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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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July 27, 2007

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Hi All,

Since we're having company for the weekend, I wanted to get this weekend's news out to y'all early. I won't ramble on.. just enjoy!

Keep the Internet TAX FREE
In 1998 congress passed the Internet Tax Freedom Act to promote commercial, educational and informational potential of the Internet. The Act stopped Federal, state and local governments from taxing Internet access, bit taxes, bandwidth taxes and email taxes. You can read and sign the petition at YouChoose.net

The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act of 2007 will stop the necessity of having to continue to extend the Internet Tax Freedom Act which has gone on now since 1998. The Act is due to expire this November. Several Senators have proposed to extend the Tax Freedom Act permanently. Let them know you agree and Sign the Petition.

Thank you in advance for taking action.

MKOC Store
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tommy Riddle
Tommy Riddle
No Right to Cry
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Tommy RiddleI

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In Loving Memory of Spc David J. Babineau, PFC Kristian Menchaca, and PFC Thomas L. Tucker. Eternal Leave Granted June 16, 2006 THREE SCREAMING EAGLES

The Eagles are screaming for justice today,
"Down with the enemy that took our sons away!"
Their talons reach far as beaks turn to steel,
Majestic wings will rain fire on the evil that kills.
"Old Glory" waves strong o'er the "Land of the Free",
Her colors won't run 'though today her heart grieves.
Carefully she'll be placed across three of her own,
The Flag of America will accompany them home.
Lady Liberty shudders and heaves a great sigh,
Her tears silently fall as an airplane passes by.
On board are our Heroes who've paid the high cost,
She lifts her torch higher in salute of our loss.
In America's heartland we'll clasp family's hands,
We all say a prayer for blood spilled in the sand.
Heads are bowed lower and eyes shut so tight,
"God, how we grieve for the brave ones who fight.
Send down your Angels to those left behind,
Give warmth to their hearts and peace for their minds.
In faith may we walk and in hope we'll believe,
You opened Your Arms and set their souls free.
A long bugle echoes "Taps" as a plane touches down,
Our final respects paid as they're placed in hallowed ground.
"Old Glory" is lowered, at half mast she'll fly,
As three Screaming Eagles valiantly soar high.

©Copyright June 21, 2006 by Lynn Price

Tony, My youngest nephew serves in Ar Ramadi. He has seen much violence since he deployed back in October. After the recent tragedies, he came online to tell us a story. Seems he and some of his unit were ordered to take a 2 day R&R just north of this checkpoint. They were either en-route to or en-route back and passed through this checkpoint. He remembers seeing the three Soldiers who were murdered but didn't know them. He was sick when he heard what happened. He said he could just picture those ''''''' (can't say the word) lying in wait for the convoy to go through to do their evil work. In memory of those 3 Heroes, I have composed a poem, aptly entitled, "Three Screaming Eagles", as they were 101st Airborne. If you don't mind, and it's ok, would you put it on the site? I'll be sending the families each a copy.

Lynn: June 22, 2006

Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Tommy Riddle has recorded an album to support our troops. titled "Three Screaming Eagles". The album includes Lynn Price's poem (above) after which the album is named. Tommy and Lynn's father served on the same ship during WWII.

To order a CD , book personal appearances, or Radio stations wanting a copy, contact Tommy via his website located at www.tommyriddle.com or by email direct to Tommy Riddle


Narvel-wave.jpg (2479 bytes)Narvel Felts

New show dates have been added to Narvel's site for August.Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!




More Country  News

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Lawton Williams passed away

(Thanks to Dick Shuey of Twangtown.com for sending this news brief.)

Bill Mack Reports...

Just received word that old friend Lawton Williams passed away today, Thursday, around 2:00 pm, Central, here in Fort Worth. I was told Lawton would have been 86 on Sunday. He was born 7/29/22.

Best to you.
Bill Mack


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Trisha Yearwood


Trisha Yearwood is back on the radio with her new single “Heaven, Heartache And The Power Of Love”, her first release on Big Machine. And the owner of 10 #1 hits says its important to keep things fresh: “After making records for 16 years, you are no longer the new girl on the block, and you have to find new ways to be creative,” observes Trisha. “This whole album has been completed in a month. I’ve never made a record this quickly since the first album. And it feels a lot like the first time. There’s all this new energy and excitement and everything’s just falling into place.” Things have fallen into place so much so that the album will make the planned November 13th release date. more!


Check out what people are saying about Trisha's new song...Heaven, Heartache, and The Power of Love!

“Trisha Yearwood comes out with guns blazing on her Big Machine debut. This thing is hot enough to sear your eyebrows off. When she turns that larger-than-life voice loose on the explosive rocker’s chorus, stand back and give the lady some ROOM.”

-Robert K. Oermann, Music Row (who gives Trisha Disc Of The Day honors) more!


Tickets are still available to see Trisha LIVE in concert this summer! Check Trisha's Tour page to see when she is coming to a town near you!  more!


Trisha has been working on a new record and video. Get the scoop on the new CD and the making of her "Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love" video on CMT's Insider. This episode premieres July 28th at 2:00 PM ET. WATCH IT NOW ON CMT LOADED! more!


I-squad members! Log in for new activities as we begin to promote Trisha's new single! Find out how you can put a countdown to Trisha's new song on your website or myspace page. Not a member yet? Why miss out on all the fun! Join Now! 




Program & Time



Greatest City Songs @ 2:00 PM ET



Soundstage @ 3:00 AM ET



Country Music Across America@ 12:30 PM ET



CMT Insider @ 2:00 PM ET



CMT Giants @ 8:00 PM ET



CMT Insider @ 11:00 AM ET



Country Music Across America@ 3:30 PM ET



CMT Insider @ 1:30 AM ET


Click here for more Trisha on TV.






Sweet Home, OR

Oregon Jamboree


Fayetteville, AR

Walton Arts Center


Meridian, MS

Riley Ctr for the Perf Arts


Fort Worth, TX

Bass Performance Hall


Albuquerque, NM

Sandia Casino Amphitheater


Park City, UT

Eccles Ctr for the Perf Arts


Reno, NV

Grand Sierra Casino


Santa Rosa, CA

Wells Fargo Center of the Arts


Bakersfield, CA

Fox Theater

Click here for more of Trisha's Tour Dates!

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Gary Allan

Gary's latest single "Watching Airplanes" is now available at your favorite county radio station! REQUEST NOW!
Read more!

Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allen is a Country number one waiting to happen.

The song takes you to the highway alongside the airport at sundown and lets you watch from afar as your loved one leaves.
Read more!

Philadelphia, MS @ Neshoba County Fairgrounds
Owensville MO @ Gasconade County Fair
Columbus, OH @ Ohio State Fair
West Allis, WI @ Wisconsin State Fair
Detroit Lakes MN @ We Fest
Jackson, MI @ Jackson County Fair
Don't miss Gary on the road! Click here to for the most current tour information.

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Joe Nichols


Get some of your favorite Joe Nichols' songs, an interview, and a sneak preview of the new album on 1 CD! Wal-Mart brings you #1's & More with 5 of Joe’s hits (The Impossible, Brokenheartsville, What’s a Guy Gotta Do, I’ll Wait For You and Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off, plus snippets of 5 songs off of the new album Real Things! Don't miss this deal!Only at Wal-Mart. ORDER NOW!




Country music veteran Gene Watson makes his Shanachie debut with "In A Perfect World" Sept. 25. Watson has enjoyed almost 50 charting singles with 21 Top 10 hits and 5 number 1 songs since his mid-seventies chart debut.

Special guests on his new CD are Joe Nichols, Vince Gill, Lee Ann Womack, and Mark Chesnutt.
Buy Joe Nichols' CDs Here
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John Berry

Publicity House & Alliance Announces
John Berry To Release New Single in August and Album in January 2008

JohnBerry.jpg (2703 bytes)John Berry will release a new single, "A Woman Like You," on August 20th. "A Woman Like You," written by Tim Nichols and Craig Wiseman, is his first new music in almost three years and the first single from his upcoming album, Those Were the Days, scheduled to street in January 2008. Produced by Kerry Kurt Phillips, the CD will be released on Berry's own Clear Sky Records, which has teamed with radio promotion veteran Larry Pareigis' Nine North Records, as well as independent marketing executive, Ed Gertler, and independent sales executive, Neal Spielberg.

"These strategic alignments with experienced promotion, sales and marketing people are the final elements in properly setting up Clear Sky Records," said label CEO Terry Oliver. "With John, we have one of the finest vocalists in country music, and now we feel we have the label team we need to set up his releases and market to a broader audience."

According to Oliver, that audience is definitely there for Berry. "Here is an artist who has multiple gold and platinum albums, a number of hit singles and is a consistent touring act. With John, we have the proven track record."

The Georgia tenor has been recognized by the Grammys, the Academy of Country Music, and the Country Music Association as a nominee in the Best Male Vocalist category. Berry's first big hit was the #1 single "Your Love Amazes Me." During his career with Capitol Records, Berry experienced a number of chart toppers and Top 10's, including "She's Taken a Shine," "Standing on the Edge of Goodbye," "I Think About It All The Time" and "Kiss Me in the Car," to name a few.

In 2002, Berry decided to go the indie label route, started Clear Sky Records, and released a new album, titled Songs and Stories, followed in 2003 by his Christmas CD release, O Holy Night. Inspired by the success of "Will You Marry Me," a song he co-wrote with David Lee Murphy, Berry also released an album of classic love songs for Clear Sky, titled I Give My Heart.

For additional information on the artist, please visit www.johnberry.com
Berry is currently out on a radio tour promoting "A Woman Like You." To schedule a stop, contact Jennifer with Alliance.

Buy John Berry CDs Here Publicity House
Laura Claffey or Sharon Eaves
Jennifer Bohler


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Cover Story—Dolly Parton: “I’ve Been Blessed”
Dolly talks about faith and family, and how she overcame poverty and depression.
Web Exclusive—John Mellencamp: Hillbilly Rocker
John Mellencamp sounds off on his biggest country influence, drinking and the Dixie Chicks.
Web Exclusive—Chris Young: Family Ties
Growing up, Chris learned to love music from his grandfather.
Web Exclusive—William Lee Golden: Resurrection
William Lee and family restore their historic home after a deadly tornado.
Web Exclusive— Montgomery Gentry: Q&A
The rowdy twosome sounds off on war, poverty—and Brooks & Dunn

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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

JacksColumn.jpg (5362 bytes)


A tree fell in a prehistoric forest and a caveman heard it. He tried to make the sound again, but couldn't push down another tree,
so, as the most advanced species on earth, he got the idea of hitting a hollow log with a stick. The cave girls thought he was cool.

He tried wearing stone sunglasses, but he bumped into things. He got a pretty good beat going, and the critics called it Log Music. They almost called it Hit Music, but that was to come later.

Another cave guy said: "Hey, Logman. Mind if I sit in?" and began clicking two stones together. The sparks set his loincloth on fire, but it sounded good...sort of like Santana.

It was an improvement. Music had progressed. But there was a grumbling among certain members of the tribe, who said: "That's not traditional Log Music! That's some kind of Rock stuff!"

A teenager started squeezing a frog, throwing the whole thing off. This was not progress. All change is not progress. Frog Music was going to corrupt the kids. They played it just to annoy the adults... and the frogs.

Jumping ahead a few hundred centuries, we find a Roman playing a stringed instrument. He calls it a "Loot", because he stole it from a Greek. History mistakenly refers to it as a "Lute".

Another instrument of the time was the "Liar", because the musician wouldn't say where he got it. It has come down to us as the "Lyre". You can't find research like mine just anywhere.

Then a guy invented the "Recorder". Afterward, he realized that they did not have electricity, so he blew through it. He called it a "Fluke", later called a "Flute".

After that came the violin family, the harp, some wind instruments, and a Pianoforte, which they could hide in, in case of attack.

Classical music was born!

Of course, they didn't know it was classical. They thought it was pretty cool.

Jack Blanchard
© 2007.


The well dressed couple stared at me from a back table, smiling, and whispering to each other. I was a little worried, because there are some kinky people in South Florida.

I was playing the piano bar at The Sportsman's Lodge, in Hollywood, and it was the cocktail hour. My tip glass contained seven dollars. I'd put them there.

I couldn't concentrate on my music because of the couple, so I took a break. The man approached me and invited me to their table. and I had to think fast... They could either be real weirdos, or they could be rich backers who were about to "discover" me.  I took a chance and sat down with them.

They said they'd been admiring my head. I got up to leave. "Wait", they said! "It's all about foreheads." "Four heads are better than one", I smiled, trying to escape.

They told me they were teachers and scientists, who worked at a place for "gifted" young people.

"Every one of our kids has your forehead", they told me. "I can only afford so much child support", I said, as they took me by the ear and sat me down.

"Creativity starts at the front of the brain", they said. "Does this mean you don't want to take me to your room", I asked, noticing that the woman was not at all bad?

They began to lose interest, and there was a long silence. "Do I have a funny head" I asked?

They looked at each other and said, "Maybe we were wrong."

I went to the rest room to look in the mirror at my head.

Jack Blanchard
© 2007.

Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com
OUR ONLINE CD CATALOG: http://www.elvinsystems.com/jm/catalog.htm

Get Jack and Misty's CDs on Amazon

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