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May 19, 2007 Page 2

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More Country  News

Shawn Michael Perry

ShawnMichaelPerry.jpg (5282 bytes)Shawn Michael Perry gets All Shook Up in Nashville
Los Angeles, CA, USA - Shawn Michael Perry never thought of himself as a Country Western artist. . . . But then he went to Nashville. . . . And Nashville grabbed him by his musical heart strings and shook his creative soul until he got it . . . . Until he got the rhythm of Nashville and of Country Western Music.

"Nashville," he says, "is so alive - so in-tune to the true character of this country and what the country wants to hear in its music."

Just as music lovers learn to appreciate more than one genre, Shawn Michael Perry is ready to broaden his reach. He isn't turning to Country Music as his only venue. He's just doing one of the things he does best - using the universality of his music to speak to his audience. And that audience is the one that listens to music that touches its soul, that cuts to the truth about love, heartbreak, joy and sorrow. Country Music has never allowed itself to be denied its place in American Music - because all things Country form the heartbeat of America and Shawn Michael Perry is a singer, songwriter who has his music in rhythm with that beat.

Shawn Michael Perry's country version of his song "Forever" speaks to Country Music and Country Music has responded. "Forever" is raced up the charts and requests to hear more of his music are keeping up with it.

"Sharing thoughts and feelings in their purest, most down to earth, form, is what Country Music is all about - and that's what my music is about - it's that simple," he says. Simple maybe but also aflame with even more excitement. Shawn Michael Perry will continue to inspire us with Pop, Rock, Latin, Native and Country music - and each style with benefit from his growth in the others . . . they'll be a Whole Lot a Shakin' Goin' On.

For interviews, product requests and IDs contact Loggins Promotion staff@logginspromotion.com or call 888-325-2901

Contact info:
Backstage Entertainment
Media - Publicity - Promotion


Buy Shawn's CDs Here


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Los Angeles, CA - There was a time when it was taboo for a band or recording artist to be on television. Industry experts believed that artists worked on music and their craft of recording and performing live, and that they really had no time for television nonsense. First MTV began to change that notion (at a time when they actually played videos), and now with the event of American Idol all of this has been turned upside down. In fact the Idol machine has become so much "the deal", that some believe you can’t break as a recording artist without it. Speaking to a music director in the mid-west the other day, they told us they had little power in adding any new music without the expressed permission from their corporate program director. If you were an American Idol contestant past of present, you were exempt from any rules and could be put on the air immediately.

On any given hour of America’s new favorite reality television concert, there are more pitches thrown at the viewer than one would find during a fifteen-inning baseball game. Ryan Seacrest, the ringmaster of this musical circus, prods the viewer to do everything from calling, texting, voting, logging on, pledging to a dozen other assignments. If he told the viewers to blow smoke-signals they would probably go outside and try. We were too busy just trying to figure out how to vote…Idol 3!

Even their recent songwriting competition, which sounded like something of promise, turned out to be a "cash cow" for the producers. Each contestant paid ten bucks just to enter a song, good or bad. To add to that, they had songwriting participants sign a publishing agreement that locked their song on to the production company for life. If the songwriting deal is so complicated, can you even imagine the contract that the contestants have to sign? For that one you would have to hire a team of lawyers, but they know these kids won’t bother. They want "in" so bad that they will sign anything to make it happen.

The makers of American Idol know that they have a good thing, and they are pushing this baby as far as they can. If you are a recording artist, and you are having a hard time selling product, just go on American Idol and that will take care of everything. We saw Robin Thick on Idol the other night singing in his strange falsetto (what’s with this guy?) that sounded like Minnie Ripperton on a bad day. We’re sure he sold more CD’s for that one shot on the show, then he’s ever sold in his short and bizarre solo recording career.

Even the recent "Idol Gives Back", was somewhat of a promotion. It was like a telethon mixed with the Ed Sullivan show and everybody on the planet wanted to be a part of it. It’s true that they raised a ton of money from the fans of the show for bringing top recording artists in who were all plugging their product, but it seemed all so self-serving. Television commentators from various networks were complaining and asking why the producers of the show didn’t match the funds donated by the viewers. The show received more attention, publicity, viewers, made more money, and picked up even higher ratings, and it really didn’t cost them a thing.

For all of the contestants that have been paraded in front of millions and millions of people, it’s also curious as to how many of them have really built strong and powerful recording careers. We can think of well…Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood (which has been an overnight marketing machine) and maybe Clay & Daughtry, but what about the other hundred plus artists? Don’t get your panties all bunched up about this article as it’s just an opinion piece, but we’re looking at this show for what it really is, a "cash cow" for the network, the shows producers, and the record labels that are involved in the show. Did we say Clive Davis? It’s quite entertaining, and we will probably still watch it every week, but it’s getting more and more like a "sellathon". Next time you watch it, sit down and count how many plugs you are hit with at every turn, and we’re not even talking about the commercials.

Contact Info:

New Music Weekly magazine

Tele: 310.325.9997


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Pete Berwick's Last Train Outta Nashville is Breaking the Sound Barrier Worldwide

PeteBerwick.jpg (4616 bytes)After over three decades in the music industry Pete Berwick's music is finally getting its due -- the chance to be heard worldwide.

The album is garnering a warm reception from a diverse cross section of radio broadcasters, both domestic and international via internet, satellite and terrestrial radio simply because this album contains something for everyone. Americana reporters in Europe and the USA, blues stations, roots rock broadcasters and more have all discovered the unique diversity of Pete Berwick. His songs are whiskey-soaked, ragged and weathered, with a mix of hardcore heartbreak and rock-edged attitude that dares to go unnoticed.

Roots Music Report's Robert Bartosh gave "Ain't No Train Outta Nashville" 5 stars with its recent review. "Pete Berwick's sound is as unique as they come and his songwriting is even more intriguing. His music is high-spirited and definitely on the cutting edge of roots music. His vocal performance is convincing and a delight to listen to as he delivers this album of self-penned songs. “Ain’t No Train Outta Nashville” is more than your average album release, it's chance to look into the soul of a man that has lived the songs he has written as he presents them to fans across the ever expanding world of roots music."

Noted roots rock reviewer Rev Keith Gordon has called it the album of the year! "The best album of 2007 was actually recorded in 1993 and, surprisingly, it was so damn far ahead of its time that it sounds as fresh, dynamic and topical today as it would have fourteen years ago; maybe more so. Too rock & roll for Nashville’s taste, too country for the coasts, Pete Berwick has nevertheless been on the verge of his “big break” for almost two decades now. Luckily, it hasn’t kept him from making great music. Ain’t No Train Outta Nashville is proof that you can’t keep a good man down, and if you ain’t listening to Pete Berwick, then you ain’t listening to shit…." The full review can be found here: http://www.thatdevilmusic.com/TMQ/2007/04/aint-no-train-outta-nashville.html

Ain't No Train Outta Nashville is the current album of the week on France's premier blues broadcast Baker Street Radio Show

Enjoy the full length audio tracks from Pete's new album and consider spinning it on your station. We believe this is solid, independent music that deserves to be heard! We think you'll agree.

If you need an airplay/review copy please reply and we'll get one out to you right away!

Hear songs:

Rebels and Cadillacs

Only Bleeding

I Ain't Him


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Country Weekly Magazine
Tim & Faith: Our Family Life
How do Tim McGraw and Faith Hill deal with family life on the road? Check out our exclusive interviews.
Miranda Lambert at Home
Miranda Lambert kicks back at her Texas home and talks about her new CD and boyfriend Blake Shelton.
CMT Music Awards
The night’s big winners—plus a look at the stars’ fabulous fashions.
Great Getaways
The stars reveal their favorite summer vacation spots.
What's New Online SWEEPSTAKES: Check out exclusive photos of Catherine Britt and Katrina Elam. Who has the perfect look with the Hanes® perfect T? Vote for your favorite and you could win an autographed Hanes® perfect T and new music from the star you choose.
GET COOKIN’: Carolyn Dawn Johnson prepares her Chicken Asparagus dish, guaranteed to please any crowd.
REVIEWS: Tim McGraw keeps it real on Let It Go, plus the debut from American Idol finalist Bucky Covington.

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Liz Talley

LizTalley.jpg (4942 bytes)"Liz Talley" presents a special Mothers Day release with Radio Submit.
Reading Mamas Bible

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Radio Submit: Presenting all formats of music to radio.
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SongU.com: Courses and Opportunities in May

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all doing well. April has zipped on by! It's been a hectic month with spring breaks and holidays. Our daughter, Mia, is graduating in two weeks from pre-school. Seems like just a year ago she was in diapers (oh wait, that was just a year ago). Anyway, I wanted to drop you a quick note because I've received several emails this month from people asking me what exactly is included in membership at SongU.com...so I thought I'd take a moment to explain it by telling you what our Platinum Members did this month. If you're interested in joining, there's details on our new member special at the bottom of this newsletter.

1. Unlimited Instructor-led and Self-Paced Courses
For the Platinum Member subscription rate (paid monthly or quarterly with no obligation),   members can take any and all of our online self-paced or instructor-led courses for no additional cost We currently have over 70 courses currently with more being added on a regular basis. For example, this month, in our instructor-led courses, our SongU.com members can:

  • Receive advice on networking in the new music business with author and consultant, Dan Kimpel.
  • Focus on "Re-writing for Impact" in a 4-week session with multi-hit writer, Craig Bickhardt
  • Get tips about recording and releasing a record with successful independent artist, Nancy Moran.
  • Receive personal feedback and advice on their home demos from producer and tech editor for Performing Songwriter Magazine, Fett
  • Find out how to put together great chord progressions in Chord Chemistry, with author and successful songwriter, Jai Josefs.
  • Play songs for each other and our SU instructors in our small group feedback classes. 
  • Hear their competition as they listen to current demos by today's top writers that are being pitched by songplugger extraordinaire, Cole Wright.
  • Talk online with our special Connections guest, ETNC founder, Joe Quaranto, about what songs he's looking for and then have the opportunity to pitch their Pop/Rock/Dance/Contemporary Country songs later this month to him through SongU.com Spin N' Pitch.

2. Regular Pitching Opportunities
In addition for no extra cost, our Platinum Members also can participate in any of our pitching opportunities. In April our members rocked Spin N' Pitch with over 20 members receiving notes of interest in their songs and/or contract offers from various guests (publishers, A&R, producers and artists). So it's not only a great opportunity to get your songs heard, but also a chance to make something happen (you can view a list of all pitching opportunities by going to: http://www.songu.com/pubSpinnpitch.asp)

3. And More...
There's a lot more...our members are currently: participating in our "Spring Fling" challenge where we pair up co-writers from around the globe to try to complete a song together; networking through the SU clubs; listening to guest transcripts in our on-demand section or our library and taking advantage of receiving individual song feedback from our amazing staff of SU Pro Coaches, which include Grammy nominated producers, hit writers, top songpluggers and publishers all available with their musical ears to help you improve your songs and make them the best they can be.

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We hope to see you "on campus" sometime soon ;-)

Best wishes,

Danny Arena
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Ken Overcast

Hi ,

KenOvercast-2.jpg (4505 bytes)Wow! What a ride this has all been. "Montana Lullaby" is now “The Official Lullaby of the State of Montana!” We were in Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer’s office last Wednesday to witness the signing. What an honor.

We’ve also done our regular monthly drawing, and Margorie Parker of Blacklick, Ohio is “Cowgirl of the Month” for April. Here’s what she’ll have in her mailbox:

• A full year’s subscription to American Cowboy Magazine.
• An autographed copy of “Honky Tonk Town” by author and historian, Gary A. Wilson.
• A brand spankin’ new CD of traditional and cowboy gospel music by Wylie Gustafson of Wylie and the Wild West entitled “Glory Trail.”
• An autographed copy of our award winning “Montana Cowboy” CD that contains the original version of our now official “Montana Lullaby.”

You can order your very own CD of Montana Cowboy right here, and I’ll personally sign the first twenty five copies. Click on the link http://www.kenovercast.com/mt_lullaby.html

It’s been a real whirlwind trying to keep up around here, both on the ranch and with our music and traveling. I’m also the official sideman and backup guitar player for Faith Halingstad the Montana State PeeWee Fiddling Champion, and she’s got a gig tonight. (I only landed the job because I’m her Grandad, and I got a little preferential treatment.)

We’re still needing to brand the calves and get moved to the summer range. That’s coming right up. The grass has a great start, and the range has plenty of water so all is well on this end of the real West. We’ve got quite a slate of calf brandings coming up at the neighbors in the next few weeks, so that’s going to keep us on the run.

Montana Lullaby Download

Hi , Rumor has it that our server was down, and some folks couldn't download the complimentary mp3 file of "Montana Lullaby." Doggone it anyway.

I'm happy to report that we've got the little web gremlins under control and back in the sack where they belong. If you missed out on your download just give 'er another try on our homepage. Sorry 'bout that. http://www.kenovercast.com

Keep Smilin'....
but don't forget to check yer cinch.

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JIM OWEN's Video

Hi All


Here's the video of Jim http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=JoyceRamgatie

If you know any country music fan can you forward it for me please

Great to watch


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Skyla Spencer

Skyla Spencer performed at the 8th Annual Country Music Marathon this past weekend. Approximatley 30,000 people participated in the race. "It was the first time I performed at this event, and I had an amazing time," says Skyla. "I have always held a great admiration for people who participate & train for marathons." Skyla, along with a five piece band, performed some of her original material, as well as some country and rock favorites. Skyla shared the stage with representatives from 95.5 The Wolf radio station.

For more information, MP3s, the You Said You’d Call Me album, print quality photos, her EPK, or to schedule an interview, contact Laura Claffey with Wildfire Publicity at Laura@wildfirepublicity.net or 615-825-0019. MP3s are also available to radio through Airplay Direct.

SkylaSpencer-CD.jpg (3540 bytes)
Buy Skyla Spencer's "You Said You'd Call Me"

Wildfire Publicity / Publicity House
PO Box 558, Smyrna, TN 37167
Phone: 615-825-0019; Fax: 760-437-4633

Miranda Artist Judith Lynne

Takes Top Honors At The 2007 Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards

This Tyler Texas gal has had a very eventful year, singing and performing around her home state, she can been seen most any weekend at any one of the great Texas Oprys.

Judith Lynne has recently released her second album to compliment her music career,

*Becoming A Woman Again* produced by Legendary Joey Welz of Canadian American Records.

Joey Welz, former pianist with Bill Haley and the Comets and co-writer of the country version of the world famous ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK.

Her first album self titled Judith Lynne, was produced by Keith Bradford of the world Famous Kitty Wells Band at KMA Records Nashville Tennessee.

Judith Lynne added a new side of her talent to this new album, by co-writing almost every song, if not self writing, along with Joey Welz and Martha Barr, which has soared on music charts across the world in just a few short months.

Top Honors To Include
Silver Elite Songwriter Of The Year 2007
Most Promising Female Vocalist Of The Year 2007

She is promoted by Nashville Music Promoter Miranda Leake of Miranda Promotions International http://www.mirandapromotions.net and a member of the Miranda Stars Opry Road Tour, A division of Ameri-Star Entertainment which is owned by Deke Little formerly A&R for Star Search.

To Book this artist for your event contact Miranda Leake at 334-361-9060 or Miranda@mirandapromotions.net

Visit Judith Lynne On the web at http://judithlynnemusic.com/   http://cdbaby.com/cd/judithlynne   http://www.countrystartpage.com:80/   And pick up her new album today.

JudithLynne.jpg (7221 bytes)
Buy Becoming a Woman Again Here

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Miranda Welcomes Artist Singer Songwriter *Rick (Levi)Amburgey*To Her Stable Of Talent.

RickLeviAmburgey.jpg (10459 bytes)He was born and raised in the state of Ohio, in 1997 moved to Tennessee to be closer to my family and to peruse his dream of being a recording artist.

At the age of six he started playing accordion. He says his first thrill in life and music was hearing the crowd applaud as he played that accordion live for the first time. At the age of ten he picked up his first guitar and took lessons. It wasn't long after that he was playing in a local band and performing at junior high and then high school functions and dances.

By the age of eighteen he was playing the club circuit and became a guitar instructor for Sonny's Guitar Shop out of Columbus Ohio. At that time Sonny Curtis was playing steel guitar with Tammy Wynette.

Rick say's he is living with dreams of getting back into music full time and returning the talents the Lord has given him....back to HIM, and Your support is truly appreciated.

A Message from Rick Below

I appreciate you taking the time to listen to my music. The latest release "Too Proud To Listen, Too Ashamed To Pray" can be heard on many of your favorite Christian radio stations. Please call and request to hear it. THE SINGLE (It's Time I Find My Way (back to Jesus) CAN NOW BE HEARD on the Solid Gospel Network in addition to many Christian Country radio stations. These songs can be downloaded for only .99 cents from http://www.rickamburgey.org/catalog.html

I am currently working on my debut CD in which I feel will be completed in 2007. I am currently working with KMA Records out of Nashville, TN and Miranda Promotions based out of Prattville, AL The two songs listed above were recorded under the Sims record label.



RickLeeAmburgery-2.jpg (7284 bytes)Let us do more than Travel On Our Knees in prayer to these folks who lost their loved ones. Download the song for less than the cost of a bottle of water and let your contribution go for a good cause.

Produced By: Keith Bradford KMA Records Nashville

Hello to you all and God Bless. Please pass this on…share it with everyone you know....May God have all the glory as we step out to help during this time of crisis.

As many of you know I re-recorded a song April Patrick and Myself had written after the tragedy of 911. The song "Travel On Our Knees" now makes reference in the first verse to the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

Please be a part of helping me raise money to donate to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund at Virginia Tech University. For all those that download this song for a small investment of $1.00 will be recognized and honored for contributing in time of need. The entire donation for this song "Travel On Our Knees" will be given to Virginia Tech University to assist all who may need help due to this tragic event in their lives.

PLEASE….this INVESTMENT is less than a 16 oz bottle of soft drink.

You can go to the LINK DOWN BELOW. Click on the link to be directed to my site at IAC Music. There you will find the song "Travel On Our Knees"in addition to a few other songs I have on this site. Simply select the song (s) you want to hear and purchase. When finished, click on the shopping cart that says "CHECK OUT". You will then be directed to PayPal's website where you can see what your purchasing, You will also see the payment options. You can use your paypal account if you have one or, you can use your debit card or a major credit card.

PLEASE NOTE......Look for the link that says..."CLICK TO DOWNLOAD" on the final Paypal page showing that your purchase has been completed....Simply click the link...you'll be directed to the page where you can download the songs you ordered.....Right click on the link and (where You want to save the download)

Click on the link below and get your download of "Travel On Our Knees"Today.

Please help support my music ministry by purchasing the other 3 songs.
Here is the link to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund

Thank You all and God Bless
Rick Amburgey pronounced...Am..Burg....E


Song Writers....Rick Amburgey & April Patrick 2001
Please Tell All Your Family and Friends.....Direct them to http://www.rickamburgey.org  or .com

Miranda is excited to add Rick to her team of talent and sure you will love him also please visit his sites and make him feel welcome to our family.

Contact us for his music for your show today, and find out you to can become a Miranda Artist. miranda@mirandapromotions.net   or mirandastars2000@yahoo.com

Yours In Music,
Miranda Leake
Miranda Promotions International Alabama/Nashville USA
Home Of The Miranda Stars Opry Road Tour.



KC.jpg (4373 bytes)KC by no means is new on the music scene with many years of Tire Tread and Nashville Blood under his nails has made his way to Miranda.

Who is KC:

Raised in a small town near Beckley, WV and raised by a coal miner and his family. KC started playing guitar in 1978. KC studied lead guitar (acoustic and electric) by listening to old records and 8-track tapes, and occasionally would sit in at sets at various night clubs with dearest and closest friend Charlie Lilly (bassist with The Lilly Brothers, Clear Creek Crossin', Johnny Russell, Joe Diffie, Billy Walker) In 1984 KC became the Lead Guitarist for Al Hogan and Back Country. He had been playing rhythm guitar and due to some unknown disagreement their lead guitarist quit 1 hour before showtime at a major event, Al came back and told KC your it. KC had to play lead on his acoustic guitar but from that point on KC was the group's guitarist.

After laying 4 nights a week for several years, KC got burned out on the same old Top 40 shows and decided to form Newgrass Review. The music of Newgrass Review is a mixture of Country, Bluegrass, Gospel with overtones of other music incorporated into the sound. After these years of playing KC was offered a record deal in Nashville by one of the Majors, which he promptly turned down because they wanted him to fire his band and use theirs. KC during that time ran into Charlie Lilly again, and being as close as they were, KC packed everything up and moved to Nashville. KC started playing downtown in the local clubs sometimes with 4 bands a day.


DarleneCozart.jpg (4471 bytes)Teaming up with KC is his lovely wife Darlene who has an extensive background and success.

Darlene was born in Vancouver, BC. Made the Emmys for best entertainer of the year in the Gospel field in 1991. Did radio voiceovers, to TV shows. Sang on many radio hit club mixes, to touring. I then started to write books for children, as I love to read. I am so have been so blessed by the children who have loved them all. I also have many college degrees, but have followed my dreams with writing.

I have also co hosted a TV show in Nashville with my good producer friend Keith, and have been doing shows with my husband KC. He's the lead singer of Newgrass Review and is also my coolest best friend. I look up to people who are positive, and love to have fun and laugh. I am a writer of scripts to book stories for children. I have lots of fun in the arts, and also used to sing and tour.

Music: I love playing congas, bongos, to tambourines, and singing with others in sweet harmonies. To me life is so short. So use every gift to the best of your abilities, and you can make a huge difference.

KC Teamed up with Keith Bradford of KMA Records and was offered another "Deal" this time accepting, and has been with KMA Records ever since. KC has been endorsed by many companies including Intellitouch Tuners, Freshman Guitars and the list goes on. Newgrass Review also endorses GHS Strings and Accessories and Rocktron. (Especially the Rocktron Xpression System). Currently Newgrass Review has staff writers from Gravels and Dust Publishing, and other collaborators from some very well known writers (Buy the CD and see who????). KC is being promoted by Miranda Promotions, KMA Records, Crowe Entertainment as well as some private promoters.

If You would like their music for your show contact:
Miranda Leake 334-361-9060 or miranda@mirandapromotions.net  

Yours In Music,
Miranda Leake
Miranda Promotions International Alabama/Nashville USA
Home Of The Miranda Stars Opry Road Tour And Traditional Country Music TV

twangtown-tsm.gif (2818 bytes)

"We Don't Write The News...We Report The News"
Today's Country Music News Has Been Posted On The News Board. http://www.twangtownusa.com/news/


Music News Nashville
May 14, 2007
Vol. 2, Issue 7

Greetings, all...

Your next issue of Music News Nashville is waiting for you today. To view it, visit http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/newsletter/html/2007/051407.htm

If you're a songwriter, who's your boss? Why was Big Kenny talking about his 'Last Dollar?' What do Martina McBride, Little Big Town and Rodney Atkins have in common? Who's Lucy Angel and why is Nashville listening to them? For answers to these questions, and more, check out the latest issue of Music News Nashville.

We have new articles, new CD reviews and new pictures in the magazine. We also have several new contests for FREE CONCERT TICKETS (including two that close SOON - Seal and Herbie Hancock).

Click on http://www.musicnewsnashville.com/newsletter/html/2007/051407.htm to see the latest newsletter, or click on http://www.musicnewsnashville.com to go directly to the magazine's front page.


Page 3 - Roger Ryan's "Country Cuts"


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