t want to miss Joe this weekend on XM Radio! Joe will be on XM’s Highway 16 (XM-16) starting Friday, August 17 at 6:00 PM ET featuring the WORLD PREMIERE of his upcoming album, “Real Things.”

Those without XM Radio can listen FREE via AOL Radio (www.aolradio.com)  , DirecTV channel 814, or sign up for a free, 3-day trial of XM Radio Online at www.xmradio.com!


Anticipation is growing for Joe's  new album Real Things! Don't miss your chance to be one of the first to get this album!! You can now pre-order  at BestBuy.com (which includes an exclusive package with 3 bonus tracks – acoustic versions of “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”, “Brokenheartsville” and
“I’ll Wait For You”), and Walmart.com (which includes a digital download of his new single "Another Side Of You" at time of purchase. Remember you can also order #1's & More only at Wal-Mart. ORDER NOW!

Once the album hits stores August 21st, Target
? will have an exclusive bonus track called "When I'm Hurtin". Don't miss out on all of these Joe Nichols' extras. more!



Your TV will be full of Joe this month! Joe will be featured on the following shows in the month of August! Check the TV page or local listings for repeat airtimes. more

GAC Nights - August 17th, 8PM ET
CMT Insider - August 18th  

Special ringtone that is! New Ringbacks & Mastertones are now available for Brokenheartsville, Freedom Feels Like Lonely, and Another Side Of You! Get yours today!  more
rt_07_125.jpg (3509 bytes)Pre-order Joe's CD at Amazon for only $12.99


MerleHaggard-WorkingMansJourney.jpg (8863 bytes)Nashville, TN – Since releasing "Working Man's Journey" exclusively through Cracker Barrel Old Country Store on May 29th, 2007, Merle Haggard has proven that a few years under his belt has only affected his voice for the better.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says of the album and Merle, "Haggard the balladeer is in full flower on 'Kern River' and 'Are the Good Times Really Over' but he also gives some of his most animated performances in years, honky-tonking it up on 'Shade-Tree Fix-It Man' and 'Rainbow Stew.'"

Country Standard Time says of the album, "the disc is seamless with no real difference between old and new." Country Weekly says "a surprisingly cohesive gathering of thematically linked songs by the Poet of the 'Common Man,' Merle Haggard."

With six new songs and six classics, which have been newly recorded, Merle stays true to his roots in the release of his new album. His distinct voice and theme throughout the album hold true to what we all love in Merle's music. According to Merle, "I think its common subject matter that people of our nature understand. There's nothing complicated about it. It's just plain old music about simple subjects."

Don Chance from Time Record News writes, "It's something of a miracle collection." In Merle's forty year career, he has released many albums and written numerous songs. Looking back Merle says, "Out of the last twelve-fifteen years, I have made several albums, and there are always songs in there that don't fit the concept that you're working on. It just gets left behind, but these songs all seem to work together."

Merle's new hits on the album are definitely songs that will become instant classics. With songs like "C'Mon Sixty-Five" and "In The Mountains To Forget," it is easy to see that this album is something most people can easily relate to.

Merle Haggard's "Working Man's Journey" is available only in Cracker Barrel stores or online at www.crackerbarrel.com
If you would like to review this album, please contact Don Grubbs at (615) 777 - 6995 or e-mail Don@websterpr.com

Media Contacts
For Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.
Jim Taylor
(615) 235-4082
For Merle Haggard
Theresa Redburn
Dept. 56
Webster & Associates Public Relations
(615) 777-6995
Kirt Webster
Extension 30
Don Grubbs
Extension 22

Find more of Merle's CDs at Amazon

If you haven't seen/heard it yet, check out my review on MKOC of Merle's Cracker Barell CD HERE

Tillis, Emery, Gill to grace Hall of Fame
3 latest country music honorees bring membership to 101

Staff Writer of the Tennessean
The news was shocking enough to make Mel Tillis drop his eggplant.

Tillis, 75, was in his garden in Ashland City when his cell phone rang with the news that he'd received country music's highest honor: induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Beloved for his songwriting, his singing and the pronounced stuttering that he turned to his advantage onstage, Tillis joins modern-day star Vince Gill and famed broadcast personality Ralph Emery in bringing the Hall's total membership to 101.

Upon getting the good news from Country Music Association Chief Operating Officer Tammy Genovese, Tillis fumbled the eggplant he was holding. He's OK with that: A soiled vegetable seems a fair trade for country immortality. Emery was similarly stunned by Genovese's call to him, and Gill responded by getting in his car, tuning in to a country oldies show on satellite radio and weeping while driving around Nashville.

MelTillis-VinceGill-RalphEmery.jpg (8638 bytes)
Mel Tillis, left, Vince Gill and Ralph Emery are the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Country Music Association announced during a news conference Tuesday. (SANFORD MYERS / THE TENNESSEAN)

The three honorees were at a Tuesday morning news conference at the Hall's Ford Theater, with Mayor Bill Purcell and luminaries including Brenda Lee and Barbara Mandrell on hand to offer words of praise and respect. Each inductee received standing ovations from a crowd composed of industry figures and some museum visitors who wandered into the building expecting to see historical exhibits and wound up watching history being made.

Honorees are awed

Gill, 50, serves as the president of the Hall of Fame and Museum's Board of Officers and Trustees, but that board has nothing to do with electing artists: Inductees are chosen by the CMA's panel of more than 300 anonymous electors, and the elections are done in categories. Gill enters as a "Career Achieved National Prominence Between 1975 and the Present" artist, while Tillis received a "Between World War II and 1975" nod and Emery joins as a "Non-Performer."

"I could recite a phone book full of people that deserve to be in here before I do," said Gill, whose prodigious musical skills are matched by his knowledge of and affection for musicians who came before him. Gill has won more Grammy Awards than any other male country artist and has won 18 CMA Awards, but none of his trophies can match knowing that his Hall of Fame plaque will hang on the same wall as the plaques that read "Chet Atkins" and "The Carter Family."

What Johnny Carson was to actors and comedians, 74-year-old Ralph Emery has been to country musicians. His 50 years in radio and television have found him interviewing numerous Hall of Famers, and now his likeness will reside alongside theirs in the Hall's rotunda. Tuesday morning, he looked around that rotunda in the early morning hours before the Hall opened for business.

"My great-grandchildren can come in here and find out who I was," Emery said, his somber voice as familiar and distinctive as that of any singer on the hit parade.

Merchandise on Amazon:

Mel Tillis CDs
Vince Gill CDs
Ralph Emery CDs, DVDs and Books



Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

cows.jpg (10158 bytes)

Hey, wait a minute! This is grass!
We've been eating grass!

BY jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Stardust #68

Click to listen:


JacksColumn.jpg (5362 bytes)


We just watched a great TV show on PBS. It was called "Last of the Breed", and featured Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Ray Price, and Asleep at the Wheel.

It reminded us of the 1970's when we traveled the roads of America, and jammed on stage with all the Country legends.

Misty and I cried all the way through it, just because the music was so damn good!

A PBS hostess asked Willie how he wrote "Crazy". He said "The original title was 'Stupid'". She said "How old were you when you wrote it?" Willie said "Seven."

Jack Blanchard
© 2007.


This is about entertainers in general...
and mostly about music professionals.

Most major stars have had something new to offer,
but there is a level of show business where it is a liability.
An original has a hard time in the small time.

Nightclubs, hotels, RV resorts usually want cover acts.
A cover band plays other people’s music
and tries to sound like the hit recordings.
The audience tries to pretend they are hearing the real thing.
Nobody in the Big Time does that,
but sometimes it’s the only way a local musician can earn a living.

Misty and I have always been warmly received
by audiences at auditoriums, fairs,
and other places where we were advertised
and the people came to see US.

In off times
when we would take a booking where they just wanted “a band”
or “a country show”,
we had problems.

We were told things like: “You’re not what they’re used to here.”
Why did they ever change bands at all,
if they wanted them alike?

These situations are worse for the musicians on the road,
because the owners and the audience live there,
while the agent sits home in his comfortable office,
but the band has traveled hundreds of miles
to get rejected in a strange town,
with no friends around for moral or financial support.
We could never compete in the small time.

We have sometimes sung other people’s hit songs,
but we changed them radically to fit our own style.
True confession:
We have just never been good at copying other artists.
Sometimes we’ve wished we could,
to prevent on-the-road nightmares.

We have many wonderful memories of standing ovations,
and some not so wonderful
of being fired without pay, a thousand miles from home,
because we were “different”.

If we could have been a “Tribute” act,
basking in the glory of, say, Sonny and Cher,
we’d have worked forever,
but probably wouldn’t have been successful recording artists,
at least in the 1970’s,
when everybody wanted something new and different.

Lately, even record production has a narrowly defined sound
that the major labels want on all of their product,
and the radio programmers demand.
Consequently, a lot of the music and artists sound alike
and the audiences are conditioned to accept that.

Style has become a liability.
Conformity is in demand.
This may be a symptom of what our society has become.

Our many musician friends who do sound-alike music
are working much more than we are, but that’s okay.
Good for them.

Faron Young once sat here at our breakfast table
and said this about our music:
“Three seconds into the record you know who it is.”

Good for us.

Jack Blanchard

© 2007.

Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com

Jack and Misty on MKOC

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twangtown-tsm.gif (2818 bytes)


Country Music As It Should Be
As you would guess putting together a daily newsletter normally isn't the most exciting thing one would want to do in this world.

It was tonight...!!!

I been sitting here getting it all done listening and watching "Last Of The Breed" on WNPT Channel 8 - Nashville.
Price - Haggard - Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel.
If you missed it...check your local PBS listing and see when it's on in your area.
If the guys guys who run music row missed it they missed the chance to go to school for country music 101 from 3 Country Music Hall Of Famers.

Another note: Much worthy of mention is today is when the new Country Music n Hall Of Famer's where announced.
If you haven't heard it's Vince Gill, Mel Tillis & Ralph Emery. It's been a great day for country music as it should be.

It Just don't get any better than that...!!!


Note: If you have Direct TV check channel # 22.


James Kennedy - Songwriter of Real Traditional Country Music!

If you love Traditional Country music with real emotion, check out James Kennedy's songs at www.soundclick.com/jameskennedy for a real treat! James has dreamed of being a songwriter since he was about 5 or 6, and has had one minor cut on Platinum Power Records. He is hoping his latest song A CANDLE ON A CUPCAKE will be the next one! Stop by and have a listen, and feel free to download anything you like!

Note from Marli: I've listened to several of James' songs and I recommend one and all to pay him a visit. He's made me cry more than once... and I'm still lookin' for a way to get even. ;) Seriously, I love his songs and I'm sure you will as well.


Overstock Deals Computer Accessories & More

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