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Indie Bible 2007 - Get Your Music Heard!

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March 30, 2007

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Hi All,

I can't believe March is ending already.. Spring is in the air.. literally! How's your sinus condition holding up?

As promised, I have more news for y'all today. Wasn't sure I'd manage to get this done and do the weed-eating, but seems I'm gettin' to be a fast eater so the yard is neat and the news is set to go. ENJOY!

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Artist Info
Artists, be sure to check out the "Info" section as it's been updated with even more info.. web links, sheet music, instruments and more.


MKOC Official Artists
Song Clips Added.. Just Click a Song Title to hear music in Real Audio - Songs are rotated with each newsletter.
Debbie Miles
Debbie Miles
You Ain't Been Worth A Dime
Harold Hill
Harold Hill
San Antonio Sweetheart
Hoyt Hughes
Hoyt Hughes
Joe Tinoco
Joe Tinoco
Five Cards on the Mantle
Narvel Felts
Narvel Felts
Until The End of Time
Red Johnson
Red Johnson
Veteran's Day
Tecia McKenna
Tecia McKenna
Goodbye's What You Got
Tony Oliphant
Tony Oliphant
Can't Change Your Mind
The song collection above are some of my favorites of the MKOC Official Artists. Please take time to visit their web sites to hear all the music and choose your favorites. Write me, and maybe your favorite will be the next song showcased.
More Country  News

New and Notable CDs
Willie-Merle-Price-LastOfBreed.jpg (4130 bytes)
Last of the Breed
Willie Nelson, Ray Price & Merle Haggard (22 Songs)
DS-StraightFromTheHeart.jpg (2944 bytes)
Straight from the Heart
Daryle Singletary
(12 Songs)
TimMcGraw-LetItGo.jpg (2854 bytes)
Let It Go
Tim McGraw
(13 Songs)
Elvis-UltimateGospel.jpg (1380 bytes)
Elvis: Ultimate Gospel
Elvis Presley
(25 Songs)


GaryAllan-oval.jpg (3384 bytes)Gary Allan

"Life Ain't Always Beautiful" has made it to Round 2 of voting in the CMT Music Awards online fan voting!

Gary and Paul Boyd (video director) have been nominated for Video Director of the Year for "Life Ain't Always Beautiful". Videos in this category best capture the mood, tempo, and intensity of the song.

You can only vote once per account, but you can always create multiple accounts with different email addresses! VOTE NOW!! 


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IFCO eBay Auction

Hi all,

I wanted to let you know about the IFCO eBay Auction to help benefit Loretta Johnson's (of the IFCO) Medical Fund; It's for a great cause!. Read more about it below.

RustieBlueClock.jpg (7209 bytes)Personally autographed Rustie Blue Quartz Decorative Wall Clock (overall diameter 8", dial only 6.5"). Has Rustie's photo on dial, her signature on back of clock. BONUS: BONUS: Official Program 39th Annual IFCO Fun Fest! Rustie performed on, headlined by The Oak Ridge Boys, Little Big Town, Alvarado Road Show, Steve Azar, Todd Fritsch, Andy Griggs, Hot Apple Pie, Megan Mullins, Rachel Proctor, Karen Taylor-Good, Keni Thomas, Joe Tinoco and Chris Young. (IFC'O's 39th Annual Fun Fest Show was held on June 6, 2006 at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium.)

Click on link below to go directly to where you bid.

IFCO Auction/Rustie Blue Quartz Clock/Ryman Program Book

Thanks so much!
Bob Keister, CSP
Center Stage Productions Robert D. Keister 512 West Sixth Ave. Lancaster, OH 43130 740.653.1916 www.rustieblue.com

Find all the IFCO Auction items on eBAY

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1. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6
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Rustie Blue

RustieBlueBio01.jpg (5202 bytes)Rustie Blue's single, "Don't Come Cryin," from the "Chip Chip" album, was picked on After Midnight With Blair Garner's Pick It or Flick It! "Don't Come Cryin" aired on March 18th. After Midnight With Blair Garner is a syndicated radio show with over 250 affiliated Clear Channel radio stations. Don't Come Cryin' is also going for ADDS at New Music Weekly and can be downloaded by radio at http://www.airplayonly.com

“Don’t Come Cryin,’” written by Bobby Atkins, is sassy country/rock song with lots of attitude. “When I first heard the demo, I immediately loved it!” says Rustie. “I did change the song quite a bit from the demo to make it more my own. I've always loved this song and am glad that I'm having a chance to release it as a single!”

Rustie is currently recording her new album, Born Again Country, which is scheduled to be released just in time for the CMA Fest, Fans will also be able to catch Rustie performing on the Carnival Cruise on May 4th 2008. More details to come! Log on to www.rustieblue.com to read the latest news, see live performance photo's and to keep up with Rustie on the road!

MP3s of the "Don't Come Cryin", a copy of the Chip Chip album, interviews, and print quality photos available to media by request. Radio can also download Rustie's music at RadioSubmit.com and AirplayDirect.com

After Midnight With Blair Garner's Pick It or Flick It
Electronic Press Kit

Line Dance for "Don't Come Cryin"
Choreographed by Setsuko Motoki (Japan) Linedancer Magazine (UK)

Choreographer, Setsuko Motoki (Japan)

Center Stage Productions
Robert D.Keister
512 West Sixth Ave.
Lancaster, OH 43130

For bookings in U.S. contact Robert D. Keister rbbooking@sbcglobal.net
Europe, contact Robert Keister or Mission Country at missioncountry@cegetel.net  Tel: 33 (0)6 16 16 30 51 47

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Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

PenJackBlanchard.jpg (6003 bytes)


We’ve known Ralph Emery since the beginning. We often parked our Winnebago outside WSM when he had the coast-to-coast all night radio show. Marty Robbins was there quite regularly, and one night we took turns playing the piano and singing our songs. I asked Marty how he got the blond streaks in his hair, and he said, "Lemon-go-Lightly".

Marty had just returned from Hawaii, and was telling us about a Hawaiian game, where they use a coconut instead of a ball. I said this to Ralph: “They call it Fruitball." We all laughed, including me. It was the first time I’'d heard it too. Good times are not forgotten, to paraphrase an old song.

We’ve enjoyed being on a number of TV shows with Ralph and his guests... Music Hall America, That Good Old Nashville Music, Pop Goes the Country, and others. They were all fun.

Once Ralph whispered this to me before the show started:
“Jack, don'’t say anything to embarrass me."
I still don’t know whether he was kidding or not.
Anyway, he opened the interview with this:
“Well, Jack and Misty, what have you been doing?"
I said, “We’ve been living in a cardboard box in Central Park.”
"He said, “I think I'’ll talk to Misty."
”I don'’t know what comes over me sometimes. Sorry, Ralph."

One of the good things about being in the music business is that you end up with a lot of fine friends, unless you'’re one of those legends in your own mind. I’'d love to go into three paragraphs of big name dropping, but I'’ll try to control myself, and just mention a few here today. Steve Hall, who is Shotgun Red’s alter ego, sent us an audio clip of Ralph Emery and Tex Ritter involved in a little ad lib comedy about Misty and me. I'll ask Gayle Noble to put it on the net so you can check it out. Speaking of friends, Gayle is one.

A new friend just sent us a DVD with two of the many TV shows we did in the 1970’s. One of the shows is Pop Goes the Country, with Ralph Emery and Tanya Tucker. The other is a black and white copy of Dick Clark'’s American Bandstand. I forgot that we were so damn cute!> I'’m going to give you a couple of links I hope you’ll enjoy. One is http://www.RalphEmery.com. Ralph has put together a wonderful CD set of 40 years of interviews. I don’t think Misty and I are on it, but here's a photo of us on TV with Ralph: http://tinyurl.com/3a52co and we hope to have a video for you soon.

You hear a lot of horror stories about the music business, but I’m glad we never listened to the folks who told us to get a real job.

Jack Blanchard

Visit the Music Room MESSAGE BOARD .... "it's a little bit different."
Please visit our Home Page at: www.jackandmisty.com

twangtown-tsm.gif (2818 bytes)
"We Don't Write The News...We Report The News"
Today's Country Music News Has Been Posted On The News Board. http://www.twangtownusa.com/news/

Ken Overcast

Howdy ,

KenOvercast-2.jpg (4505 bytes)It feels like spring is here in northern Montana. I sure hope so. The cows are calving like crazy and the weather has been mild, so that's a great combination.

Richard Anderson of Gordon, Nebraska is the name that came out of the hat this month for our monthly giveaway. Here's what's going to be in Richard's mailbox:

1. "The Way the West Was Herd" a great CD by my ol' buddy Eli Barsi. Here's Eli's website: www.elibarsi.com
2. An autographed copy of our latest book of almost all true cowboy stories, "Shootin' the Breeze, Cowboy Style".
3. An entire year's subscription to "American Cowboy Magazine compliments of the folks at www.americancowboy.com
4. An autographed copy of "Honky Tonk Town", authored by Montana historian, Gary A. Wilson.

Things have been busy and exciting for us both off the ranch and on. Our song "Montana Lullaby", co-written with Wylie Gustafson, is still in the mill to become the "Official Lullaby of the State of Montana". Wow, is that exciting. It has passed the House of Representatives by a two to one margin, and just cleared the first reading in the Montana Senate. It's currently before their Education and Cultural Resources committee, with a hearing to be scheduled any day now.

I think this has been the biggest honor I've ever been blessed with. The movement was started by Disc Jockey Hall of Famer, Lonnie Bell of KGHL in Billings because of the number of requests he's had to play it on his program. I had the opportunity to perform it before the Montana House of Representatives last month, and the possibility of having it become the very first official Lullaby in the nation has led to appearances on several national talk shows and a nice write up in USA Today as well as a lot
of in-state coverage. Here's the link: http://www.kenovercast.com/Press/USA_Today/USA%20Today%202-15-07.pdf

A busy week coming up, with the Western Collectable's Auction at Pacific Galleries in Great Falls on Thursday, and then also performing again at Western Heritage Artist's Show on Saturday and Sunday. Both events are tied to the big Charlie Russell birthday bash. There are probably more Western Art and Collectables shows and events in Great Falls this week than anywhere else in the nation..... ever! If you've never made it there to look things over, you sure need to take the time.

Keep Smilin'....
and don't forget to check yer cinch.

Ken Overcast is a recording cowboy singer that ranches on Lodge Creek in North Central Montana where he raises and dispenses B.S. www.kenovercast.com

Bear Valley Records
PO Box 1542
Chinook, MT


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Dee Dee Down

DeeDeeDowns.jpg (3637 bytes)It’s Here Brand New From Ameri-Star Records And Miranda Promotions International.

Dee Dee Down’s First Ever Album Release, "Riding On A Wing And A Prayer"
Produced By: Miranda Leake, Leake Lane Studios.

This North Carolina Girl shows her stuff with one of 2007 hottest new releases to date. Ameri-Star Records Is A Major Label For Artist Promotion. Packed full of some of today’s best song writers.

Special Thanks to you for such wonderful talent, we couldn’t do it without you.
Anna Marie Burden
Gilbert Burke
Ed Gowens
Dale Hayre
E. Ruth Jones
Trinity Lane/Harold Stall
Special Thanks To
Patsy A. Shepherd, Publisher
Gravels and Dust Publishing, BMI
Georgia Pride Publishing, ASCAP
P.O. Box 53,
Aragon, Ga. 30104

Dee Dee will be apart of the Miranda Stars Opry Road Tour A Division Of Ameri-Star Entertainment Where CEO Deke Little is excited to add her talent.

Here Are some Review’s

Deke Little Ameri-Star Records

Riding On A Wing And A Prayer by Dee Dee Downs is a phenomenal project. I feel that every song on the album is a HIT. There are so many cd's released
even in the majors that have only one great song and the rest leave a lot to be desired. Such is not the case with Dee Dee's album. Congrats to all of you the SONGWRITERS--Ed Gowens-Trinity Lane-Anna Marie Burden-Gilbert Burke-Dale Hayre and E. Ruth Jones for submitting such wonderful tunes to a Great promoter, producer and A & R, Ms. Miranda Leake. All of your contributions are Top Shelf and all of you deserve the highest recognition possible. I know Miranda will be looking very forward to working with each of you again on future projects. Dee Dee, You go gett'm girl, you're a GREAT Artist!!!!!!!!!.

Deke Little
Ameri-Star Entertainment

Ed Gowens

Hi Miranda,
I have just received a copy of Dee Dee's new album and it is awesome. Thank you and Dee Dee both for adding some of my songs to it.

Your friend and fan,

Echota Records and Recording Studio

Dale Hayre

Hello Miranda, Thank you so much for the CD. It sounds great. My wife really liked the song :Riding On A Wing And A Prayer. Tell "Dee" she did a wonderful job on the song Head Over Heels. I wish you all the best with the new CD. God Bless

Anna Marie Burden

Well I can say having songs Dee Dee has done that between Miranda and Dee Dee and the song writers all made a terrific combination. . thanks to all. Anna Marie Burden

Gilbert Burke

Hi Miranda, Ed Gowens, Anna and Dee: Thank you all for your work and efforts on Dee Dee’s new cd "Riding On A Wing And A Prayer"...So glad to be included with ya`ll on her new cd as songwriters!. Just as flattered that Dee named my song, on the cd, as the title, "Riding On A Wing And A Prayer" of the new cd....You guys "are the best"!...Love ya all!....Gilbert

Trinity Lane

Thank you Dee Dee for recording Mine and Harold’s Song. Its Great..

And so is the entire album..

Yours In Music,
Trinity Lane

E. Ruth Jones (Mother Of Dee Dee Downs)

Busting at the seems she is so very proud of her daughter and the song in honor of Dee Dee’s younger brother, who was tragically killed while ridding a motor cycle by a drunk driver.

She will also be attending the 2007 Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards Convention where she has been nominated for a New Horizon Award.

She will be Promoted by Miranda Leake, to get her music contact Miranda at Miranda@mirandapromotions.net  Or chevygirl21998@yahoo.com

Visit her at her Jam Wave site http://www.jamwave.com/91mustanggirl or http://www.freewebs.com/deedeedowns

Yours In Music,
Miranda Leake
733 Ruth Street
Prattville, Alabama 36067

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RadioSubmitLogo.gif (3850 bytes)
Pioneer Digital Delivery System for Broadcasters
Radio Submit Celebrates it’s 2nd Anniversary

For immediate release

(March 26, 2007, San Marcos, Texas) Two years ago Roots Music Group, headquartered in the San Marcos/Wimberley area of the Texas Hill Country, launched Radio Submit, the first company in the world to offer digital song uploads directly to radio stations. The company’s revolutionary concept was developed by its CEO, Robert Bartosh, having evolved from 40 years of first hand knowledge of the barriers that exist for independent artists and bands in trying to have their music reach an international audience.

Bartosh had previously founded Roots Music Report which gathers weekly data from hundreds of domestic and international broadcasters. The information is published in a series of genre and geographic specific charts. For almost a decade RMR has been gathering radio airplay data from radio stations and has built a respected international presence within the music industry.

As a segue from the relationships he’d built and feedback from that base of international broadcasters he launched Radio Submit, a ‘first of its kind’ digital delivery system that utilizes state of the art technology to help bridge the void between independent music and radio. To date thousands of songs have made their way directly into the hands of radio programmers by way of this ground-breaking service. Broadcasters had expressed frustration at not being able to readily obtain airplay copies of some of the independent artists they were becoming aware of. Bartosh knew that independent artists were being crippled by the cost of servicing radio stations now that the music industry’s digital revolution had created an immense global market looking for access and product.

Radio Submit’s service delivery model was created to counter the time and cost constraints of traditional radio servicing that consisted of sending hard copies of the project and promotional material by way of regular mail. “The cost of traditional servicing is prohibitive for everyone but particularly independent labels and artists” says Bartosh “On the average an artist sends out about 500 hard copies of their release to radio station. If they are lucky they might get 50 radio stations to play the music, the other 450 CDs and promo material are thrown in the trash.”

With a factored cost of approximately $2.50 per mailing domestically and $4.50 internationally (without promotional material costs) Radio Submit’s digital alternative has been welcomed with open arms by both artists and broadcasters.

Broadcaster Larry Timko accesses the services for his Clear Channel station shares “Sometimes it takes weeks for labels to send me new music, and now thanks to RadioSubmit.com, I can access new material right away."

Bryon Tosoff, of Voodoohead Productions and a member of the premier, Vancouver based blues-rock band “The Blue Voodoo” offers his first hand perspective promoting, “This method of digitally distributing their music through radiosubmit.com has saved me and the Indie artists I represent thousands of dollars in mail out costs. Radio Submit is certainly helping to level the playing field in the music industry for the Indies."

In addition to radio stations having access to complete “broadcast quality” downloads, the general public is also able to search the database and listen to audio samples of all of its artists, as well as access video files, bios, photos and tour dates, therefore creating yet another avenue of valuable market exposure.

This weeks featured artists...

Sand Sheff - Radio Promotion Sand Sheff
To visit the Sand Sheff Radio Submit website Click Here...
Genre: Roots Country
Record Label: Upheval Dome
Songs Submitted: 5

Rebecca Lindsey - Music Distribution Rebecca Lindsey
To Visit the Rebecca Lindsey Radio Submit Website Click Here...
Genre: Country
Record Label: EMI Publishing
Songs Submitted: 3For more information visit www.radiosubmit.com

Blue Voodoo - Music Distribution Blue Voodoo
To visit the Blue Voodoo Radio Submit website Click Here...
Genre: Blues
Record Label: Indie
Songs Submitted: 14Contact: Robert Bartosh rs@radiosubmit.com or 512-667-6466

For more information visit www.radiosubmit.com
Contact: Robert Bartosh rs@radiosubmit.com or 512-667-6466


Banner 10000069

Trinity Lane To Perform Apollo Talent Show April 20th 2007.
Sails through a Saturday March 24th audition in Montgomery Alabama she attended with her promoter Miranda Leake.

TrinityLane.jpg (5271 bytes)The audition was held by :
Difference Makers Youth Organization in a
Celebration of National & Global Youth Service Day

Trinity Lane sailed through the audition with top score's, the highest of the day, singing accapella His Eye Is On The Sparrow, where she captured the hearts of all the judges and all in attendance with a very heart warming applause at her completion.

Difference Makers Youth Organization in a Celebration of National & Global Youth Service Day


"It's Showtime at the Apollo"
A talent show fundraiser to benefit the SKIP, Inc. Organization

Show Date:

Friday, April 20, 2007
G.W. Carver High School Auditorium
2001 W. Fairview Ave, Montgomery, AL
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Tickets on Sale Now Cost:

Advance Tickets: $ 7.00 Adult & $ 3.00 children 15 & under
At the Door: $ 10.00 Adult & $ 5.00 children 15 & under

To purchase tickets contact: differencemakers@bellsouth.net
Andrea R. Price at 334-309-6014

SKIPLogo.jpg (4272 bytes)
Our Mission: To provide supportive services to children of incarcerated parents and their families, and to increase public awareness of the underlying problems of these children as victims.

Our Purpose: The purpose of the SKIP program is to help children ("Skippers") of incarcerated parents and their families better cope with separation due to incarceration; to maintain family ties, and to break the cycle of incarceration by:

Informing the community at large of the underlying problems of children with incarcerated parents and the necessity of community support.

Increasing family awareness of community services and support that are available to them.

Trinity Lane will be attending the 2007 Tennessee Country Music Alliance Awards Convention where she is a member and has been nominated for several music awards, April 5-8 in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Trinity Lane is a Miranda Stars Opry Performer a division of Ameri-Star Entertainment.

Please visit her website and wish her good luck with her venture and see her award winning video *Worth Calvary* at http://www.trinitylane.net

Yours In Music,

Miranda Leake
Miranda Promotions International Alabama/Nashville USA
Promoting Country And Gospel Around The World Home Of The Miranda Stars Opry, Traditional Country Music TV, And TCBG Radio.

Visit Trinity Lane in chat as she DJ's and spins the best in Country Gospel and Blugrass.
Miranda Stars Opry Wednesday Nights 8pm Central time on TCBG RADIO Tune in.

PowerCinema, CyberLink DVD Solutions

Dean Holmen

Country Music Artist Dean Holmen Heads To Denmark And Sweden For His 2007 Music Tour.

DeanHolman.jpg (6793 bytes)Dean has had a very prosperous year and is looking forward to returning to Denmark, where he has spent time in the past with longtime friend and Denmark DJ Promoter Dann Hansen of The Hanging Tree Foundation.

Dean has claimed his fame with a number one charting song in Denmark *Dear Hank* written by: Dean Holmen which remained in the top music charts in several countries around the world for 18 months.

Dean then released the world famous music video which was filmed in Nashville Tennessee to include the Grand Ole Opry and County Stars Porter Wagoner and Little Jimmy Dickens, which turned heads all over the music industry.

Dean appeared on the world famous Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree on December 31st with Jet Williams and her band which was the kick start to his super year.

Dean is promoted in the US by Miranda Leake of Miranda Promotions International and a member of the Miranda Stars Opry Tour A Division of Ameri-Star Entertainment.

Dean will be attending the Tennessee Country Music Alliance 2007 Awards Convention where he is nominated for several awards April 5-8 and will be heading to Denmark on the 10th of April.

April 14th - Country Music Club Copenhagen Denmark with Colin Clark

April 21st - Svalov Hotel Svalov Sweden with Colin Clark

April 28th - CMV Country Music Club Vamdrwp with Rio Grande Band

To contact Dean for his music or to book him for your event.

EMM Records
9 Music Square South #143
Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Yours In Music,

Miranda Leake
733 Ruth Street
Prattville, Alabama 36067
Miranda Promotions International Alabama/Nashville USA Promoting Country Gospel and Bluegrass Around the World.

NewMusicWeekly.jpg (6025 bytes)

by Randy Adams

Los Angeles, CA - While having lunch with a program director from another market recently while on the road, he was screaming mad that the station across town had sweepers and positioning statements running that they were the "number one" station in the market, when, in reality, his station was the winner of the latest Arbitron. They got away with using the slogan "the number ONE hit music station"….certainly not a lie, misleading, perhaps.

Not being a big fan of surveys in the first place, I had to laugh aloud. A station in the market we’re in (not a rated market, (Arbitron rates markets much smaller than ours…it’s a long story) has been using a 4 year old county wide survey with 62 tabs/diaries that show them as the walk away winner. They back that up with a telephone based survey from nearly 8 years ago, blocking out the dates of the survey period, where they also showed well. (As it turns out, the current owner of that survey group used to be a market manager for one of the groups that owns said stations here in this market). You bring it in and buy it, and chances are, you’ll win. Especially in that case.

Perception is reality, and most listeners could care less if your station is number one in a market, or number 21. If they listen to your station, it’s number one to them, and as a programmer, you should always program as if you’re trying to hold on to that number one position. Only you know the things that need done to move your station up if it’s down, or keep it at the top if you’re good enough to be there.

This program director was also fuming about the competition essentially copying everything they did, from rotation of current songs and adds, to miniscule things that get into the intricacies of programming. Our discussion was parallel to what has happened in our market with our country station. We were the "newbies" in the country format here in 1993, going up against a legendary country station. Country listeners are the most faithful to a station than any other format, but we’ve made great headway. And this PD couldn’t understand why his main competitor was essentially doing a copy and paste routine to try and copy their success.

Aside from copyright infringement on monikers such as "KISS" or "JACK", it’s pretty much fair game out there. Using the term "number one" can be worded in such a way as to be legal, and in the case above, it is true. The station YOUR listener listens to most IS number one to them. I tried to explain that, as this has happened with our station. We took away their younger demos by playing more currents and recurrents, and by bringing a more hip approach with a fantastic jingle package and new imaging (I highly suggest TM Century’s "short bus"…built in market exclusivity) against a bland and boring opponent. As such, we’ve put their station in a reactive instead of a proactive mode. We forced them out of their 13-year-old game plan, which was simplistic and watered down, and forced them to work for everything they get. They’ve hired new talent. They’ve updated their ten year old "sweeper" package and their station sounds….well, it sounds much more like ours and is a mere shadow of what they were doing 6 months ago. Now, if they would just take their 10 year old promos out about the "last time" they called somebody on the KXXX cash call….a tactic used by them that put them "under the line" in one telephonic survey. They still do some things that boggle the mind, but you can tell somebody with an ounce of programming expertise has tweaked it some.

The old saying does ring true, though my programming friend didn’t take much solace in it. Imitation is indeed the highest form of flattery a person or business, or in this case, a radio station can have. I then reminded him that HIS station was number one in the book….that his programming was superior, thus, it was being copied….and he seemed to lighten up a little bit after that. I also reminded him of the line used by the base commander to the radio station program director in the movie "Good Morning, Vietnam". "Besides, it’s just radio". Doing what we do, we are prone to have tunnel vision and be "on duty" 24/7. It’s hard not to do.

And, he mentioned he got a raise out of the deal. Great! So, I let him pick up the tab. The "power lunch" was good for both of us, and I encourage any programmer with ties to other PD’s in markets that you travel through often to share ideas and stories. Networking the old-fashioned way- without using the internet or telephone- is by far the most retentive in our always revolving radio minds.

by: Chuck Dauphin

Los Angeles, CA - The Country charts of New Music Weekly are filled with new and breaking hits. To prove my point I will sight the latest from the great George Strait. He is quickly trying to put the "wrap" on all of our reporters as his "Wrapped" (MCA) single has been leading the pack over the last few weeks. Rodney Atkins is also getting his share of love from the NMW reporting gang. This time out he is serving up "These Are My People" (Curb). He just hopes that "his people" take care of business for him and so far, so very good. The man of the hour (and the week) Tim Murphy is also "burning down the house" as his "Burn Me Down" (Big 7) takes another major leap on the New Music Weekly Country charts. A recent winner from our last New Music Awards is back at it again.

Darryl Worley is about as American and true blue as they come. His latest offering in "Living In The Here And Now" (903) is the perfect example of a major talent breaking through in spite of label politics. Brad Paisley keeps getting stronger every week here and just about everywhere you turn, as his "Ticks" (Arista/RLG) single marches to the top of the charts. The Wreckers who are comprised of the best gals in Country continue to prove their point as "Tennessee" (WB/WEA) moves along in fine fashion.

Shawn King & Willie Nelson have something going, and you better tell Larry King. "I Give" (Lofton Creek) is giving radio programmers a real thrill out there, and this is just the beginning. It appears that Mike Borchetta and company have another hit on their hands, and they can take this one all the way to the bank. Craig Morgan is also getting plenty of attention from our music and program directors for his "Tough" (Broken Bow) single. Lisa Dames has been on a role as the single "I’d Leave Me" (WRR) begins to put her on the map. Our favorite band Heartland has a potential smash hit on their hands too. "Let’s Get Dirty" (Lofton Creek) is the track and it’s the perfect hit for spring into summer.

Roger Davidson maybe a new name to remember, and it should not take long. "Yesterdays" (Door Knob) is the cut that you need to pay attention to and there are some strong things going on here. Those Pirates Of The Mississippi are also back in the hunt and looking for adds and spins. "Fish Bait" (Evergreen) is the cut that is making some noise and look for a strong run on this one. Also be on the watch as Flynnville Train makes their move. "Last Good Time" (Show Dog/Universal) is the jam and it’s a real gem at that. We also are very up here at NMW on the latest from Jake Owen. "Starting With Me" (RCA/RLG) is the track and this one has a bit of magic to it. Kim McAbee is also moving strong with her brilliant "I’ll Still Be Waiting For You" (Soigne).

Tracy Lawrence is back in the saddle with "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" (RCR/CO5). Toby Keith has a real gem that is moving fast in "High Maintenance Woman" (Show Do/Universal). Newcomer and former American Idol finalist Bucky Covington also appears moving fast with "A Different World" (Lyric Street). Montgomery Gentry continue their dominance with "Lucky Man" (Columbia/Sony) as Rascal Flatts chase them with "Stand" (Lyric Street). Carolina Rain has been on a role with "Isn’t She" (Equity) and you have to love Donovan Chapman’s "House Like That" (Category 5). Alison Krauss & Union Station w/John Waite keep building with their remake of John’s classic "Missing You" (Rounder). Vince Hatfield is back with "Stop and Smell the Roses".

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New Music Weekly magazine
Tele: 310.325.9997

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