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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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May 19, 2007

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Hi All,

I'm sorry I'm so far behind on getting the news out to y'all. I think I've made up for it, or at least tried to. I saved all the news and there's now 3 pages of it so it should hold you over till next week! (I hope!)

This has been a rough month all the way around.

On Sunday, May 6th my Aunt Rose lost her struggle with MS. She's sorely missed but finally at peace. She was amazing in that she never complained of her illness or it's effects on her. She was an amazing woman all of her life and she remained so right up to the end.

The day before my aunt's funeral, my Ma took a nasty fall on our sidewalk in the back yard and was terribly hurt. Her entire right side was swollen, bruised, scraped, cut and bleeding. I won't go into long details, but being "Ma", she refused to go to the doctor or the ER so I did what I could with ice and bandages and she insisted I get her to the Mall to Lens Crafters because her glasses were literally mangled in the fall (her face landed on the brick border of our flower bed). I finally was able to get her cleaned up enough to get to the mall and they looked at me like I'd beaten her.. we quickly set that straight but they said it would take 1.5 hours to complete the new glasses. She wanted to walk around a bit even though she really should have been resting. We got to Penny's in the restroom and all the lights went out! Turns out, half of the hillside on both sides of the interstate had the power go out.. parts of the stores were lit up and others not.. I was worried about Lens Crafters but when we got back to them, they still had all their power.. thank God! When we finally got home and got everything else done, I got 3 hours sleep and we hit the road to drive up north to the funeral... we stayed till late afternoon with the family and had to head back home. It was about 4 hours both ways so we were both drained.

I'll cut this short.. the next day, my uncle and his wife who live in FL made it up here and stayed the weekend with us so there still was no time for resting. On Mother's Day, my cousin, Isaac had a cookout for the family so we spent the whole day at his house with the rest of the family. When we got home that night, I told Ma I needed at least a week with NO EXCITEMENT! I pretty much got my wish but spent the entire time updating all the websites and completing a new one, which you will see below.

At any rate, I certainly hope y'all had a better holiday than we did. OH.. for all of you in KY and TN who've met my Aunt Louise and my Ma.. I just wanted to make it clear that she's not the aunt that passed away. Aunt Louise is 85 and while now much slower, doing fairly well... and really misses going to Nashivlle to visit with y'all.. so does Ma but neither of them are up to those long trips anymore.

Ok.. 'nuff about me! On with the news!

ON THE UP SIDE! There's a new Official Artist on MKOC! Look below!

MKOC Store
Find Books, Music, Videos, Software, Electronics, Website Hosts/Servers .... Don't pay the high prices you find in the stores. I've researched the links posted to give everyone an opportunity to buy great things at the best prices. ALL of the categories have been updated so take a look... you just may find exactly what you've been looking for at a great price.

Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tommy Riddle
New Tommy Riddle New
No Right to Cry
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.

Tommy.jpg (4477 bytes)                     New to MKOC - Tommy RiddleTommy-early-years.jpg (4321 bytes)

I'm very happy to introduce you to the newest addition to MKOC's Official Artists, Tommy Riddle.

Learn all about Tommy and his music by visiting his new website where you can hear clips from 3 of his CDs; one country, one gospel and one a tribute to our troops for which he has gained much praise and attention.

Please visit Tommy's site and drop him a line to welcome him to MKOC!


modeling_pics.jpg (4609 bytes) Joe Tinoco


Fans For Joe Tinoco tour is gearing up to take off in June. If you want to join us in Branson, please respond to this update for al the specifics. Join us at the fan club party meet at the west wing at the White House. Bring your whole family. Lunch and games and music. Fun!

Tamra is now involved in a New Project and for those who love Gospel, you may be glad to know there is plenty of that on Sundays now at the White House Theatre on Sundays. Christian Guest Gospel Singers. To find out more just write to the e-mail below for ticket information. yrtnuoc@comcast.net

Joe is busy moving to his new home in Branson the week and a busy busy camper, painting and remodeling along with performing nightly. Talya is excited about her new bedroom and play room.

Talya is in dance class and tumbling and swimming along with wood work projects for children at Home Depot on Saturdays. So she too is a busy camper and making a big splash on her appearances with mom and dad at the Theatre, She sees off the buses with mom and dad and Loves her popcorn.

Hope to see you at the Theatre this summer .. As usual the show is spectacular and one of Branson's most requested show.

If you are going to Nashville for fan fair this June, be sure to check about the IFCO show tickets. The sales go for a great cause, Children's Hospital. Just e-mail back and we will get you to the ticket sales. Joe & Tamra both will be showcased in the IFCO Book along with the other Country Stars, so if you would like to receive this up and coming book, please let us know. $2.00 will allow us to get one to you if we know in time. We can get it to you in June.

JoeVideo.jpg (4406 bytes)
Below is a short clip of the show at The White house.
Click Here to view the Video:
Windows Media
Real Player

JOE & OR TAMRA HOLDEN Color Photos are available though fan club. Request by e-mailing us.
CD "Burning Up" by Joe available also.

Joe & Tamra's web site on www.joetinoco.com is now under construction and his new site on my space is getting a lot of new hits. Check it out to see short new videos of performances.

Also Marlene Slater has faithfully kept Joe's site going at MKOC and it is very informative also . View at http://www.mkoc.com/JoeTinoco/

For ticket reservations and information, call 1-877-487-2386 or 417-335-2396 or CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets on-line.

Fans For Joe TINOCO
To post a messages on JOE' IFCO SITE


Magnificent Gospel Showcase

Dear Fans,

TamraSings.jpg (5734 bytes)We are shooting a TV show on the first Saturday of the month at 1:00. We just shot our first one this past Saturday with the guests being the Galloways. Tamra Holden-Tinoco will be on all of these shows . If you get  the chance please come in and sit for a shooting. It lasts for approx 2 hours and cost $10.00 per person. Next month we are shooting on June 2nd and the guest group is Crystal River and the Host is Kerri Pomarolli.

Thank you,
Lani Campbell
White House Theatre


Narvel-wave.jpg (2479 bytes)Narvel Felts

Narvel's news for the month of April has been posted on his site along with new show dates that have been added and/or updated. Check the schedule so you won't miss the next show nearest you!

Read all about the Rockabilly Fest further down in the news! Narvel will be there!




More Country  News

JoeNichols.com.jpg (13363 bytes)

CMT has A refreshing look at some of the most talented artists in the wide genre of country. This daily show takes the Studio 330 Sessions experience to a new level by blending exclusive live performances with candid interviews. Get to know Joe in a way only CMT Pure Country can. Watch it now at Cmt.com more


Joe Nichols (I’ll Wait for You) went back to high school today, Nashville’s Hunter’s Lane, to deliver a $5,000 grant from the Grammys so the school can buy some guitars for its music program.

But the school memories came flooding back. 

This man remains a beacon of country integrity. Over a rippling, rolling track his burnished baritone communicates intimacy and grace in this ultra romantic lyric. Play this and watch your listeners swoon.
- Robert K. Oermann  more

We proudly announce Joe's plans for this year's fan club party and hope you'll join us for a spectacular afternoon of food, friends and great music! Joe and his band have cooked up an exciting event filled with plenty of surprises for the 2007 edition of the JNFC party - you won't want to miss it! more

Nashville, TN --- After singing the National Anthem at the Talladega 500 race on Saturday in Orlando, FL, Joe Nichols enjoyed the privilege of hanging out in the pit area during the race with Jeremy Mayfield’s crew and the Bill Davis Racing Team. The next day Joe and his band attended a VIP party hosted by Patron Spirits at Universal Studios Theme park. Joe and his fun loving group were especially enthralled with the park’s Revenge of the Mummy ride which the park kept open especially for the party goers.  more

May 1, 2007 — The first single from Joe Nichols' forthcoming CD, set for release late summer/early fall, was shipped to radio last week and is receiving rave reviews.

"Another Side of You" was written by Carson Chamberlain and Jamey Johnson and produced by Mark Wright and Brent Rowan. 
Hear 5000 Online Stations on Live365: Listen to thousands of stations programmed by people like you!
Listen or broadcast internet radio at Live365

Wade Hayes

WadeH.jpg (5370 bytes)WOWW! A Word on Wade's World
APRIL 30, 2007


* WADE HAYES APPEARANCES (More details further down in the newsletter)

.... new in Nashville, TN .. 5/5, 6/5
.... change .. McMinnville pulled from the calendar, 6/22
.... new in Camrose, Alberta, Canada with Rhett Akins, 8/3


* SITE UPDATES - since last WOWW!

.... Updates to Tour page


Wade and Randy Lanham together - one of the best acoustic shows you'll ever witness. Wade's stellar voice and superb 'picking' skills aligned with Randy's superior fiddle playing and smooth harmonizing make musical magic.

We Nashville supporters love it when Wade goes to Owensboro to hook up with his long-time friend for an evening of music. It's a quick fun trip to take with friends and fellow 'Wadies.' We go for the music and to touch base with Wade and Randy, but the trip always enriches the friendships - a major bonus for Wade's fans.

O'Bryan's anchors the corner of a country crossroads west of Owensboro, in an area known as West Louisville. It's near a lake and campground and a lot of farms and fields. And it has a packed house of regulars and visitors on a Saturday night. Wade and Randy were set-up in the corner of a covered patio. The crowd was also inside the restaurant area and overflowing outside the patio - ready for good times and good music.

The sound was good and the crowd was very receptive. Only drawback to the evening was the lighting. We could see Randy well and we could see Wade's guitar well, but not his face. The 'hot spot' on the guitar put him in the shadows in the pictures.

Wade did a lot of his hits (we'll have the playlist on the web-site), a few of the unreleased ones that he's written recently, a couple of Willie's songs, one of Strait's, and a couple of covers that we hadn't heard before - Skagg's "Don't Get Above Your Raising,' and Hank, Jrs "The Pressure is On." He absolutely aced that one - definitely want to hear it again.

It was good to see Randy and his wife Kristi and pictures of their adorable little Emma, born 11/3.

We'll look forward to another trip to Owensboro anytime Wade and Randy are ready!

~~ Helen

If you haven't booked for the Cancun Beach Party, you want to give it a second look. This should be lots of fun in a very relaxed atmosphere. If you went on the cruise, you know how much fun it is to get with other fans to enjoy the fun and the shows.


If you want to post on the message board and you aren't already registered, please let me know. We're having to "pre-register" new posters. Unfortunately someone took advantage of the boards that Gayle provides (so loyally and professionally) to include inappropriate posts and links. We hate to have to take this extra step, but we want the boards to be clean and enjoyable for everyone.
Send me the handle or nickname you want to use. You'll get an e-mall from gayle, giving you a temporary password. Come join us - the forum is a lot of fun. It's good to hear from all the Wade supporters out there.


For full newsletter please go to: http://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?wadehayesnews+74

....... WOWW! News (Helen Neal)
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274

Messages for Wade can be sent to this address:
....... Wade Hayes
....... WOWW! News
....... P. O. Box 148274
....... Nashville, TN 37214-8274
Wade Hayes Site
E-mail to WOWW!!
Message Board for Wade Hayes Fans
Country Radio Stations by States
Venue Listings by States
WOWW! Archives
Mapquest - Maps and Directions


The 2007 International Rock-A-Billy Music Festival

The 2007 International Rock-A-Billy Music Festival, held in Jackson, TN, August 9, 10 & 11, will give you a reason to "Twist and Shout" and dance the night away to the great beat of Rockabilly's best. The “Bop,” the “Twist,” the “Line Dance,” and all of those wonderful dance steps, still enjoyed by many, were inspired by the happenin' new beat of Rockabilly music in the 1950's. Join Dancers from all over the world as they come to Jackson to "Twist Again" to the music of Rockabilly legends and compete for great prizes. The festival will include a little international flavor with performances by German band Hannes Strauss and the Blue Vinyl Freaks, Doc Thomas (from Berlin), and Judy Kanyo from Canada. Music for this "hoppin" dance scene will be provided by Rockabilly greats, like Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, Ace Cannon, and Narvel Felts. The International Rock-A-Billy Festival will also feature a special appearance by Johnny Cash’s band, The Tennessee Three, along with performances by the 10-0-C band, featuring Lee McAlpin (Carl Perkins’ pianist for many years), Carl Mann, and Rayburn Anthony.

“Early Bird Special Price” is $45.00 for a three (3) day pass, which is good for admission to all events. For more information, contact:
The International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame, Inc.
105 North Church Street
Jackson, TN 38301

Website www.RockABillyHall.org
email: rock@rockabillyhall.org


Wildfire Publicity / Publicity House
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633


$5 off FutureDial Suite CD or Download

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Hi to all our friends.

If you haven't seen and heard our video
of "Because We Love", an original ballad,
we'd really like to have you click this link:
http://tinyurl.com/2qlk9e .

Thanks, and all the best...
    Jack & Misty

JacksColumn.jpg (5362 bytes)


An actual news item:
"TORONTO, May 8 (UPI) -- Toronto area homeowners are complaining to animal control about a rabbit population explosion.
Colleen Gyergyai of the Oakville Humane Society says she receives at least 30 calls every day from irate homeowners plagued by garbage- and garden-ravaging rabbits, the Toronto Star reported Tuesday. She said a normal year would see about three complaints a day. "It's everywhere from Oakville to Milton," Gyergyai said."

My fake news item:
A Toronto man was attacked and robbed on Bloor Street last night by outlaw rabbits. The victim could tell they were gang rabbits by the tattoos on their ears, and the hip-hop music on their boom boxes.

In a related story, police received reports of other rabbits stalking the downtown area. One caller claimed to see a group of rabbits walking backwards, and described it as 'a receding hare line'."

Officials suggest that citizens follow these safety tips:
1. Do not carry lettuce in your pockets or purse.
2. Do not go walking at night while wearing a carrot suit.
3. Do not pick up any pellet-shaped objects.

Jack Blanchard

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."

Jack and Misty on MKOC

Check out all of the Newest Released CDs in Country Music!

Randy McAllister

Randy McAllister's "Temporary Fixes" Re-released By Popular Demand

Dallas TX - 05-07-07 Freedom First Records announces the re-release of Randy McAllister's 4th album "Temporary Fixes" May 7th 2007. The original release, in 2000, was limited. Renewed interest in Randy McAllister's overall catalog and new digital distribution opportunities make it possible for Freedom First Records to re-release the CD "Temporary Fixes" for national distribution starting May 7th 2007 through Amazon.com, EBay.com, CDBaby.com, ArtistCDsDirect.com and other online sites.

Link to "Temporary Fixes" Release Page http://www.randymcallister.com/release.shtml

This current re-release of the original 2000 "Temporary Fixes" was initiated by fan requests and unprecedented financial support. The album includes some of Randy McAllister's most exciting compositions and performances. "The Chain","Nobody Can Help You","Never Has A Lot of Faith","That Chicken You're Fixin","Suzi Golddigger & Sweet Betty","Game Of Life","Stronger Vice/Better Hobby","Take Me Out Of New Orleans","Man Who Went For Cigarettes","Equalizer" and "The Way" represent an important piece of Randy McAllister's body of work.

Randy explains, "I felt 'Temporary Fixes' never was really released. This time we have the inventory and with new developments in online distribution, indie labels can produce and distribute a great product. While still underdogs, we can at least get heard by our fans. They know what they like."

Randy McAllister's releases have always received critical acclaim from industry leading media. He works hard to earn his fans with every live performance. As songwriter and performer Randy has always set the mark high.

Randy is currently nominated in three International Categories for Australia's 2007 BlueStar Awards along with names like Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan. Voting is currently taking place. Randy developed a distinctive, soulful voice and is an accomplished Harmonica, drumer and songwriter. Randy is always writing. He has a prolific catalog with 7 albums to date and another album to be released this summer. With just a portion of his available catalog recorded you never know what a live performance may deliver. Able to perform back to back concerts for days without repeating a single song, Randy McAllister is truly one of the most prolific singer songwriters performing. Known for his impressive range and command of styles, Randy is able to cross and blend genre for an exciting mix of performances the always reach audiences to create fans.

McAllister is a fifth generation native Texan. His father also a musician, introduced Randy to live music at an early age teaching his son to play the drums. Randy's father played in bands for years. Randy excelled at the drums, a natural. He developed musically as he found writing, composition and arranging.

For additional information about this and other Randy McAllister CD releases you can contact Freedom First Records or Busthead Management at 214-453-2503. Publications interested in review copies and press enquiries invited. Retailers seeking wholesale accounts can visit www.FreedomFirstRecords.com or call 214-453-2503


Chris Ownbey
Freedom First Records/Busthead Management
Dallas - Texas


Web Site

Gary Allan
GAFC Update
As a fan club member of the Gary Allan Fan Club, you have the advantage of getting tickets to see Gary Allan LIVE! Often before they go on sale to the general public! Not a member yet? Why miss all the fun? JOIN NOW! more!
ON SALE WED 5/16/07 at 10 AM
8/9/07  Des Moines, IA @  Iowa State Fairgrounds
06/06/07  Nashville, TN @ Official Fan Club Party Tickets
***all sale times local to venue**
Big Rain Performs in Shanghai China

Wildfire_BRBruceguitarChina200.jpg (8565 bytes)Big Rain's Bruce Guynn prepares to hand off his guitar to be able to walk through the audience at the Shanghia International Music Festival Blue Stage. This year's 7-day music festival in Century Park in Shanghai China had the highest attendance in its six year history. At times Guynn sang in Chinese, but what may have really endeared Big Rain to the crowd is their rendition of 'Pung Yu ah Pung Yu', which means 'Oh Friend Oh Friend' in Chinese.

Photo Credit: Patrick Gleason

For MP3s, the Big Rain album, photos, or to schedule an interview, contact Laura Claffey with Wildfire Publicity at Laura@wildfirepublicity.net or 615-825-0019. MP3s are also available to radio through Airplay Direct.


Get Big Rain's CDs Here


Wildfire Publicity / Publicity House
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

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