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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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July 19, 2007

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Hi All,

It's almost the weekend and I hope y'all got some fun in store for it. Here in my neck of the woods it's time for Jamboree in the Hills.. the Woodstock of country music. This is one of the largest weekend country extravaganza's you'll find and it's loaded with stars. Of course, our local hero, Brad Paisley will be here to perform, as always! Here in the valley, we locals can watch the whole thing on TV as our local Wheeling, WV station covers it for the entire weekend... but many of the crazy redneck locals insist on being there yearly as they can go there and camp for the weekend, have parties all day (and night) while enjoying the shows. One thing this Jamboree does almost yearly is bring with it the promise of rain! LOL.. our yards are turning brown from the lack of rain but low and behold.. we had a thunder boomer all last night, it's been damp and dreary all day and looks as though it'll be another wild... and WET weekend for the folks at the show. It's wild.. you'll see folks who have traveled from all over the world to spend a weekend at the Jamboree.

For those of you who are locals and smart enough to stay home and see it on TV.. Enjoy! For those of you lucky enough to actually be there... Yehaw! Have a ball! As for the rest of you.. there's always next year! :)

MKOC Store
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tommy Riddle
Tommy Riddle
No Right to Cry
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Narvel-wave.jpg (2479 bytes)Narvel Felts

New show dates have been added to Narvel's site for August.Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!




More Country  News
Clay Walker


Houston, TX – Texas country hit-maker CLAY WALKER performed this past Friday night at the Sam Houston Race Track to a standing room only crowd. As reported on Houston radio, Walker set the attendance record for a Friday night concert at the Sam Houston Race Track.

“Houston is where I live, and I love the fans,” says Walker. “I am so thrilled to hear that I set an attendance record.”

Clay’s current single Fall is climbing the national radio charts sitting in the Top 30!!!

# # #

Clay Walker media contact:
Kirt Webster, Webster & Associates Public Relations
615-777-6995 x 30 / kirt@websterpr.com

Song Samples from "Fall"
2. FALL Listen
3. WORKIN MAN Listen
4. MIAMI AND ME Listen
6. MEXICO Listen
ClayWalker-Fall.jpg (6273 bytes)
Buy Clay Walker's 2007 Release, "Fall"

More Clay Walker CDs
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Trisha Yearwood


ON SALE TUESDAY 7/17/07 at 10 AM
9/12/07 Albuquerque, NM @  Sandia Casino Amphitheatre

Check the tour page for the newest and most up to date tour information! TYFC members log in to the Fan Club section for your Advantage Ticket sale times! Not a fan club member yet? What are you waiting for? Join Now!   more

Click here for more Trisha on TV.






Hampton, NH

Casino Ballroom


Cohasset, MA

Music Circus


Hyannis MA

Melody Tent


Lancaster PA

American Music Theatre

Click here for more of Trisha's Tour Dates!TYFC ADVANTAGE TICKET ANNOUNCEMENT!

Buy Trisha Yearwood CDs Here


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We have some Cow Philosophy for you
on our next single on Stardust Records Comp. #68.
For a preview, click this link:







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In Rock it doesn’t seem to matter so much, but in Country we want to hear the words. I hear too many recordings where the lyrics are lost.

If the words aren’t audible there are several possible culprits. The singer may not be making them clear, or the producer and engineer aren’t recording them right.

Sometimes the singer tries too hard to sound Southern or Country, and it comes out slurred and run together.

Here’s a trick to get rid of Singer’s Lockjaw: Pretend you’re singing to a deaf person who is reading your lips.

When Misty and I record vocalists (ourselves and other artists) we use a soft-knee compressor on the mike and maybe later in the mixdown. The compressor brings out the low notes, the soft words, and the nuances that give an artist identity.

The compressor should be set conservatively at 2.5:1 or less. The compressor itself should be inaudible.

We try to get backup lead instruments to play in the cracks between the singer’s phrases, not during, and we try not to have too much going on in the singer’s frequency range.

Misty and I find it helpful to analyze the lyrics beforehand, marking on lyric sheets where we want to take breaths, and which words we want to punch.

If a song is good enough to record the lyrics should be heard.

Each of us has different methods and tastes. I’m sharing ours just in case it may help somebody.


I've listened to tips from well known producers and engineers on getting recordings to sound good.

I used to tune my studio speakers by putting white noise (pure static) through them, and holding up a microphone connected to a frequency analyzer. The analyzer would show red and green lights indicating which sound frequencies were too soft or too loud.
I would then use a graphic equalizer to make them all even, or "flat".

I told my method to a famous producer/studio owner in Nashville and he said it was wrong.

He said to this: Hang your speakers, and then sit down for a week or so and just listen to big hit major label recordings through them, adjusting the tone controls until they sounded best.

Then mix your recordings to sound as good as the proven hits on the same speakers.

Also, I learned somewhere along the line to place my near-field monitor speakers so that my head is the third point of a perfect triangle. If the speakers are too close, I will hear too much stereo spread and not enough of the middle. If they are too far away I don't get enough stereo, and I start to get distracting room ambient sounds.

I learned to be very conservative with EQ, which means adjusting the tone to you folks at home.


So, you've got a great mix...is your music ready for the world? Not yet. It can still be a lot better. Send it to a good mastering studio, and hear what you've been missing. It will knock your hosiery off!

About "presence"... Sometimes the voice needs presence, or edge. To add vocal presence we boost the frequency slightly at 2 kHz, and maybe a touch at 4 kHz. Too much presence can make the voice brassy and thin. A little can make it sound good,
and bring out the lyrics.

Enhancers like Aphex and BBE can help with general clarity, and instrument/vocal separation, but they can be overdone, if we’re not careful.

The bass drum (kicker) has two separate frequencies... the low part and the higher tap of the pedal on the head. The bottom sound should not go below 40 Hz, unless you're doing hip-hop. I cut off all sound below 40 Hz because it takes up a bunch of air space better used by the rest of the music. Also, many stereo systems have trouble reproducing sounds that low. The tap of the pedal is much higher, up in the mid-range area, where most of your "presence" is found.

If the String bass is at a  very low frequency in the mix, I make the bass drum higher, and vice versa.

About "punch"...  Punch just means how the audience feels the beat, and that depends upon how far the speaker cone moves back and forth to push the sound out. Some mastering engineers like to use compressors to get maximum volume. This holds down the loud sounds, and brings up the quieter ones. Everything gets loud, but the speakers don't move very far.

I prefer to use a hard limiter. This leaves the bass and drum peaks loud, just clipping off the tips of the peaks to even them up. It makes the speakers punch out the beat, and the listeners feel it.

Music lovers go out and buy equipment for low bass and high treble, but most humans can't hear sounds higher than about 16 kHz, and bass below 40 Hz is a muddy rumble, and interferes with the clarity of the recording..

The human ear hears mid-range best. Recordings with more mid-range sound louder, even though they don't move the needle on the meter. It's called "apparent loudness" and was used a lot on vinyl singles to get the music to jump out of the car radio. Too much mid-range sounds tinny. It takes a good experienced ear to get it just right.

There are hundreds of useful effects available today, which, when used properly, can enhance the sound of your music.

I've also learned that you can get a hit record without knowing any of this.

Jack Blanchard
© 2007.


Jack and Misty on MKOC

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

8:30 pm

It's time again for Zelienople Horse Trading Days! This is always a great family event with contests, food and entertainment. This year, CHB is having a contest of our own - come to the show for a chance to win an acoustic guitar autographed by the band!!

Be there early to see Vanessa Campagna's 8:00 performance.

This year, the stage will not be at Northgate Plaza. The concert will be held at Community Park, off Beaver Street, in Downtown Zelienople. Go to www.horsetradingdays.info for directions and more information.

Hope to see you there!

Other Upcoming Shows:
Aug 4 - 7:00pm - St. Joan of Arc Festival, South Hills PA
Aug 18 - 7:00pm - Northside Summer Spectacular, Holy Wisdom Parish, Pittsburgh PA
Sept 8 - 8:30pm - Hempfield Fall Festival, Hempfield Twp, PA


CD-JustAnotherHill.jpg (6075 bytes)
CD, "Just Another Hill To Climb"

Corbin/Hanner CDs Available Here

Song Clips

Just Another Hill To Climb

These Walls Are Fallin' Down

If Wishes Were Horses

I Could Be The One

I Will Stand By You


RandyMcAllister-JustinsPick3-sm.jpg (25583 bytes) Randy McAllister News

High Energy CD Release Party - Sons of Hermann Hall Saturday, July 14th
It's the CD release party for "Dope Slap Soup", Randy McAllister's latest CD release. Randy McAllister and Mike Morgan take the stage for a high energy celebration at the legendary Sons of Hermann Hall, 3414 Elm Street in Dallas. Scheduled for Saturday, July 14th at 9:00 pm the party starts. Don't miss this celebration as Randy McAllister, Mike Morgan and the band bring it home for the release of Randy's 8th album containing some of his most exciting work to date.

You'll see why, Randy McAllister along with Eric Clapton was one of only two artists to be nominated in three international categories for Australia's 2007 Blue Star Awards this year! What the press are saying: "the best America has too offer. The man is a Master of Americana" - RootsTime “One of the Worlds Top... Blues Artists” - Big City Blues Magazine “Absolutely stunning...” - Baltimore Bluesrag “Listen closely, you just heard the thunder clap of a music legend!" - World Entertainment Network -

Years in the making "Dope Slap Soup" is packed full of new material and a great excuse for a "blast the doors down" concert and release party. Most of the songs on the new album are written and arranged by Randy with tracks 2 and 7 written by Mike Morgan and track 1 arranged by Matt Woodburn and Randy McAllister. Get ready to love this album. Great songs with original stories, rich vocals and that soulful harmonica by Randy McAllister. The guitar solos will amaze you by Matt Woodburn, Mike Morgan, Mitchell Smithey and Todd Blalock. Playing an inspired Bass the legendary Sonny Collie. On B-3 and Piano Mike Hanna and Tim Allexander. Drums were exceptional with Chuck "Popcorn" Louden, Danny Cochran and Randy McAllister taking a turn. Randy's background vocalists were Benita Arterberry-Burns and Angie McWhirter. Great appreciation and thanks to Garith Roberts for his interest and support in getting this album out. For a fun night of new music, plan to make the celebration July 14th at 9:00pm. Tickets $15 at the door.

Click HERE to see larger version of the graphic/story from the Dallas News

RandyMcAllister-FlyHigh.jpg (2717 bytes) Buy it now at Amazon


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Ryan Daniel Performed for Soilders at Pope Air Force Base

RyanDAMMO640.JPG (24497 bytes)
Ryan Daniel recently performed for the soilders at the Pope Air Force Base Munitions Facility in North Carolina where he used to work.

Ryan is working on his upcoming debut album Love, Life -N- Memories. The single, "A Silent Movie," is available for purchase on RyanDaniel.org.

Electronic Press Kit

Laura Claffey
Wildfire Publicity


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Ruste Blue in the Top 5 on Famecast!

RustieBlue.jpg (4668 bytes)Rustie Blue is on her way to Austin, TX, to compete in the finals for the FameCast contest! The Top 5 winners will perform live on July 26 in Austin for a chance at the Grandprize of $10,000. Rustie will be performing "Born Again Country" (the title track of her upcoming cd), "Shape Up Heart", and "Cowgirls Do It Better".

Rustie Blue's live performances of "Sweet Dreams" and her cover of Elvis' "Burning Love" earned her first place in the Top 10 contest on FameCast! The video was recorded during a show in Ohio. FameCast is the first online competition designed to find America's best new talent.
For tickets to the live show, send an email to VIPtickets@famecast.com
Electronic Press Kit
Rustie Blue on Famecast

Rusty's CDs on Amazon.com

Center Stage Productions
Robert D. Keister
512 West Sixth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130
Contact: Laura Claffey
Wildfire Publicity / Publicity House
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633


DivX now has DivX Author 1.5

With DivX Author 1.5, users can take their videos to the next level with DVD-like features such as subtitles, audio tracks, interactive menus, chapter points, and more while being able to fit more video onto a blank DVD for playback on a DivX Certified Device. Don't have a DivX Ultra Certified Device

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DivX Author 1.5 is currently available only in English and for Windows XP/Vista.

Skyla Spencer to Walk the Runway

SkylaSpencer9a.jpg (4161 bytes)Nashville, TN - On October 14th, at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, TN, Skyla Spencer will be strutting down the runway at the 4th Annual Fashion For Everybody benefit. Skyla was invited to be a guest star / VIP role model for the benefit and will be outfitted by some of Nashville's finest and trendiest clothiers.

The Fashion For Everybody Benefit will be hosted by Deana Carter, and all the proceeds for the event benefit the programs and services of Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee. The fashion show begins at 7:00 p.m., followed by a concert with Deana Carter.

Skyla says "I am honored to be part of this event and contribute to such a great cause. So many young girls, and women of all ages, suffer from eating disorders, and to be a part of a benefit that raises awareness is an amazing feeling."
For more information on Skyla Spencer, MP3s, the You Said You'd Call Me album, print quality photos, or to schedule an interview, contact Laura Claffey with Wildfire Publicity at Laura@wildfirepublicity.net or 615-825-0019. MP3s are also available to radio through Airplay Direct.

SkylaSpencer-CD.jpg (3540 bytes)
Buy "You Said You'd Call Me" Herewww.SkylaSpencer.com
Laura Claffey
Wildfire Publicity / Publicity House
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633


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Dean Station Debuts Sophomore CD

Wildfire Publicity Announces the release of Raising the Root

CASTLE ROCK, CO - Dean Station's Raising the Root will be released on July 20! To celebrate the release, Dean Station will be holding a CD release party in Arvada, CO, at the D-Note Restaurant and Bar on Friday. Doors open at 7 P.M., and the band will be performing at 8:45 P.M.

The rootsy Americana band's second release is compiled of all original acoustic music and makes use of a wide variety of instruments. Introspective and poetic, with roots in folk, rock, and blues, the band's songs leverage engaging two-part harmonies that contrast their distinctly different vocal styles. Levi Dean (vocals, mandolin, guitar, bass, fiddle) sings in a self-described raspy voice, while Amanda Dean's (vocals, guitar, keys, spoons) singing carries a more soothing and sultry sound. Charlie O'Neal provides the perfect percussive background for Levi and Amanda's melodies.

Dean Station collaborated with renowned music producer Doug Deforest and Lake Paradise Studios to compile the independent release which includes fan favorites from their debut cd such as "Feather," "Go Ahead," "Flat Footin' Girl," and "Anybody's Guess."

Track Listing:
1 Feather
2 Go Ahead
3 Desire
4 Flat Footin' Girl
5 Anybody's Guess
6 Pocket Full of Grace
7 Whisper
8 Bad, Bad Dog
9 Mid January
10 Say Again
11 Stay
12 May Day in Court

About Dean Station:
Dean Station is a three-piece band that writes and performs its own original acoustic progressive Folk and Americana music. Instruments played include: the spoons, mandolin, guitar, fiddle, keys and percussion. Recently, the band completed a 7 month tour to promote their debut eponymous album. Beginning in August, 2007 the band will tour the East Coast, performing in the following states: FL, GA, VA, TN, PA, and MA.

Wildfire Publicity
Laura Claffey
For cds & all other band requests:
Amanda Dean


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