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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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Jan. 14, 2007

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Entries for the 12th Annual USA Songwriting Competition are currently being accepted. Winning songs of the 2007 USA Songwriting Competition will receive airplay on a nationally syndicated radio program Acoustic Café as well as XM Satellite Radio. Entrants vie for a top prize of $50,000 worth cash and cool music gear from Sony, Ibanez Guitars, Audio-Technica, IK Multimedia and more. This is the first Songwriting Competition that gives airplay to the winning songs, giving deserving bands, songwriters the recognition and exposure they deserve. Songs may be entered in categories such as Country, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Jazz, Instrumental and many more.

Sponsors include: Keyboard magazine, New Music Weekly, Sony, Audio-Technica, Ibanez Guitars, D'Addario Strings, Mi7, Sam Ash Music Stores, IK Multimedia, Hear Techologies, MixDownMedia.com, Indie Bible, Garritan Music Software, Acoustic Cafe, LivewireMusician.com, AirplayOnly.com, Loggins Promotion, Sonicbids.com and Superdups.com. For more information, please go to:

Jessica Brandon
Artists Relations
USA Songwriting Competition
*World's Leading International Songwriting Competition*

Joyce Seamone

JoyceSeamone.jpg (5571 bytes)Hi Everyone:

It is a great pleasure to send you this notice.

I have had a presence on the internet for many years, by way of my own personal website. Since this year marks a milestone for me, I thought there would be no better time than now, to give my site a major overhaul. I have spent a great deal of time getting the new information ready for you to see, but most of all, had a fun time doing so. At your convenience, I would like you to thoroughly look at all my pages and read the information. It’s quite lengthy, but I think you will find it very interesting and enjoyable. If you don’t have the time to look at in all at once, come back and finish it at another time. It was surprising how many memories came flooding back as I tackled this project. I am very excited about my new look. I'm keeping up with new technology and have videos there as well. Enjoy!
e-mail :joyceseamone@bwr.eastlink.ca


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SongU.com Gold Stars And Special Offer

This week's quotes:
"It's exciting to be a part of such a *vital* and comprehensive songwriting community at SongU. I'm SO glad I joined. It's upped my game tremendously." - Donna G.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of things. The first is our "Gold Stars" news. It's been a banner start to the year for many of our members and we're proud of their accomplishments. From signing single song contracts to co-writing with hit writers, our members continue to be the proof that working on your craft, having determination, and building relationships is the key to climbing the music industry mountain.

The second thing to tell you is that to celebrate our members' accomplishments, we're running a quarterly member special at SongU.com. If you join prior to March 5th, you'll get your first three months of courses, coaching, co-writing and pitching opportunities at SongU.com for just $50 (that's a third off the regular quarterly rate). Sign up before March 1st and we'll even throw in a free song evaluation. Just use redemption code GOLDSTAR when signing up at www.SongU.com.

Here is just some of what our members have accomplished in the past three months...we hope you'll join them at SongU.com for the next three months.

Contracts, Cuts, Airplay and More:
The following member were offered song contracts, got cuts or received airplay on their songs in the past few months:

* Ronnie W. whose song, "The Sweater Song" is getting airplay on THE INDY ROCK CONNECTION, which broadcasts on FM Stations and college stations all over the US. This song is also receiving airplay on NashvilleRadio.biz and the NOT JUST COUNTRY show airing Thursday nights out of Nashville.
* Stephen A. was logging regular radio play on NCM (205 stations worldwide) for his songs, "Joy Of My Salvation" and "Cross Of Gold"
* Mitch T. who has two songs on the Indie Heaven Charts, "December Rain" and "Soli Deo Gloria"
* Ray P. received a single song contract offer from Hot Seat Music
* Jeff M. signed 3 songs with Outback Studio Publishing and has gotten cuts with several independent artists
* Vaughan D. who signed his song "Highway Miles" with Crucial Music, "So Not Over You" with Aristomedia Group
* Rhonda E. whose received a contract for her song, "23 Shades" which is going to be used in an upcoming documentary about adoption
* Jack W. who signed a single song agreement for his song, "I Promise You"
* Ray P. whose songs, "Ying Yang Thing" and "She Wrote That In Blue" were signed by Sunset Ranch Music
* Ronnie W. whose song, "The Lost Girls Of Sudan" is being shopped by Karmel Productions for movie placement
* Mitch T./Donna G. whose song, "My Family Tree" is on hold for Lloyd Knight
* Juan A./Scott J. whose song, "I Got The Green Light" is on hold for Lloyd Knight
* Mitch T./Scott H. whose song, "Oorah, Up" is on hold for Troy Wykle
* Jim S/Mitch T. whose song, "Can You See Him" was recorded on a compilation CD to raise money for a Pittsburgh homeless shelter
* Marc K. whose song, "I Can Break My Own Heart" was recorded by Taryn Cross
* Jim S. whose had 3 songs cut: "You Must Be Crazy" has been cut by The New Grass Review; "The Empty Chair" by Steve Wade and "Just A Song" by Troy Wykle. Jim also has a hold with Troy Wykle for another of his songs, "This Red Neck of the Woods"
* Gene R. whose song, "Show Me The Way" is in the soundtrack for the upcoming indie Christian film to be released in the fall
* Gene R. who got his first cut with a Southern Gospel label, Frostbyte in Nashville
* Sue F. whose comedy album broke the Top 10 on Billboard Records Comedy Chart

Spin N' Pitch Connections:
The following member either received notes that artists were interested in their songs or contract offers through SongU.com Spin N' Pitch in the past two months:

#64 -The Slideshow Company expressed interest in signing 7 member songs.

* Chris Y./Rhonda E. "Perfect Fit"
* Jimbeau W. "Angels Carried Me "
* Anthony C. "Friday Night"
* Donna G. "First One To Last"
* Tammy B. "I Have This Dream"
* Mitch T. "Promise To Forever"
* Mitch T. "You've Got A Way"

#259 -Country/Bluegrass FEMALE & MALE lead singers. This established independent newgrass group is looking for country, country pop, gospel. UPTEMPOS preferred. The following members received notes of interest in their song from this guest.

* John T. "Heaven's Gone Country"
* Matt D. "Denver v2"
* Lisa M. "Little Big Man"
* Perry D. "I Count My Blessings"
* James S. "Moonbathing"
* Marc K. "Kissing In The Rain"
* Paul M. "I'm All Yours"
* Everett A. "My Tennessee Treasure"
* Mitch T. "My Family Tree"
* Mitch T. "Less In Life"

#265 -Country. Pitch to Publisher. Nashville Music Publisher with world wide contacts is looking for great FEMALE UPTEMPO's expressed interest in signing 6 member songs.

* Shelley J. "Forever Never Looked So Good"
* Elizabeth M. "Y CHROMOSOME"
* Joe L. "94 Dodge, Interstate 80"
* Donna G. "I Won't Think About You"
* Matt D. "Love'll Do That"
* William F. "Dreams"

#266 - Successful LA-based Film/TV Music Publisher expressed interest in signing 7 member songs. .

* Ken J. "TV-sampler"
* Vaughan D. "Highway Miles"
* Gene R. "If You Were Here (Duet)"
* Rebecca P. "Mississippi"
* Stuart R. "Schadenfreude"
* Shelley J. "Extreme Overkill"
* Bob W. "Life's Full Of Surprises"

#273 -Pop, Pop/Rock, Pop/R&B, Dance. Pitch to Publisher. Nashville-based Music Publisher with world wide contacts is looking for great pop songs to sign and pitch expressed interest in signing 3 member songs.

* Vaughan D. "Every Sky I Fly Is Blue"
* Lorna F. "Don't Let Go"
* Dempsey W. "Ripple Free"

#274 -Country. MALE. Major-label international artist recording a country album. Needs a HIT single a la Steve Holy, Joe Nichols, Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney. Send your BEST male country songs, professionally demoed only. The following members received notes of interest in their song from this guest.

* Vaughan D. "I Sing For You"
* James S. "Moonbathing"
* Anthony C. "Friday Night"
* Stuart R "Knee Deep in Clover"
* Lisa M. "Don't Turn Off The Light"
* Mitch T. "My Family Tree"
* Mitch T. "Sunset Dream"
* Michael T. "One Door Closes, One Door Opens*"
* Anni L. "Hard To Find"
* Rebecca H. "NEW ORLEANS"
* Matt D. "Denver v2"
* Matt D. "Selective Memory"
* Ed B. "Life comes at you fast"
* John D. "Flirting In A Foreign Language"
* John D. "All Of My Love"

On a related note, I would like to add the following congrats:

* Joe L. whose song, "First Last Kiss" was pitched on a CD by our Street Team representative to Donny Kees who is a hit writer and currently manager of recording artist, Andy Griggs. Donny fell in love with it and is playing it for Andy Griggs and his producer Frank Myers.
* Johnny A. whose lyric, "All Too Clear" grabbed the attention of a SongU Coach who proceeded to set him up with hit songwriter, Tony Haseldon to write the music. The song was demoed last week and signed by a publisher this week.
* Kent F. whose song, "Jenny Wilde" that came up through our coaching system caught the ears of mega-hit writer, Craig Wiseman at the NSAI Songposium. Kent is being signed by Craig's company and just had his song "Out Run The Sun" that he co-wrote with Craig Wiseman demoed this past week.

If you're keeping score, that's 36 single song contract offers (20 in the past three months via Spin N' Pitch); a handful of holds and cuts; several successful co-write hook-ups, including 1 hit co-writer set-up and another co-write with a major hit writer. I think member, Steve J. sums it up best in an email he recently sent:

"I just received notification that my song “Living On The Family Farm” has been forwarded by the screeners for pitch #269. This is a first for me, and follows last month’s award for “Not My Son”, which was also a first. While I know there are no guarantees with any of this, it does show that I’m doing some things that are getting attention, which was certainly not the case before I joined SongU.com. What it proves is that for what I’ve learned, there is so much more to learn, but with hard work and a lot of help from you folks, I can have some success and a whole lot of fun. Thanks for everything, and could you pass this along to Coach #1230, who has been so supportive of my efforts. Steve J."

As a Platinum Member at SongU.com you can take ALL our courses for no additional cost. Plus, you'll get regular co-writing and pitching opportunities, your own member website, access to our award-winning coaching staff and more. Just sign up before March 5th and you'll get your first three months of SongU.com courses, coaching and pitching opportunities for only $50 (recurs at the regular rate of $75/quarter). Sign up on or before March 1st and we'll even throw in a free song evaluation. Just use redemption code GOLDSTAR when you sign up at www.SongU.com

Wishing you all continued success in 2007. Hope to see you "on campus" ;-)

Sara Light
Courses, Coaching, Connections

MusiciansFriend.com’s 3rd Annual Warehouse Sale

Miranda Artist Dean Holmen guest spot on the Jett Williams Show Midnite Jamboree
in Nashville is now on line In Archives Check It Out...


DeanHolman.jpg (6793 bytes)Hello folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that the show Dean Holmen did on the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree is now on line for you to hear if you would like.
Click on Midnite Jamboree on the left side. Scroll down until you see the show #3125 with Jett William's as host. His spot was about half way through the show.
Hear him do his stuff, we are so very proud of his success, visit Dean's website at http://www.deanholmen.com and sign his guestbook.

Dean is a Miranda Stars Opry Performer, you can hear his music on Wednesday Nights on The Miranda Stars Opry Hour on TCBG Radio Online at http://www.tcbgradioonline.net .

Dean will be attending the Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards Convention Easter Weekend, where he has been nominated for several awards.

Dean heads to Denmark where he will be touring with Dann Hansen the 8th of April.......be sure to wish him good luck........

Yours In Music,
Miranda Leake
Miranda Promotions International Alabama/Nashville USA

Guitar Center Green Tag Savings Event


Hello Miranda Artist And Friends Great New's !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have teamed up with Barbara Doss And Her Super Team To Support And Promote This Years Jamboree By The Lake...........

First Of All I would like to ask you if you have a website to place a Jamboree 2007 Banner on your site with the link please........

Jamboree2007NCartBanner.gif (5908 bytes)

Second If you would like to perform please go to the page on the website from the link above and fill out an application...... there will be a committee selecting the artists to perform, as there is limited space. Also ALL artists (track singers and bands) will be performing on the main stage (30-min. sets).........I in no way have anything to do with the booking of these performances so you will have to follow the application rules................

We will no doubt have a wonderful time with everyone................the hotel information is all on the website and should help you to make your plans.

The Event is all free to artist no cost to perform...there are adds that you can purchase and the prices are right on the website also............this is ALL NON-PROFIT..all the ads in the program book will be paying for sound system and advertising and they just figured it as a way for artists to promote themselves and for patrons to use for autographs.

There will be tables set up under a big top style tent for artist to display your goodies.....remember there will be other artist from all over the world and DJ's at this event who will want to meet you face to face for the first time wow.......awesome........

If your a vendor: Music...Food....Video....CD.....whatever book your booths for this huge event.....more information is on the website...get you applications in today.....

All Music Magazines and news media are welcome and encouraged to attend..................

If your a radio DJ this is your chance to meet talent from all over the world to get the music right from these artist, record radio liners right on the spot for your show's...............and collect your personal photo's for your studio......

I have worked along side Stardust in the past with great success and look very forward to being apart of this years Jamboree.....I do hope that you will join me in supporting this event and help support This Dream Event Of Unity For All.... As Col Buster Doss.....Artist, Legend, And Friend to so many worked so very hard for............

Let's pull together and give Barbara Doss And Stardust Our hand in friendship to make Jamboree 2007 A Huge success.

Yours In Music,

Miranda Leake
733 Ruth Street
Prattville, Alabama 36067

Promoting Country Bluegrass And Gospel Around The World...........

Pete Berwick
PeteBerwick-CD.jpg (5478 bytes)Pete Berwick set to impact radio with his upcoming release "Ain't No Train Outta Nashville" in March 2007

"Nashville and Chicago based renegade Pete Berwick's music suggests hard livin', honkytonks, endless highways and lost love. Berwick's Jack Daniels soaked vocals are raw and rough-edged, as he sings songs from a discerning and familiar point of view. Berwick weaves his early cowpunk influences with contemporary and traditional styles to create a musical mosaic, which is diverse, yet comprehensive and extremely individual, and deeply rooted in American music".--Tony Engelhart, Crud Magazine

"Like Steve Earle on crack." garageband.com

Preview full length track: Only Bleeding


musicnotes.com - pop, classical, country, wedding sheet music find it all at the world's favorite sheet music store!


Child Alert Foundation

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